Okay, so this idea has been in my head for a while. I figured I'd try it out. So here it is, my first real Fanfiction story.

Edward's POV

"Ryan, I don't think you understand," I argued with my manager. "I don't just sit down and write song. I can't force that kind of thing. Songs have to come to me… naturally."

"Yeah, well, the record company says you have to write a song with her. So you know what you're gonna do?"

I sighed. "I'm going to write a song with Bella Swan."

"I always liked that about you Edward. You're smart." Ryan winked. "Oh, don't be so depressed about it, Edward. She's so talented. And hot."

Ryan picked up a remote and pressed a button. One of Bella Swan's music videos popped up on my huge flat-screen TV. She was wearing tiny jean shorts, a black tank top, a cowboy hat, and cowboy boots. Bella was known for always wearing boots, and she usually accompanied them with a hat. She was singing one of her hit songs, "Before He Cheats", fiercely and strongly.

I knew that song. I knew all the words. I had it on my iPod, along with the rest of the songs from her second album. And the first one. And the third one.

Because the truth was: I, Edward Cullen, famous country music star, was a Bella Swan fan. A huge fan. I loved her music, and her voice and everything relating to her.

I was worse than any fan girl. And now I was getting the opportunity to write a song with her. Well, really, forced, but still. I should be ecstatic, jumping off the walls. But I couldn't do it. I was… I hated to admit it, but I was nervous.

"Ryan, turn that off. You think I haven't seen her before?"

Ryan hit the button, and the video disappeared.

"You're gonna do it, right? I'm not gonna have to get into any fights with the record company for your sake, right?"

"Yes, Ryan."

"Great. Well, I'll see ya later Cullen, okay?"


"We'll talk about how this is gonna work out later." Ryan checked his cell phone. "Crap! I'm late! Lisa's gonna kill me! Gotta go, Eddie!"

Ryan ran through the door of my loft before I got a chance to protest the nickname.

Bella's POV

"Alice!" I squealed to my stylist and assistant and best friend. "Edward Cullen! I can't believe the record company wants me to write a song with him!"

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" Alice asked nonchalantly, comparing two jean miniskirts. "Which one do you like better?"

I knocked the skirts out of her hand. "Alice! Forget about the skirts!"

I couldn't believe she was thinking about two skirts that were seemingly exactly the same after I'd told her all about having to write a song with country music sensation, Edward Cullen, all thanks to that stupid record company.

Alice sighed. "Edward Cullen is no big deal Bella."

"Writing a song with him is! I've never written a song with someone else. It's always been a personal process for me."

"Don't freak about that now. You don't have to write a song with him yet. First you have to meet him. But first, you have to get dressed so we can get the hell out of your closet and go already!" She picked up the skirts, holding each one against my waist. "Yeah, I like this one."

"Thank you for coming with me, Alice. I mean, Elsa told me he was bringing some dude from his band with him… Casper or something."

"His name is Jasper. Jasper Whitlock. And he's also bringing his brother, who's also in the band. Emmett."

"Great. The more the merrier, I guess, right?"

"Right." Alice paused. "Which is why I invited Rose."

"Alice!" I protested.

"What? You love Rose."

"As happy as I am that she's coming… I don't understand why you're making such a big deal out of this. I don't even know why you and Elsa had to arrange this meeting. We're going to meet at the Celebrity Telethon next week anyway!"

The Celebrity Telethon was an event that raised money for kids with cancer. It was broadcasted on television, and it worked just like any telethon. Except there would be celebrities performing. I had participated fro the last two years, and this year, so would Edward Cullen. We would meet there, backstage. But no, Elsa, my manager, had to set up a meeting for us. And worst of all, Alice had been in on it, too.

"Because you should have met him already. Now get dressed. We don't want to be late for bowling with Edward Cullen," she piped, her voice perky and chipper, as always.

I groaned and pressed a pillow that was one the couch I was sitting on to my face. And yes, I have couch in my closet.

"Another thing I don't understand. Why do we have to go bowling?"

"Because bowling is an enjoyable activity that allows for the individuals involved to bond with one another. Which is exactly what you have to do. Bond with him. Now just put the freakin' skirt on already!"

Once I was dressed in one of those miniskirts, brown leggings, brown cowboy boots, a turquoise top and a hat, Alice and I left my loft and headed to my car: a black Audi with tinted windows. Once we were in, I drove off to pick up Rosalie Hale, my other best friend, who was also a pop star whose songs were dominating the radio.

She squealed when she got in the car.

"Bella - Bon! Ohmigosh!" She leaned forward from the back seat to give me an awkward hug, seeing as I was still in the front seat.

"Hey, Alice," She said, turning to hug her.

"Hi Rosalie. What's up?"

Rose slumped back to her seat. "Boring, boring stuff," she complained. "This new song that I'm supposed to sing sucks. Like, absolutely. You're so lucky, Bella- Bon. You write your own songs. You decide what you want to sing."

"Yeah, but I don't decide who I sing with," I grumbled.

Rose squealed. "Bella, why aren't you psyched about this? Edward Cullen is really cute. He seems so sweet. And you've never done a duet before! This is totally great. Do you know how many fans he has?"

"Hey! I have fans too, you know," I giggled.

"That's not what I mean," Rose said. "I'm just sayin', this is a great opportunity for you."

"I agree with Rose," Alice nodded her head.

Rose changed the subject very abruptly. Not because she didn't like what we were discussing, but because something else came to her mind. Her attention was always easily averted.

"Why do we have to go bowling? Why can't we go to a club and dance?"

"Because," I answered sourly. "Apparently clubs don't allow for the individuals involved to bond. Besides, you know I can't dance. I don't want to make a fool of myself."

"Point taken. Anyway," Rose sighed. "We're here already."

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