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Chapter 15 – Wild Honey



"Senna?" I called out.

"Yes, doutor?" she replied entering my small office.

"It looks like I need to go to the mainland and get some more supplies," I said looking down at my inventory sheets. "We're running low on antibiotics and syringes. Is there anything else we need to stock up?"

"Ah, yes, we need…" she stopped for a moment no doubt searching for the English translation of a word. "Atadura… I cannot remember this word right now."

"Atadura? Band aids you mean?"

"Yes! That is it!" she responded with excitement. "If you wish I can ordenar for you. It will be ready when you arrive."

I nodded. "I appreciate that. Obrigado." I handed her the list of supplies to order. "Also, order whatever else you think we may need."

"De nada." She took the sheet and smiled. Senna was my life saver!

I'd been on the island for a little over a year, settling into some kind of routine. The first few months were daunting. The island of Fernando de Noronha isn't highly populated, but there were enough people there that needed medical care to warrant the clinic. The island itself services tourists more than natives. Carlisle had bought land for my mother on one of the islands near by many years ago. I couldn't blame him, it was gorgeous here. However, there wasn't much in terms of modern medical care there. I spent those first months shuttling back and forth to the mainland to retrieve supplies. Carlisle made sure all the visas and such were in order and that I actually had a place to practice, but everything else was left for me to handle. I suppose his minimal aid was more punishment on his part for my wrong-doings. Honestly, I didn't care. The less he was involved, the more the clinic I opened became my own.

Unfortunately, there was a lot of red tape involved in keeping the clinic functioning. The country as a whole had great medical care, but the small rural areas – and islands like Noronha – relied heavily on clinics and local government. Local government meant money was passed under the tables and you either played along or failed. To top it all off, while I had some conversational knowledge of Portuguese from my childhood, medical terms did not come easily to me and I knew the local government was taking even greater advantage of that fact. I was bleeding money at the beginning because of politics and language barriers. I finally decided to hire help. I needed a nurse anyway, and I was lucky to find Senna.

Senna was the fourth nurse I had interviewed. She spoke both English and Portuguese and when I questioned her on medical conditions; she knew what I was talking about and types of treatments to use. I knew immediately that I could trust her running the clinic if I ever needed to be away. She was tall, from an area of Brazil near the Amazon where, as she told me, many of the women were tall. This worked in her favor whenever she had to stand toe-to-toe with me when we had disagreements, which luckily was not often. And though she was only a few years older than me, she held herself like a woman who commanded attention and you gave it to her.

As I said, she was a life saver. Whenever I couldn't communicate effectively, she would take charge and in the end save me and save the clinic money. Of course there were times when I couldn't avoid giving some extra incentive, in the form of money to move things along, but since Senna, those times were few and far between.

Senna came back to my office to let me know the order had been placed and would be ready for pick the next morning. I looked at my calendar to check if I had any pressing appointments.

"Do not worry. I will handle your appointments while you are gone."

"Thank you again." I looked at the clock on my wall. I had one more appointment for the evening. Before Senna walked out, I called her back. "Senna, why don't you go home? I'll take the last patient."

She gave me a grateful look and left. Soon after, the front door opened and my final patient came in.

I met him out front and led him to one of the exam rooms. He was a little boy, only eight years old, named Nahuel and I was treating him for severe asthma, one of the many respiratory infections I diagnosed often on the island. I saw him at least once a month and would continue to do so until I knew it was more under control.

"Olá, Nahuel, como vai? Como você se sente?" I asked helping him onto the bed. His father stood at the door and I greeted him with a handshake.

"I feel good," Nahuel responded in accented English.

"Hey!" I smiled. "You've been practicing your English."

"Yes! My father, he says it is muito importante. I want to be doutor like you!" he exclaimed loudly. He smiled widely showing me toothless grin.

I laughed at his exuberance. Oh to be a child again with no worries in the world!

I did a quick exam of his chest listening for any blocked pathways. He was still wheezing but not as heavily as in the past which was a good sign. His lungs were responding well to the medication. I gave his father the new set of asthma medication for the month and explained that I wasn't increasing the strength because Nahuel was doing better. He seemed pleased with the information and shook my hand again. I gave Nahuel a hug and a pat on the head and set them on their way.

I headed out shortly after walking to the port to get on my speedboat. My father allowed me to live in our home on the family's island – it was one of the favors he offered. Fortunately, the island was next to Fernando de Noronha, where the clinic was located – it was close enough for any emergencies but still afforded me the privacy I needed after a long day. The privacy I found I was spending thinking of Bella.

I docked into the slip behind the house and entered through the back past the pool. I asked my father why we had a pool when we were surrounded by beach once. He said it was for the times that it rained too hard to swim in the ocean. I suppose it made sense, but I still preferred the ocean to the chlorine any day.

I trudged through the mansion, house wasn't enough to describe it after all. The exterior was mostly glass – as my father said, "To keep up us one with nature." It was a bit much, maybe a little ostentatious, but I had to admit, on those really bad days, being able to look out our nearly uninterrupted walls of windows at the ocean was calming. I dropped my medical bag in the office before continuing to the bedroom. The bedroom literally hung over the ocean and I stood watching the waves ebb and flow.

Ironically, Bella and I were set to honeymoon here after our wedding. I had wanted to bring her here, make love to her against the backdrop of the ocean, the sounds of the waves mingling with our voices. It was part of the reason I chose to come here – part of my penance. Being in the house reminded me of everything I had done wrong and why it was so important have Bella back in my life – loving me and looking at me the way she used to before. Before I cheated, before I took her for granted, before I fucked up...

April 2004

I trusted Bella. I did. With all my heart. But I could not for the life of me trust Jacob Black as far as I could throw him. I couldn't help it. Bella told me I had nothing to worry about when it came to Jacob. She'd known him all his life and they were like brother and sister. Perhaps on her part, but I saw the way Jacob looked at her. I saw the longing in his eyes and the way he scowled at me when Bella wasn't looking.

It didn't help matters that Jacob was practically stuck on Bella like white on rice. Okay, I exaggerated, but he went everywhere with her as she planned our wedding. Alice would sometimes go with them to help with ideas, but she had her own issues and job to deal with, so she couldn't be with Bella all the time. However, Jacob was always readily available for her. I wondered how he managed to keep his shop open when he was always out with my fiancé.

I was just finishing up a shift when Bella called about an emergency with the location she selected. We still had a few months before our wedding so I couldn't fathom why it was an emergency now. Whatever it was could be fixed and we wouldn't have to worry about anything. I was looking forward to spending some time with my fiancé, but this insignificant thing was suddenly more important. It was still early in the day and though I was tired as all hell I offered to come along. I figured if I couldn't relax and cuddle with her in bed, I could at least accompany her to the reception hall. After all, it was my wedding, too. The next words out of her mouth killed me.

"Edward, don't worry. I know you're tired. Jacob is already on his way over, he's going to with me. We'll sort it all out. I'll be home in a bit. Just rest, I know you need it."

I tried to contain the growl that I wanted to let out at the mention of Jacob's name. "Bella, baby," I strained out, "are you sure this isn't something that can't wait or be done over the phone?"

"I know, I asked the coordinator the same question, but apparently there was damage done to part of the building and we need to see the other rooms available or be forced to reschedule. It was considerable damage and they don't know if the hall we reserved will be finished by our wedding. I'm really sorry, baby, I was looking forward to spending some time with you," she said. It sounded genuine, it truly did, but…Jacob, damn it!

"Fine, whatever, I'll see you when you get home," and I hung up like some moody teenager before she could say anything else. I was about to throw my phone against the wall in pure frustration when a voice startled me.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, phones are damn expensive these days."


I squeezed my eyes shut willing her to go away. I heard the door open to the locker room and I was grateful for once that my wish came true. Or so I thought. I turned around and she was still standing there.

"What do you want, Tanya?" I asked defeated, resigned to the fact that she would never leave me alone.

She pursed her lips before responding. "Well, it's not necessarily what I want, but what you need."

"What are you talking about?"

"You look like you could use a drink… or five. What do you say?" I stared at her, wondering what her game was. She rolled her eyes. "I don't want anything, Cullen. You look stressed. As a friend and a colleague, I thought I would offer."

"I wouldn't call you a friend, but yeah I really could use a drink." I took my lab coat off and placed it in my locker. I grabbed my jacket and we were off to the nearest bar.

Four hours later we were still at the bar and I was drunk off my ass.

Tanya who had been sitting next to me for the past three hours and fifty nine minutes was somehow on my lap and my hand was on her ass. Drunk as I was, I still knew something was wrong with the picture. The ass didn't feel right. It wasn't Bella's and god, did she have a great ass.

Tanya squirmed on my lap. "Why, thank you! I never thought you noticed before." I gave her my best confused look I could muster. "My ass, you said I had a great ass."

"Huh?" She rolled her eyes and pointed to her my hand on her ass. I realized then my inner monologue wasn't working and I was talking out loud. "Ohhhhhhhh…" I shook my head, "I meant Bella has a great ass."

Tanya frowned, or maybe it was a scowl. "Well, it's not nice to talk about another woman in the presence of a gorgeous one like myself. Don't you agree?" I nodded stupidly. "Besides, isn't Bella out gallivanting around Seattle with that boyfriend of hers? What's his name again? Jacob?"

My jaw clenched at the mention of that dog's name. He was worming himself into Bella's life and I just knew he was trying to get me out of the picture.

"You know," Tanya continued, "He does have magic fingers and he certainly fixed the problems under my hood." She winked, but I barely registered it because I was only focused on her words. Fingers. Hood. But then that wink… Was she telling me what I thought she was? Jacob and Bella?

I waved my hand at the passing bartender and ordered two shots of tequila. When they arrived, I swallowed them both quickly not even bothering to offer one to Tanya. I was pissed. Bella wouldn't do that to me. I knew she wouldn't.

"So, what do you think Jacob and Bella do with all this time they're together?" Tanya asked sucking on a cherry stem. Where the fuck did she get a cherry stem from and what was she doing with her tongue? I stared dumbly at her mouth. "Well?"

"What the fuck are you talking about, T?" I scowled.

"Oh, it's just T now? We're on much friendlier terms now aren't we?" She leaned in close. I could feel her breath on my neck. "How much fun do you think your fiancé and her little friend are having right now?" she whispered in my ear.

"What are you getting at?"

"Come on, Eddie," she patted my chest. "We just spent all this time talking, well you were complaining, about Bella spending so much time with Jacob and not you. You must have some idea of what's going on or else you wouldn't talk about it so much, no?"

Images of my Bella and Jacob together swarmed through my head. Him giving her a massage, the times I came home and he was feeding her from the pot. Then other images bombarded me. Bella naked with Jacob between her legs, Bella kneeling in front of Jacob. Those weren't real. They couldn't be…

"I need to get out of here," I said pushing Tanya off of me. "I need to go home."

Tanya placed a hand on my chest. "Whoa there, big boy! You can't go home like that. You reek of alcohol. Do you really think Bella would appreciate you coming home drunk?" She asked scrunching her nose.

"Fuck! I-" I ran my hand through my hair. She was right. I couldn't face Bella in the condition I was in.

"Come on, I'll take you back to my place," she suggested. Even drunk, I knew what that meant.

"No, I can't do that," I slurred. I ran my hand across my face. Numb. I was gone. "I can't…"

"Fine, I'll take you back to the hospital," she sneered. "Lean on me, I don't think you can walk right now."

She was particularly coherent, at least she sounded like it, so I followed her instructions placing my arm around her shoulders and letting her lead me out the bar.

We arrived back at the hospital in record time. Tanya helped me into one of the on call rooms. I heard the click of the lock but thought nothing of it. I climbed onto of the beds and closed my eyes.

"Uh uh, we need to get those clothes off, don't want you wrinkling them right? We'll just put some scrubs on you or something." She grabbed my hands and pulled me into a sitting position. She stood between my legs and began to unbutton my shirt.

The gesture was so familiar to me. Bella would undress me the same way. I thought about her and swore I could smell strawberries around me. I wrapped my arms around her nuzzling my face into her stomach.

"Thank you, baby. Thank you for taking care of me," I mumbled.

"Oh, it's my pleasure," she said. The voice was off, trying to sound sexy. Bella never had to try before; she always was, even in her innocence, but she pulled my shirt off and straddled me and any misgivings I had disappeared. "Oh, someone's happy to see me."

"Always for you, baby."

"I knew you had it in you, and damn, do you have it in you," she said grinding into me. She kissed my neck up to my ear and sucked on my ear lobe. "You ready for me?" I must have nodded because soon I was on my back. "I've been waiting for this forever."


My head was pounding; my mouth was dry. I felt like a boxing match went on in my head during the night. It was not the best way to wake up and I didn't even know what had woken me up anyway.

The door rattled.

Right, someone was trying to get in. But why? I never locked the door of the bedroom, it would only be Bella anyway and judging by the weight on my body, she was right next to me.

I felt her move and cuddle closer to me. I turned my head slightly and winced, even that small movement causing the pounding to increase.

What the fuck happened last night?

"Mmmm, Eddie, are you ready for me now?" Bella leered while moving her thigh over my erection.

My eyes snapped opened at the voice that so obviously wasn't Bella's. I quickly closed them and groaned at the bright light in the room. I covered my eyes to protect them and slowly opened them behind my hand. I turned to the voice and peeked through my fingers.

Strawberry blonde hair, fake tan, fake nails. This was not Bella.

I scrambled away from Tanya. What the fuck was she doing in bed with me? I looked down at her body. What was she doing in bed with me practically naked? I took in my surroundings and realized we weren't in my bedroom after all, but in the on call room.

"Tanya, get the fuck up!" I yelled, wincing at my own voice.

"What?" she mumbled. "Why are you yelling? I'm right next to you."

"Get up! Get up, now!" I demanded pushing her further away from me. "Explain to me why you're naked next to me."

She stared at me, mouth slightly agape. "You're just as naked as I am, Eddie," she seethed.

I looked down and sure enough I was almost naked. I, fortunately, still had my boxers on under the sheets – I couldn't say the same for her.

"What the fuck happened last night, Tanya?" I growled through clenched teeth.

"You seriously don't remember?"

"If I remembered, I wouldn't be fucking asking you. Now tell me what happened," I repeated.

"Fine," she rolled her eyes, a nasty habit of hers that I wished she would stop doing. "You were feeling depressed about Bella and that Jacob guy hanging out so we went for drinks," she began.

I vaguely remembered going to the bar and complaining about Jacob to Tanya. "And then?"

"And then you got drunk and we came back here and…" she trailed off.

"And?" I asked expectantly.

"And…" she gestured at our state of undress.

"We fucked last night?" I asked disgusted with the idea of even getting near her.

"You are clueless. Why else would we be naked in bed together?" She stood up and I quickly averted my eyes. "Oh, don't be shy now."

"I really don't want to see," I spat out.

"Whatever," she began getting dressed, picking up her clothes from a neatly folded pile. Huh. "I'm disappointed in you. I helped you get over your issues and you can't even remember what we did?"

I still couldn't wrap around my head that I had done anything with this woman who I have held little to no interest in all these years. I always shot down her advances, no matter how tired or annoyed, yet in a moment of weakness I accepted? It didn't make sense.

"By the way," she threw my phone at me, "that thing was ringing all night. You might want to check your messages," she smirked. She smoothed away the wrinkles in her outfit and unlocked the door. "Maybe next time you won't forget," she said before walking out.

The door closed behind her and I heard her speaking. "Oh, hey Lauren. No, don't go in there. Dr. Cullen is still getting dressed."

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I was going to pretend that she hadn't insinuated that we had been in the room together this whole time. Opening my eyes, I looked down at my phone.

Twelve missed calls, four messages. All from Bella.

What the fuck had I just done?

September 2008

"Doutor! Ajudar! Minha esposa!"

I looked up from my desk at the small man shouting at me from the doorway.

"Por favor!" He continued anxiously wringing his hands together. I was so immersed in my work it took me a moment to process what he was saying. His wife… his wife…

I stood up quickly, recognized Diego and pushed past him towards the sounds of a woman pain. I ran down the hallway of the small clinic and found his wife, Mercedes hunched over, obviously in labor. I cursed wishing I hadn't sent Senna home early. I scrubbed my hands as quickly as possible and prepared to deliver the new addition to the family. Thankfully, this was the third child for Mercedes; it was a quick and effortless delivery.

An hour later I was back in my makeshift office scrutinizing all the paper in front of me. I was overwhelmed and I sometimes wondered what in the hell I had been thinking making the move. When I heard the cries from down the hall coming from the new born though, I smiled. No matter how frantic things became, all of it was all worth hearing those cries.

I hoped one day I would be able to hear the cries of my own child – my and Bella's child. Well one could dream anyway...


Doutor – doctor

Atadura – band aids

Ordenar – order

Obrigado – Thank you

De nada – you're welcome

"Olá, Nahuel, como vai? Como você se sente?" - Hello, Nahuel, how are you? How do you feel?

muito importante – very important

"Doutor! Ajudar! Minha esposa!" – "Doctor! Help! My wife!"

"Por favor!" – Please!

To any of my Brazilian readers out there, if you see errors in these translations, please let me know and I will gladly correct them.

So… How do you feel about Edward now?