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"... N-no," was what escaped my lips. I could feel the light escape of air from her lips, feel it, as if it were right in my ear. My chest had a growing ache inside, making me whimper a little as Hidan's hand ran over my cheek a few times.

His feathery touch, specifically meant for something like comforting, ran over my high cheek, quieting me; he gave me a simple, innocent smirk – one meant for more light hearted situations. One meant for pitying. You know that one; that one where you got from your mother every time you did something humiliating at school and she hugged you while you bawled.

There was an aching silence for a moment.

He pulled me close, placed a gentle kiss on my cheek, and then whispered into my ear.

"You won't feel a thing."


"I know," I murmured, head in my hands, bloody and aching from all the work they had done. I looked up at the clock and gave a sigh.

"Time of death, 1:42 PM."

A quiet sob from the corner, a pink haired woman – Sakura – had her eyes on the back of her hand, tears rolling down her face. Hinata was her friend; I would know from the many nights of movies and chick-flicks that they watched together. She was dead, and now… No more chick-flicks. No more talking, no more gossip, no more getting into their night gowns and sleeping over and kicking me out on to the couch.

I would gladly sleep on the couch for the rest of my life if it meant that I could have her back. My heart aches for that woman… And…

Middle of the day, my wife died.

Middle of the day, my wife died, on my table, in my arms, with her husband – me, Goddamnit, me – betraying her for some made up character that I made up with my mind that's made up.

And not even for a good reason.

And who is to blame for my wife dying in the middle of the day?



Getting up, I looked around the room at the few people that were there: Sakura, Sasori and Konan, all sort of in a solemn silence. I looked through the window behind me, seeing Hidan drifting off into sleep, probably because he was bored and I wasn't there to treat him like a 6 year old, entertaining him. My teeth grit, and I turned to the door, just trying not to scream.

It was building up though, and I'm sure it'd get through soon enough.

I headed out of the room, and moved to Hidan's, which he was awake when I got into the doorway.

"Took you long enough," he said, thrusting his arms out in a gesture of "Give me a hug"; "You're sad, you're bloody and you're fucking pissed..."

I took a pause, then just walked forward and pulled one of the chairs that were placed next to the wall, next to the bed, sitting down in it and looking at Hidan solemnly.

A silence passed, for at least a few minutes, until I finally spoke.

"Please tell me, it's a dream."

I walked home that night, Hidan following to my right side, a little further behind me. I was walking pretty fast for a sad man, but considering the cool April air was brushing against my skin, making me shiver, I decided to get the fuck out of the chill as fast as I could – I don't even know exactly why I wanted to walk in the first place.

Hidan seemed to be enjoying himself, examining the needle hole from when I put in the IV drip. He kept poking and prodding at it, the bandaid off, and making it bleed, since it was freshly removed. Though, it would have to stop bleeding soon; the cold had an effect like that.

Eventually, it did stop bleeding, and he whined for a little bit, but afterwards came up to my side and locked arms, seeming as if he was really trying to cheer me up.

I can assure you already, it didn't work.

A few blocks away from the house, he started to whine again. "It's cold," he said, "I don't want to be in the fucking cold," he said – I wanted him to shut up and enjoy the silence for once, so I didn't have to deal with this child of a man for any longer.

I wanted him to zip it, or shove his head far enough up his ass so he can't talk out of it anymore. Either would work, just make him shut up.

"Kakuzu, are you even—!" I stopped in my tracks and slammed my hand against his face, over his mouth more specifically, glaring at him. He blinked, awestruck for a moment.

I let out a heavy breath, then put my hand back in my pocket, starting to pad my way down the sidewalk again. Sometimes, you had to take it the nice way – and if they didn't obey you, you go the mean way again until they shut up or stop.

He lasted until we got to the yard, which then he took a deep breath and let out a drawled curse, "I feel something really bad coming on..."

"Like you're psychic," I growled, pulling out my keys from my pocket and unlocking the door, "You're a Boogie man, you can hardly make me cry," I opened the door, and stepped inside. I took off my shoes and hung up my coat, putting the keys in the keybowl – like any other day that I come back from the hospital. Except no Hinata, coming to say hello.

And... no Kaely coming to give me a hug.

I looked back, Hidan standing in the doorway, arms crossed, like I was the one who did something wrong.


"I'm more powerful than what I've showed you, you know."

"Oh, shut up," I turned again, heading into the kitchen, "I need to find my... kid..."

Lying, limp, in the middle of the floor, was my daughter – Kaely – looking... more than unconscious. A lot more. And looking as if she'd been that way for a few hours.

Dead. My daughter was dead, in the middle of the kitchen.

I just stared for a minute, this time, I was completely awestruck.

Hidan whistled; "Told ya'."

I took a few steps forward, then stopped, again.

Sometimes, you had to take it the nice way – and if they didn't obey you, you go the mean way again until they shut up or stop.

Before I realized I was holding Hidan by his collar and lifting him up into the air and slamming him again the wall.

"You did this, didn't you?!" I growled.

"W-who, me?" he smiled, holding my wrists and trying to lift himself up, feet licking a little; "How could you say that to me?"

I blinked, and in that fraction on a second, my throat constricted, the back of my head hurt and my feet were off the floor. I opened my eyes and looked into my own eyes.

I, my attacker that was apparently me, was smiling, an evil glint in my eyes, and just more malicious than I could really ever be myself.

"W-what are you doing?!" It wasn't my voice that came out my mouth, my eyesight was clearer, and my stomach was full, when I – as in, when I felt like myself – hadn't eaten all day.

When I raised my hand to try to pull off my body's hands, I was pale, so pale, that I could have sworn I was canvas. I pulled my hair, and saw it was silver, not my deep brown, and...

I was Hidan.

"THIS HAS TO BE A DREAM!" I screamed, kicking my feet and struggling, though I knew that it wouldn't help with the choking situation; "WAKE UP! WAKE UP, WAKE UP!"

I dropped to the ground, and stared at my shaking hands; "I-I'm not... you, Hidan, I can't be you!" I looked up at my body, who just stared back with arms crossed over his broad chest.

"Look in the mirror," he said, and I flinched at how these new ears took my voice.

I swore under my breath before I pulled my slender legs to my chest and sobbed on my knees, holding the back of my head; "I-I'm not you... I'm not you..." I repeated it again and again until my throat ran dry and I couldn't speak anymore.

He scared me, and all it took was a few dreams over the course of a week, two dead bodies and some mind blowing sex. I couldn't take it any more; I really just wanted to cry and cry and cry until my eyes popped out of my skull and I died of starvation.

I could honestly say I didn't want to live with this anymore.

When he sat next to me and wrapped an arm around me, I leaned on him.

"You really want to wake up?" he learned how to keep his voice to a whisper. "You want to get rid of me, and all that we've done?"

I am Jack's broken heart.

"If you want something, just ask for it," he ran his hand over my back, "You just... made me, remember? I'm not real at all..."

I am Jack's inflamed sense of rejection.

"... But I can give you anything you want. Now, in your dreams, I can give you anything."

I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.

After a while, of me crying my eyes out on my old body's lap, I got up and started to collect my daughter, picking her up and putting her on the counter.

I opened his mouth and looked down her throat; like I expected, she had choked to death. I sighed and started to try to pull the object – a grape of all things – out of her mouth.

"Hey! What are you doing with my fingers?!" Hidan yelled, making me jump back.

"I'm pulling out the grape from my daughter's throat." I glared half heartedly, still affected from when I was crying; my eyes were dry and my throat sore.

"Don't do that!"

"What do you have against it?!"

"They're my fingers, dumbshit!"

I spat on the floor in front of his feet, and then continued to pull the grape out of her throat; I threw it to the ground, then turned and washed my hands in the sink.

I dried my hands off on my shirt, "I'm with dreamer-boy", and picked up Kaely, walking past Hidan and my body, and to the door.

"Where're you going?"

"Morgue," I said simply, resting her against my knee as I grabbed the keys and opened the door.

"Could I come—"

I slammed the door before I could hear the rest of it; I needed some alone time; just me and my dead daughter in the car.

I opened up the back, and set her down, carefully, stroking her hair for a moment before I closed it and headed to the front of the car, which used to be Hinata's and our shared car.

I jumped in, and then started it, backing out and heading down the street.

The car ride was silent; it was cloudy out now, and it looked like it was going to rain hard in the next 24 hours. My head leaned against the window, my eyes red and puffy; I couldn't stare for very much longer before I had to blink. It was quiet, as quiet as quiet could be in a car on the highway, and it was making me almost nervous, as if something was going to jump out from no where and make me swerve off into the side of the road. But it was always comforting to just have silence once in a while.

I took too much time admiring how silent it was before I realized that I had missed my turn off. I swore under my breath, and then turned around harshly.

The loud sound of a skull against the internal side of the car made my stomach flip uneasily. There would probably be bruising or at a least a broken skull by the time that I got to the hospital.

I turned off on my lane, and then drove into the parking lot; stopping, shutting off the car, taking and getting out and going to the back of the car and opening it up, pulling out the corpse and holding it bridal style as I closed the door and locked the car; I walked across the parking lot and got a couple weird stares from the people coming from the clinic, usually old people that were just surprisingly scared of anything dead, because that could've been them soon.

I turned around and backed up into the door, opening it and making sure that the corpse's head didn't hit the door frame, and then continued into the clinic. I turned across the hall from the free clinic, down the hall from the mental ward that Konan ran all by her lonesome sometimes, and went down the hall where I usually went to work at.

When I got to the main desk, I dropped Kaely on the counter and reached over it to the printer, where I pulled out a piece of paper from the tray and a pen from the empty jam jar, and started to write down name, birth date, age, gender, and all the other crap needed for a body.

"... Sir?"

"What?" I glanced up and saw Sakura, my intern that you've met before in earlier days, but then continued scribbling down needed information for Kaely.

"Why is there a dead body on my counter?"

"Because..." I finished with a signature for the body, and then set it on the corpse, "I need you, Ms. Haruno, to take my child to the morgue."

She took the paper, looking at it, then looking back up at me with a confused but considering-the-worst face. "... I think you have a misunderstanding, sir, this is one of the doctor's children, not yours... and this is the same doctor's signature, not yours."

That's right, I was still in Hidan's body; "... It'll make sense later," I reached out and patted her shoulder, "Take my child to the morgue."

She blinked, then nodded, picking up the phone.

I turned, then walked out; making sure that no one got a second look at my face before I got in the car and cried again. I acted like losing my child was just so minor that it didn't matter; Kaely, Hinata, they were my life.

I started the car and pulled out of the parking lot, heading home, tears still wet and cascading down my face.

Sitting down on the middle of the kitchen, I gave an empty breath; "It'd be better if you just opened up my chest cavity and pulled out my heart," I whispered.

Hidan snorted; "No," he drawled, "There's nothing like torturing a person into complete humility," he crouched down next to me, running his hand over my back.

I leaned on him; "Then you've done your job..."

"In torturing you? Oh, I'm not even close to done," he purred. "Want to know the big secret?"

"No," I murmured.

"Okay," he sat down, crossing his legs, "Snap your fingers."

Curiously, I looked at him. "... Snap?"

"Yes, try it," I never knew my face could take so much emotion. I could never get it to do that.

I raised my hand, and...




Me: … Because I love you?


Me: … -huggles-


Me: … I'm... sorry?

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