Summary: Dean, Sam, and John stumble onto a small town. When entering a supermarket a large cloud of mist takes over the town. Does something lie within it? Sam knows what's happening. Can the Winchester's get out alive? Takes place during Season 1!

A/N: I just saw the movie "the mist" and I thought I would have our three favorite Winchester boys in it. It's not going to be exactly like the movie it just surrounds the main key points and who knows…maybe a little romance for Dean? Hurt Sam! Protective Dean and John! You don't need to watch the movie to understand.

The Mist

They had to be in Washington State, yeah that was it but Dean couldn't be sure. It was a tiny town and the supermarket was crowded. His head throbbed and he winced.

"How's that headache, ace?" Dean heard his dad ask from the drivers seat. He was surprised to hear his voice but then remembered that his dad was on the road now with him and Sam. He was with them to track down the thing that killed their mom.

"Uh, fine I guess." Dean said softly as he sat up and turned to look in the back seat where he saw Sam sprawled out in the back.

"Well pick up some aspirin in here." John stated. "You wanna stay in the car?"

"Nah I'll come in. My muscles feel tight." Dean replied as he rubbed his temples.

"Okay." John said as he parked in the nearest parking spot to the store. "Sammy get up." John said as he turned and shook his youngest son lightly.

"M'what?" Sam mumbled, his eyes half closed.

"Gotta get some food and supplies. C'mon." John said and he opened the impala door.


It looked like a bunch of town locals all chatting it up. Three military men were at one end, huddled together.

"Where are we dad?" Dean asked.

John paced through the aisles. "Um Washington state."

"What town?" Dean asked.

"No idea." The elder man replied and handed him a box of aspirin. "Go check this out and wait in the car. You need to rest. Sammy and I will get food and supplies."

Dean was hesitant.

"That's an order, ace." He smiled sympathetically.

"Yes, sir." Dean replied tiredly and turned on his heels.


A young brunet was at the cash register he picked. She was petite but tall and she had dark brown curls and they were pulled back. Dean gave her a weak but 'dean smile' and she blushed.

He looked up randomly and saw one of military men glaring at him. His grin turned to a frown and he ducked his head. He paid for his aspirin and replied a low "thanks"

"Have a nice day." She said.

Dean nodded and headed off out too the Impala.

"Looked like a bunch of small town drama in there." He mumbled to himself, smirking slightly.

Finally arriving at his beloved Impala he heard screams. He looked up and saw a large gray cloud coming towards him. It made the ground shake and Dean gripped the car to keep from falling.

"Son of a bitch!" He cursed and without hesitation he ran back towards the store. It sounded like a large ocean wave coming closer and closer. The adrenaline was kicking in as he bolted through the door of the store and slid across the floor out of breath.

With fear plastered across his face he looked out the large glass windows once more and saw the parking lot of colorful cars had disappeared and a large spread of thick mist had covered it.

He was trapped. Everyone was trapped.

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