Summary: Dean, Sam, and John stumble onto a small town. When entering a supermarket a large cloud of mist takes over the town. Does something lie within it? Sam knows what's happening. Can the Winchester's get out alive? Takes place during Season 1!

A/N: LAST CHAPTER. Thanks to all who reviewed and read! Slightly rushed but hopefully great to read. I know it's been delayed but it's now summer so i decided to wrap it all up. Onto other projects.

Chapter 13


John then took a deep determined breath and gave quick glances to his sons before slamming his foot on the gas pedal.


Sweaty palms squeezed the steering wheel. The car ride included unexpected sharp turns and the car lifting a few inches off the ground.

The monster was trailing behind them and John didn't want to admit it, but he was running out of options. Sam could see it in his eyes from the mirrors. Dean wasn't paying much attention to his Dad's eyes he was more concentrating on the little form balled into his chest. He cradled her with his face pressed into her head and spoke soft calming words to sooth her.

Claire was in full panic mode while Davis rubbed her arm. She was praying for a miracle. The others merely had expressions of horror plastered on their faces.

Meanwhile Sam was peering through the window, trying to see something in the distance when he saw Meg, arms crossed, black eyes large and wide, standing against a tree. No one else seemed to notice but she merely grinned and waved and Sam almost pushed off the door.

"Sam what the hell?" John yelled.

Sam was practically snarling.

"Sammy, relax." Dean eased.

Then his head began to throb and unfamiliar colors swirled into his mind forming pictures. Sam groaned and cupped his head with his hands and put his elbows on his knees.

"Sam?" Claire sounded alarmed and reached to touch his shoulder.

John glanced behind but couldn't for long as he made another turn.

"Sam!" He yelled, "Sam? Answer me!"

He sees the Impala and it's wheels. He watches as the speeding black Chevy lands itself into a large deep whole of mud. His father grunts and struggles to take the car out of the mud. Sam can hear Meg laughing and the monster comes in view.

The headache faded and Sam got his vision back. Confused and dazed the group all talked over each other and tried to see if Sam was okay.

"I'm fine!" Sam yelled.

Dean spoke, "What happened?"

"I-Dad you-" Before he could even say another word they were in the mud. Sam heard the thick splashing sound.

"Shit!" John yelled. He put the car in neutral and then tried reverse but it was no use.

Davis glanced in the back window, "I see it. No one move! Stop!"

Everyone was silent; frozen. Each one of them were holding their breath and hoping for a miracle. The creature walked past them like they were nothing. It was extremely tall with three black legs on each side of its body. The body part was covered in tentacles. The details of the face couldn't be seen because it was too tall. It slowly passed and disappeared before there eyes.

No one spoke because there were no words to describe what they all just saw. The mist then suddenly began to clear and an army tank drove past the Impala.


A dimension door that wasn't supposed to be opened was opened. It caused chaos and death for the small town. That's all the Winchesters really knew and that's all they wanted to know. Sam still believes Stephen King's books have come to life but that's just a theory. He's curious to find more information but he isn't in a rush.

They stayed another day. John cleaned up the impala and got supplies for the journey ahead of them. Finally the next day they were ready to leave.

Claire walked with Dean through the famous parking lot.

"So soon?" She asked once more.

Dean nodded, "Yeah we've got some stuff to fix with our job."

Claire looked up, "Right. We'll I'll keep your secret Dean Winchester."

He chuckled as he watched her walk ahead a few steps and then sharply turn so her breasts were against his chest, "But still, you hunt all these creatures, yet you don't know what the hell happened these last few days?"

He shrugged, "These things came from a different dimension, not my problem."

"Sam looks curious about it." She pointed out.

He nods, "Yeah well we got bigger fish to fry at the moment." Dean paused, "You have our numbers. If anything weird happens call us and will come." He kissed her softly on her lips and then more passionately.

She pulled apart from the kiss, "Bye Dean."

He smiled and she walked off to her car and drove off. Dean smiled and placed his hands in his pockets and headed back to the car.

A lot of people died in the town and a lot of people survived. There was a lot of destruction but the little town was already working hard to repair their lives. Dean returned to the Impala where John, Sam, Davis, and Peyton were.

Davis stood on the sidelines on his cell phone. Dean figured probably it was someone who was bringing home Peyton's dad. Dean knew Davis would be taking her to see him after they leave.

When Dean got closer John just finished hugging the small girl. She ran to Sam and hugged him too. Dean squatted down and she turned to him and ran.

"Hey shortie." He smiled.

"Dean. Don't go." She pleaded.

He kissed the top of her head, "I promise I'll visit. I've got some things to do but I promise I'll come and see you soon."

"Will the monster come back?" She asked and looked into his forest green eyes.

"No." To be honest he wasn't sure, "But if you need me. If there's any monsters bothering you can call these numbers." He paused and reached into his pocket for a piece of paper, "This paper says mine, Sam's and my dad's numbers."

"Okay. I'll keep it in my teddy bear so it don't gets lost." She hugged him once again, "I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too, kiddo."

After a moment Dean released her and put his hands on her shoulder, "You be a good girl, okay?"

"Kay. Bye Dean."

"Bye kiddo."

The small girl ran to Davis and he took her hand. The Winchester's gave Davis nods of 'you are an ass but thanks for everything. See you.'

The three Winchester's then piled into the Impala. John was in the drivers seat, Dean was in the passenger, and Sam was in the back.

They beeped the horn and drove off.

"Oh crap." John muttered.

"What?" Dean asked.

"Didn't even purchase your aspirin. Maybe we should go back?" He grinned a huge grin.

"Hell no." Dean grunted and turned on the radio.

"Well that was an adventure." Sam stated as he stretched out his long legs.

"I'll hunt anything except friggin military dimension project things." Dean stated and shut his eyes.

"Well were about to go kill one badass demon, you up for it ace?"

"Bring it."

John put the volume higher and Van Halen blasted through the speakers. The small detour turned out to be a huge out of this world adventure but the boys still continued on there rightful path of destiny. This adventure didn't alter there future but it gave them a memory they would never forget.