First set scene in Palmacosta.

Few have tried making Tales of Symphonia sequel Dawn of the New World (aka: Knight of Ratatosk) with Kratos Aurion in it. This is my version.

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Chapter One: The golden rule of Kratos Aurion

Ever since Kratos discovered his long lost son he had only one rule mattered to him. It took one slight gaze into one those rich brown eyes full of wonder, the name 'Lloyd' spoken, an accidental eavesdropping of his fight with Dirk, and his mother's gravestone to result a long lasting vow.

The first rule drawn:


Do whatever necessary to make sure Lloyd Irving alive, breathing, sane, and healthy.

It may seem like an unusual rule considering he did betray him, by following Mithos instead. However, if anyone carefully observed all of his plans, they would see that Lloyd's safety was always a priority. A few circumstances made his vow difficult. One example of this is his wife's death making him a fatalist. In life, nothing mattered. Not even he mattered, if he's the most dammed living thing in this universe, at least until ironically, his son scorned him for being suicidal.

That golden rule still even existed in his life on Derris Karlan, after the journey of regeneration had ended. Even though he will never meet his son again, but knowing he will well and promised 'not to die before he did' was enough to him.

Which resulted in his return to the world of Symphonia…

One slight report from Yuan (without bothering to ask further exact information), had change the angel's mind to return. He receive the most insane report he'd ever heard, Lloyd Irving…his valuable son, had led a massive bloody massacre on Palmacosta. He had angel hearing, sensitive and accurate, but began to doubt after hearing Yuan's report.

His son's name was the only thing on his head. It result his failure to recognize how he ended up back in Symphonia. With the help of Yuan, he was back in this world. His old half-elf friend waited beside the small tree.

"Kratos Aurion it's been a whi…"

"…" Yuan hadn't finished his words as Kratos ran quickly to some direction.


"…" Yuan yelled as Kratos ignored the second call…

"Your son is not in Palmacosta!!"

"…what…?" finally he stopped, that got his attention.

The blue haired half-elf sighed, half wondering if he could just use Lloyd's name just to fish his friend's attention?

"I… give him a task."

"…what task…?"

Yuan cursed himself. In large scale, it was actually his fault for giving Lloyd to gather all the centurian's cores. Whatever happened in Palmacosta, he was very assured somehow Lloyd had the most unfortunate trouble. He was surely was framed. Therefore, if Kratos knew this, he would gladly leave his four thousand year friendship to punishing him for his son's trouble. And knowing Kratos, he was likely to kill…

"His last task to gather the remaining expheres." He gulped, he didn't need to mention his other task, "…and surely you know he would be anywhere in this world."

"…" A curse muttered silently on Kratos mind. Just because there was no trouble bringing back him to Symphonia doesn't mean it didn't take time to reach this new combined world.

"It's been…six months… Since that happened" Yuan spoke as if he read his mind.

"I see…"

He still turned to Palmacosta. Even though there was a very small chance that Lloyd was in there, he could at least gather some clue on where he might be. Or at least learn something to explain the chaos.

Yuan had been really understood him…for letting him go, and did not question his purpose.


As Kratos Aurion reached that town he had various unexpected experiences.

He knew that the experience of being a mercenary caused him to meet strange people. But that doesn't mean to abandon someone with a strange creature following them.

His name is Emil Castagnier...

A timid boy with a strange cloth (which looked awfully familiar in his distant four thousand year memories) started to communicate him with a simple question.

"Er…excuse me…sir… Have you seen a girl about my age with flowers on her head and spinner as her weapon?"

Spinner? That was new… Kratos thought as he observed the boy. There was another thing that alarmed him. He had a feeling of unease around the boy. An unexplainable fear overcomed the boy. The poor thing just retreated his question as he backed up immediately.

Kratos immediately stop the boy by gripping his shoulder, the boy winced and he felt his body shake, "Forgive me."


"It is not my wish to frighten you. In exchange your forgiveness, I will answer your question: no, I just arrived in this small town recently. I'm not a native of this country, and therefore, I do not know to whomever that girl you spoke of."

The boy blinked for few times, "Oh… I'm sorry." He just apologized after Kratos apologize, "…I…I guess… No wonder you've been mad. You just got here and I bothered you with this question."

"It's not your question that bothers me" Kratos spoke as his grip to the boy's shoulder tightened, "It's him…"


"He can see me, Emil" a voice came, followed with a presence of what it seemed to be a panther like creature. Floating beside the boy.


Kratos released the boy carefully, ignoring his question, "A…centurion."

"My... my…" The creature amused, "It seemed you're not just an ordinary human."

"…" Kratos gave yet, another silent treatment. It's a sign that he never wanted to speak more of his real identity.

The black centurion took a closer look at him, "You're…seemed familiar. Have we met?"

Kratos eyes narrowed, "Perhaps. What's a centurion business with this boy?"

"You do know it is none of your concern?"

"It is my concern, on how Ratatosk, your master trusted you with this…boy."

He stiffed for a while, "You seem to know too much. I doubt you are as young as you appear."

"We're looking for Lloyd Irving."

Lloyd's name always brings his attention.

"Emil…" The centurion warned.

"I…I'm sorry, I talked to much Tenebrae. I didn't mean to…"

"Perhaps we better go before you slip too much. Come…"

Without a chance of asking the details Tenebrae had managed to pry off the boy from him. Emil disappeared as he continued to look for his 'girl with flower' companion (sibling? or interest?). Many people he met were looking for Lloyd, either for killing, or for capturing, but all for the revenge of Palmacosta.

But none of them were actually accompanied by a centurion, something was wrong. He should've listened to Yuan's other explanation. But Kratos Aurion regrets only a mistake for his tragic assassination to his wife and the failure to search for his son.

He continued to investigate the small town, hoping for another explanation. The middle town gave him shivers, for there was a memorial of the last blood purge. He didn't remember how long it was. It might have been hours after meeting that strange boy. Maybe he should search for that boy again. But probably, judging by the long hours he stood, the boy had found the girl he was looking for and left.

He went back again to the memorial, until he heard a familiar sound from his back.

"Old man? It's that you?"

A cocky voice took his attention as he turned to see a red haired guy with flamboyant accent.

He spoke his name quietly, "Zelos Wilder… It's been a while"


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