Title: Splinters
Rating: M
Pairings: Sasori/Sakura
Word Count: 834
Disclaimer: I do not own the Naruto series or any of it's characters.
Author's Note: Hi! I'm back with yet another attempt at the Sasori/Sakura pairing and this one is a one month word challenge by Gigiceriser. Basically, this will be updated every day with a small drabble that's based off a single word and this will continue for 32 days. Just to warn you, some of the drabbles will contain slight violence and 'adult situations' so if you don't like that kinda stuff, I suggest you don't read this. Also, if you read my other SasoSaku fics, don't worry! I will eventually get around to updating those soon. Anyways, here is the first chapter and the word of the day is sin! Hope you like it and please send a review my way after you're done reading! Thanks!


i. sin


They fight for dominance in the rough kiss that they share together in the small, darkened motel room - a place where the two words 'holding back' is not something currently heard of.

Tongues clash without mercy against one another as fingers and nails rake harshly across the other's skin. Quite moans and gasping sounds also whisper throughout the foul, moldy smelling air while the only light leaks through several small cracks of the blinds that hang in front of the dirt smudged window, illuminating certain parts of the couple.

Slowly, she feels his hands leave her sides so that one can travel to the middle of her back while the other finds it's way into her short, pink locks which he grips violently to coerce her to deepen the kiss and bring her body even closer to his. He moves his weight against her, unwillingly forcing her to stumble backwards until the upper part of her calves bump into the edge of the large bed. Her sea green orbs widen with slight shock, and the moment her back hit's the stiff material of the mattress, she shuts them tightly while her breathing increases in it's pace as a small amount of panic begins to set in.

This is wrong.

What they are doing here together in this grimy room is twisted, unmoral, and countless other things that carry the label of 'disgusting.'

He is the last man that she should be allowing to do this to her. To let his lips and hands run over her body like she belongs to him.

She understands that her current behavior is no better than that of a common whore and it's something that needs to stop now.

Instantly, her body begins to squirm underneath his own as she tries to push him off to make some sort of escape but he easily keeps her pinned down with his weight while his nimble fingers work on the side clasp of her pink medic skirt which easily comes loose to better reveal the black shorts that had been hidden beneath it.

The sudden lack of clothing only furthers her attempts to struggle but they are interrupted by a moment of lust as she feels him grind slowly against her lower half, causing a whimper to be drawn out from behind her cherry-colored lips and her eyes reopen wide to be met with golden-brown ones that stare down at her with obvious hunger. He repeats the same action once more, watching closely with a haughty smirk as she lets out an even louder moan this time and how she arches up against him because of the need that's constantly building up inside of her.

This is wrong…

Terribly so, but she finds that she's already in so deep that she is now past the actual point of either stopping or really caring so instead of pushing his hands away from the zipper that's holding her red top together, she only helps him hastily remove the article of clothing from her heated skin by pulling the garment up over her head.

Throwing the quickly forgotten shirt over the side of the bed, she leans back once more against the stained, white sheets that probably haven't been washed for days and her lips meet his again in yet another intoxicating, greedy kiss as they continue on in their deed.

In the back of her mind, she knows that what they're doing is easily considered something among the lines of a sin, and that she will surely be going to hell for it one day, but right now, she decides she'll commit it full-heartedly.