Chapter Title: Flood
Word Count: 810
Author's Note: Hello! Hope you're having a great Tuesday and this is the last drabble for the one month word challenge! I hope you've enjoyed it and the final word is flood! This one is kind of an idea that I was thinking about eventually using in my other SaoSaku fic, As if Happy Endings Exist so tell me what ya think! Thanks to all of the people who have read as well as reviewed this! Bye!


xxxii. flood.


A grunt passes past his lips as he wildly thrusts into her one final time right before he reaches his climax, and his orgasm completely washes over him, unadulterated pleasure swiftly rippling down his spine.

He rides out ever gratifying wave to the end before his surroundings finally come back into focus.

Slowly, his light, golden-brown gaze slips down to the rosette haired woman who is still pinned down beneath his own body and he takes note of how both of her hands are held up high above her head, detained tightly by one of his own so he could root his captive firmly in place while he violated her. Everywhere, numerous crimson-colored marks that his lips and tongue have left behind mar the pale, creamy flesh of her neck, breasts, stomach, and legs. A slight sheen of sweat coats her whole nude form as well, and he watches silently while her chest heaves up and down as she still pants loudly, trying to catch her lost breath.

Her eyes are shut tight, hiding her sea green orbs away from him, and he can feel how her whole body violently trembles below his own, caused by the obvious fear that courses through her.

He never intended to do this – to take her roughly in her own bed like he just did and find satisfaction in her body. All he had desired from her in the beginning was the simple revenge that he thought he had lawfully deserved because the brat had never had any right to beat him in their first fight. He had simply wanted to ruin her; toy with the life she lived and watch with an arrogant smirk as she gradually fractured into tiny pieces before finally falling down onto her knees defeated, begging for mercy.

It had never been this.

Fucking her was the absolute last thing that was supposed to come out of all of this.

But it had happened, and he hadn't done a thing to stop it. At the time, he'd been too overcome with the rage she had caused as well as the ravenous hunger that had been coursing through his body for some time, and it had easily blinded him fully to where he couldn't control himself anymore.

Instantly, he had shoved her brutally right up against the nearest wall, cutting off the defiant words she'd been shouting out at him mid-sentence. She had fought back, squirmed and kicked while commanding he stop, but he had ignored all of her struggles, choosing instead to run his hands over all of her curves, groping her while his lips had forced themselves onto her own, claiming her mouth as his. Before he knew it, her clothes were a long gone forgotten thing as were his, and he was on top of her, stealing away the last of her innocence.

Presently, he removes himself from her completely, deciding to stand up and move clear across to the other side of the room, far away from the bed where he can still see her out of the corner of his vision. She turns away from him and over onto her side so she can curl up into a small, shaking ball that looks so fragile unlike how she usually is.

Without words, he begins to gather his discarded clothing so he can depart from this place as fast as he can because all he needs right now is to get somewhere that's far away from this room and her so that he can try to figure out what's just taken place here and all of the feelings that are flowing through his very being.

Hastily, he leaves the broken girl behind on the bed who lies motionless on the now soiled sheets, and that's when she finally shatters completely, allowing the flood of wet tears she's been holding back to rapidly cascade down her face.

On the other side of the bedroom door, he hears her loud sobs as he starts down the hall.