Integra Hellsing leans upon the railing of the balcony staring out at the yellow moon with a vampire at her side. She stands smoking a cigar watching as the smoke curls into the wind and into the impenetrable night.

This is how they will find her, more or less, only the details will change but she remains the same.

They aren't watching for the details however, they only see the vampire in the red duster, the vampire with the yellow glasses and a smile like War. They see only death standing beside his mistress, they have no time for mortality, and thus they miss the finer aspects.

It's not their fault; it's to be expected after all, they all have underestimated her more or less. They see only the sword; the blinders they wear prevent them from seeing the arm that holds it. Thus Integra Hellsing and her vampire remain an enigma for the governments of the world to solve, eventually they attribute it to power, a weak organization that stands upon the shoulders of a vampire.

They have yet to notice that the blood soaks her gloves as well.

They call him Atlas but they have never thought to look her in the eye until it is too late and she is holding the gun against their head.

She calls him Alucard as if he were her friend, they laugh at this knowing that he would eat her alive if given half the chance, and yet their laughter is unintentionally nervous as they notice her self-aware smile. She orders about a creature of the night as if he were human, what an inconceivably foolish thing this is to do, and yet they each copy her in their turn and fail.

All their angels of death have fallen before them, Anderson, Walter, each has fallen in his own turn and their masters are left only with the dark horror of knowing that she succeeds where they had failed.

They reevaluate, they check their calculations, and the horror dawns upon them that the vampire has yet to move against her and that they are dying under her gun. It is that moment that they truly see her, leaning against the balcony, a cigar in her gloved hands. It is in that moment they see her self-assured smile.

It is at that point that they remember once, when she was a child, before they knew her she had run from the world of the humans into the arms of the monster. It is as if their world has been flipped and suddenly the vampire pales in comparison to his master.

The vampire turns and smiles at them then, as if to say "I told you so." But they aren't listening to his words now; they only have eyes for the mind behind the sword, for the death in her cold blue eyes.

She doesn't have eyes for them though, she had dismissed them long ago as useless, Integra has no pity for her enemies and they are beginning to understand that. She is a woman whose only friends remain among the dead and the living only serve to pester her.

They missed the finer details of the picture; after all they never noticed the look of admiration and devotion in the vampire's eyes.

So look again, watch the cinders of her cigar falling onto the stonework below, see the way she leans casually against the railing looking out at the moon with a masked expression, look at the way the vampire regards her through yellow glasses and see what you missed the first time.

Reassess the situation, and always remember that abomination is a relative term.

Author's Note: I felt like Integra needed a mini-drabble. Maybe Walter is next, who knows? Reviews would be nice.

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