Sugar-Coated Accident
Chapter One

"Empty Like a Cavity"

"Hey. Did you… Hit your head or something?"

"No," Kaito replied, bemused. He blinked, eyes zeroing in on the pretty apparition before him; large eyes studded with thick lashes, snub nose and delicate, pouty lips. And if that didn't give it away, the bright green hair did.

The pretty Vocaloid was the embodiment of perfection, an angel in the guise of a cute, school-uniform clad pop/rock/grunge idol – because everyone knew Hatsune Miku could sing anything.

She was just that awesome.


"It's just," the aforementioned embodiment of perfection frowned a little, rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet, "you seem a little out of it."

Kaito couldn't help a small smile. It was nice knowing Miku cared; out of everybody else in the whole world, it was her praise that mattered most to him.

Of course, Kaito regretted that smile only two seconds later. The mere tweak of lips had him biting back a wince, as sharp bursts of pain exploded inside his mouth. It was white-hot, unimaginable agony – and it had been plaguing him for days. Weeks, even.

Better hide the grimace from Miku. You don't want to make her worry.

So, like he had done countless times before, Kaito lowered his head, face partially obscured by blue hair and dark shadows. Let Miku think whatever – that he was actually a vampire and couldn't look at the sun on pain of death/exploding/sparkling. It didn't matter.

"I mean," Miku said, bending over a little to get a better look at Kaito. She could just make out a blush, playing hide-and-seek behind the boy's hair. He always acted shy around her, but even more so nowadays. Did he think she was going to pull a Meiko and whack him over the head with a handy beer bottle? Humph. "You've never messed up a song just as much as you did now."

Kaito winced again, though this time it was for a different reason; Miku was rarely that harsh, unless there was no more vegetable juice (a truly horrid concoction the Vocaloid had made and marketed herself, which was comprised of anything green and vaguely edible that happened to be lying around in the vegetable crisper, all mixed, mashed, mutilated, sliced and diced in a blender).

Miku had a weird tendency to get all possessive over that spectacularly horrible smoothie, and woe betide anyone who dared drink the last of it.

Rin had learnt that crucial lesson only last night, when an enraged, juice-deprived Vocaloid who shall remain nameless jumped on her and instigated a pillow fight to the death, which lasted two-and-a-half hours and only ceased because Meiko's favourite feather'd pillows sort of...


Miku was just a simple girl who really liked her juice.

But she also liked singing.

And she didn't like it when people forgot their words in the middle of a recording.

Miku sighed a little, tilting her head – however, Kaito just lowered his own into the welcoming folds of his scarf. He felt bad for messing up, of course he did. He didn't want to let Miku down, or anybody else in his 'family', for that matter.

But he couldn't help it.

"If there's something wrong," Miku said, arms now folded behind her back. "Just tell me, kay? Don't push yourself too hard."

Kaito nodded, though the movement was so brief one could've blinked and missed it.

At least Miku seemed placated; there was a smile, as the Vocaloid threw one hand in the air enthusiastically. "Alright! So let's give it another try! C'mon, guys – Rin, Len, Meikoooo~ Let's go!"

"Okay, Miku-chan!" cried Rin, one arm in the air likewise, bouncing back and forth. It looked a lot like a victory pose coined from a cheap video game. "We'll show that new song who's boss, yeah!"

"Yeah – we'll nail it this time," Len agreed, turning to glance at Kaito. "Right, Kaito-nii?"


With all that energy going round, it was impossible to remain listless and guilty.

"Sure," Kaito said, nodding with a tad more conviction this time. "We'll nail it."

Even though everyone else already had done.

It was just him.

a.n: this is not a kaito/miku, srsly xD tis going to be a len/kaito, hum de hum. my aim is to make a story so impossibly sugary-sweet and fluffy it makes you feel sick. in a good way xD so… yeah… i hope you like it.
oh, & i love miku's vegetable juice video x3 she's just a girl who really, really likes her juice, nyaa~

renahhchen xx