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Chapter 21: Lemonade


I wish that I could say that I only remembered the lobotomy... but I remembered it all. James's smell and his hands and his lips on me. Edward immobilized and staring. Broken bones and a huge gaping hole in my body. The oh so sweet taste of Edward's blood as I swallowed it down. And the oddest part of all: a rapid, almost painful tightening of my muscles and bones and skin as my body healed.

And all of these memories raced through my brain surrounded by a general haze. Numb. That is all I felt. Just this numbness for a long time.

It was rough going for that first month or two. I don't know how I made it. I don't remember much of my day-to-day life, to tell you the truth: I guess I was on autopilot. But after Edward gave me the pendant, I awakened from the strange nightmare... remembering that there was still a good - no a wonderful - force in my life looking after me. My bad dreams eventually faded away. I suspected that Edward spoke to me at night, trying to make me feel safe.

I had started B'school in the summer time. I was graduating at the end of the winter trimester and I had three more weeks of class work to make it through. I crammed as much as possible to make sure I would finish successfully.

Somewhere in the haze, I had completed the final interviews with a number of firms and I managed to land three job opportunities which I was still considering. The positions were in San Francisco, Chicago and Boston. Chicago seemed like the one with the least baggage, given Tanya's and Jake's locations, but I had some time to think it over since I didn't plan to start until summer.

I returned to Karate, which I no longer thought of as my valium. It was my savior; it had been my life preserver when I really needed it, and as it always had before, it brought my energy up. I started feeling like my old self…

… except for one strange thing. At first I thought I was losing my mind.

It started simply with beautiful dreams of Edward and me. In my sleep, I recounted the past year and a half with him. Our first encounter outside of Karate when I was just exploring the class. Sitting in the lounge listening to movie soundtracks on my iPod, our heads and bodies close together playing a silly game of "Name that Tune." Sitting in Edward's car listening to my Genesis song and talking. Holding hands as we walked through the woods to get to the pond for the first time.

It was nice to have all of these images floating though my dreams. For too long, all that I had were images of James touching me with Edward stuck like a statue nearby. I wondered if Edward was speaking to me at night, planting a lullaby of beautiful images in my head so that I could rest peacefully. Then I figured that my recent life or death experience was making me appreciate all that I had.

But soon the images became racier. That first night in his bedroom when he seduced me. The first time I went down on him. The first time he made love to me on the floor by the fire in his cabin. The Karate studio in Denali. The hallway. The alcove. The airplane bathroom. His car. They floated through my brain, faster and faster as I slept and sometimes I woke up in the throes of an orgasm, turning red when I saw Edward's bemused expression watching me.

Jeez, I know that I abstained for that period while I was recovering, but am I really this horny now?

These images turned me on so much that Edward couldn't help but pounce on me as he saw my energy escalate to five and beyond.

The images continued. Every evening! I was having a hard time concentrating as I tried to do my homework at night. It felt so odd. Something was different about these pictures, but I couldn't place it, until one day I realized that the point of view was off. I was looking at myself in all of these images, watching what was being done to me for the most part, and some of the images weren't even ones that I recognized…

Was this what they called an out-of-body experience? I had no idea.

Then one day, after a particularly good Karate session, Edward picked me up and drove me to his home. As I was drinking the lemonade I had bought after class, I heard a voice coming from somewhere: Look at her with her tongue on that straw… the way it flicks out before she takes it in her mouth.

I looked around: at the radio, outside of the car, at Edward, and then I looked down at my lemonade. I went to take another sip and noticed my actions. I flicked my tongue out when I went to take a sip... I didn't know that I did that. And then the voice: Jesus, she's doing it again. Oh shit, that tongue. She's going to be the death of me.

Holy shit! That's Edward! I can hear him!

It couldn't be… I had to be going nuts. Okay, lemme see. I decided to test this theory.

I looked at him and smiled sweetly. And then I looked back at my lemonade and flicked my tongue out again and ran it around the straw rim before I took another sip. As I was sipping, I looked up at him innocently.

Edward blinked. And then he turned to look ahead at the road. Christ, what is she trying to do to me? I'm going to have to pull over and jump her if she doesn't cut that out.

I turned away to the window, suppressing a laugh.

Finally he spoke. "Bella, Love," he said huskily, "do you have a lot of schoolwork to do tonight?"

"Um, a bit… but I should be able to get it done in about an hour or two."

"Okay," he said. Excellent. What's on the agenda… hmmm… I wonder if I can make her angry again... heh heh.

Oh, no, he wouldn't! No surprises now, Mr. Cullen!

Once we were in the house, I headed for the bathroom to rinse off my Karate class and Edward followed close behind. I was just at the bathroom door when he stood behind me, gently wrapped his arms around my waist and started kissing my neck. Fuck, she smells good. I just need to taste her sweat. His tongue began running across my shoulders. Ohhh, I want to taste all of her right now. Shit! Damn shower… damn school work!

Man! Who knew that Edward thought like this? Besides him, I mean…

As his hands started moving upward toward my breasts, I felt one of those waves shooting through me… which came to a screeching stop when I heard another oddity float through my brain: We will do it on the tile, I will take her, make her smile. We will do it on the floor, I will bang her against the door…

WHAT. THE. HELL. Where are we, in Whoville?

Suddenly, I had another vivid image of what he wanted to do to me. And what an image! Holy cow, I didn't think I could bend like that if I tried.

I covered my mouth to suppress a giggle as I turned bright red. I looked at us in the mirror above the bathroom sink and his eyes met mine. He was still kissing my neck.

"What?" he asked.

I couldn't stop smiling. "Yo, Dr. Seuss! I'm flexible but I'm not Gumby!"

He paused, his eyes confused. "What do you mean?"

This is going to be fun. I turned to face him and went to take another sip of the lemonade that I still had in my hand. I looked down at the drink and this time I let my tongue start lower down the straw and lick upward toward the rim. Then I covered the straw with my mouth, taking in more of it and then easing back up toward the tip before taking another sip and looking up at him.

He stared at my mouth slack-jawed. Fuck me.

"Let me shower first and then we'll get to that," I said, grinning like the Cheshire cat. Then I closed the door in his face.

I turned on the water in the shower, stripped down quickly while it warmed up, and then jumped in. My God, I'm so turned on right now! I can hear Edward and his crazy dirty thoughts, but he can't hear me yet… this is awesome!

I saw him enter the bathroom and I heard his thoughts before he spoke them. He was piecing this together and it was shocking him.

"Yes, Edward," I said.

"Yes, what?" he asked warily.

I turned off the shower, grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me. Then I stepped out onto the bathmat, came close to him and whispered in his ear, "I have done it in Edward's home. Take me, take me, make me moan." Home – moan, close enough… Damn it, Jim, I'm a B'school student, not a poetry major… ha, ha, I crack myself up…

Edward's eyes opened wide. NO! HOLY SHIT, she can hear me!

"Yes I can," I said, walking past him. "Edward, you have a very dirty inner monologue… You're not quite the gentleman vampire that you once were, mister..."

"Bella, your energy level…" he whispered. Jesus, she's at a six and rising fast.

I'll bet. I started walking up the stairs and stopped midway, looking down at him, smirking. "Awesome superpower, this mind reading thing. I think I'm going to like it."

And then I continued up the stairs.



NO! HOLY SHIT, she can hear me!

"Yes I can," she said, as her warm wet body walked by me. "Edward, you have a very dirty inner monologue," she continued as she kept walking. "You're not quite the gentleman vampire that you once were, mister..." No shit: that guy left the building a year ago.

The heat from the shower only served to warm and magnify the scent of her blood. She was at a six and rising. She could hear my thoughts, but her mind was still silent to me.

My blood must have done this to her. It was the only explanation I could think of at that moment. Some random combination of my blood and her control. I'd have to ask Carlisle what he thought…

I ran up after her and threw her over my shoulder. Ghosting to my bedroom, I dropped her on my bed and then crawled so that I was hovering over her on my hands and knees. She looked up at me.

Bella, can you hear me?

"Yup," she said, smiling.

I visualized what I planned to do to her for the next several hours. Her eyes closed, her back arched and she inhaled sharply, biting her lip. I watched her energy go up another notch. I just grinned. Am I turning you on, Bella?

She opened her eyes and grabbed me roughly, pulling off my shirt. She was at an eight now.

Edward, you have NO idea, I heard her say in my mind.

Oh, Bella, love of my existence, yes I do…

Yes I do.



Sweet Jesus, this one goes to 11!

No, Edward, Bella amended. I think that we definitely hit 12 that time.

The End

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