Epilogue: Going Home

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Harry watched the meadows pass by in a blur, trees standing up tall, their branches swaying in the breeze. The light movement of the train was lulling Harry off to sleep… but it was more due to boredom than anything else. He was alone in the compartment. Ron and Hermione had excused themselves for a moment and Harry knew all too well, that as they were already half way to London, they were saying their private goodbyes to each other. He sighed. Ginny had left when the journey had just begun. Her friends her sought her out and taken her away. For who knows how long, thought Harry, irritated.

Just then, the compartment door slid open and in came Ginny hurriedly, her hair quite a mop of red at the moment. She slid the door shut behind her.

'I'm so sorry, Harry but they weren't letting me go!'

'I assumed that,' said Harry, his sour mood evaporating in an instant. 'What were you on about?'

Ginny flushed red. 'Uh… um… you'd rather not find out.' Harry chuckled and she sat down next to him.

'Don't tell me,' she said, 'Ron and Hermione have deserted you again.'

'You could say that,' said Harry half-heartedly. Ginny took out her wand and pointing it at the door, muttered a spell.

'What was that?' Harry asked. Ginny giggled. 'Nothing.'

Harry knew it wasn't "nothing" but decided to keep quiet about it for the moment. He knew he would miss her terribly, very soon; the thought had been coming back to him repeatedly that day and it made him feel worse every time.

Ginny smiled at him. 'I don't want to leave Hogwarts either…' she said, leaning on the seat, her face turned to him.

Harry smiled. 'I know… but it's not only Hogwarts… Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, you.'

Ginny bit her lip, looking at her hands. 'I'll miss you too… but… it's only for a while… and Dumbledore will let you come over.'

'Not too soon, he won't,' said Harry, failing to keep the glumness out of his voice.

'We can owl,' said Ginny, looking at him intently. 'Yeah,' said Harry, taking her hand.

'I wish I could take you along to the Dursleys,' said Harry, then burst out laughing. 'I bet they'll be more than glad to have a witch in the house.'

Ginny giggled, smiling at him. Then, she touched the side of his face with her hand, holding it there for several moments and brushing her fingers across his skin.

'I'll really miss you,' she said, in barely a whisper. He could feel sadness come into her tone. He squeezed her hand,

'Gin… promise me you'll stay safe and owl me.'

She nodded and leaning forwards, Harry raised his hands to her face, brushing his fingers on her cheeks just as she had done to him. She looked perfectly angelic, he decided, watching him through half open eyes and bending his head, he kissed her softly.

Just then, there as a sound from the door. Harry sprang away from Ginny, hoping not to be caught in an embarrassing situation. He was sure he wouldn't be able to survive the teasing if it were the Weasley twins.

The door was jangled once but it didn't open.

'Harry?!' called Ron from outside. The door was jangled again but… it didn't open.

'Alohomora,' said Ron but it still did not open. Outside, Hermione was heard saying something to Ron.

Ginny giggled beside Harry.

'You,' he said, amazed that she had performed a spell on the door, powerful enough to block the Unlocking spell. She giggled harder as Ron said,

'Blasted door! Harry are you in there?'

Harry was torn between what to answer but Ginny ended his debate quite simply by drawing him into a kiss again.


Outside, Hermione pulled at Ron's shoulder.

'Ron! Come on!'

'What? My things are in there!'


'Okay, okay!' he said, as Hermione dragged him away, 'but I don't think mum will like the idea of Ginny, unchaperoned –'

'Shut up, Ron!'


'Just stop being so irritating!'

'Hermione, trust you to get off the Hogwarts Express, holding up an argument!'

'Argument! You're the one who's breaking into their privacy!'

'Well, if you had told me what Ginny –'

'Ron, you are a git! I sometimes wonder what I see in you that – mmpsph!'

After a moment, Ron pulled away, grinning at her.

'I hate it when you do that,' she said, though softly. 'It still sounds nice, coming from you,' he said, leaning towards her again.


Ron and Hermione looked up to see none other than Fred and George, their arms folded, smiles pasted upon their faces. Hermione buried her face in Ron's shoulder.

'Bugger off!' Ron said heatedly.

'Okay,' said Fred, stepping into a compartment. He waved something in the air. 'I thought you'd like this nice little photograph of you both…'

Ron just gaped as the twins vanished into a compartment and locked the door.


Ginny observed Harry hadn't let go of her hand ever since they'd gotten off the train. She could understand how he was feeling and it didn't make her happy. She watched as her parents stepped through the magical barrier to the Muggle side. Fred and George hurried through next, as Ron was following them, looking quite sour. Ron ran through the barrier to catch up with Fred and George and Ginny knew it was Harry's and her turn; her family would be waiting outside.

Harry pushed their trolley forward, loaded with their trunks and belongings, keeping his eyes trained on the wall. But he stopped within an inch of the barrier and Ginny looked up, puzzled. Harry opened his mouth to say something but then closed it again, looking at her. He sighed, taking her hand.

'Write, okay?'

Ginny smiled. 'I will, Harry.'

He swept her into a hug and kissed her softly before letting go. She smiled at him as he took her hand and led her through the barrier into the Muggle world.

Ron and Hermione both hugged Harry goodbye, promising to write, and pushed their trolleys to the gate.

Ginny smiled at him, reached up and kissed his cheek.

'Goodbye,' she said, grinning at him as she turned and followed Ron out.

'Here!' A voice snapped Harry out of his thoughts and he inwardly groaned as he saw his uncle, standing some distance away, as bulky as ever. Harry sighed, glancing in Ginny's direction to see her wave at him once before vanishing around the gate. He smiled. Maybe, he thought, as he followed Uncle Vernon to his car, it wouldn't be too long…


And so, we come to the end of "Time Changes Everything"!

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In time only, can you find peace

And in prayer…

And when you see your dreams come true…

You realize…

Time changes everything

- Composed by me while I was day dreaming… :)