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Summary:There are to popular cliques, one is filled with the football jocka and the slutty cheerleaders and the other clique is filled with the other jocks and the dedicated cheerleaders. Edward Cullen and Bella Swan are the heads of the two groups, they hate each other, and both are nominated for prom king and queen along with Lauren Mallory and Mike Newton. Both Edward adn Bella hate Lauren and Mike more than each other so they devise a plan were neither of them gets stuck with one of the other two. All Human. OOC.

Sadly, lunch was over and now I was off to Biology. Before I left my table though I said bye to all my friends, easier said than done when your friends make up like a third of the school. Before I left I hugged my two best friends goodbye, Alice Brandon and Rosalie Hale. Then I was off to my least favorite class of the day, then P.E. which was a close second. I would love Biology if not for the fact that I sit next to the school's most egotistical jerk, scratch that, the world's most egotistical jerk, Edward Cullen. Not only was Edward a jerk but he was also the leader of one of the two major cliques at our school, and I was the leader of the other, so we bumped heads a little. Edward's clique was filled with idiot football players and the slutty, to say the least, cheerleaders, they weren't the kind of people I would want to associate with. My clique on the other hand, was filled with the smart jocks from the basketball and baseball teams and we had the dedicated cheerleaders, the ones dedicated to school and cheerleading not something else, if you know what I mean.

As I entered the Biology room I saw Edward sitting at our table, great let the torture begin. I gracefully moved towards our table but me being me I tripped over thin air, but I caught myself before I landed flat on my face. The only thing that I noticed after my accident was that Edward was chuckling under his breath all I could do was shoot him daggers with my mind. As I got to the table I just glided into my seat and tried my best to ignore the doofus next to me, but of course he wouldn't allow that.

"Hello Bella, that was quite a spill you took just now. I do hope you're ok." He looked as if he actually cared, for like two seconds then I saw a little glint of humor in his piercing green eyes.

"Oh Edward, you're so funny. And that was some good acting you did right then may be you should have been in a play instead of that pointless football you do." I just started to smirk at him, Edward got angry whenever someone bashed on his precious football.

"But Bella, you do remember you cheer for that pointless football you're think of right?" He had an evil glint in his eyes as if he had me trapped in my own word, ha yeah right!

"Well Edward, I may cheer for it but I also have stared in all four of our fall plays and have stared in three of our spring musicals. Or do you not remember because your so absorbed with yourself you can't even remember a little detail about anyone else." I knew I had him there and before he could even try to think of a retort our teacher walked into the room and ordered the class to look and pay attention.

The class was pretty simple; Mr. Banner was just walking us through the dissection we were going to do next class. I was so not looking forward to that, I mean those poor little frogs, they never had a chance.

After Biology I headed off to P.E. I had no idea what we were going to do but I do know that I'm either going to hurt myself or some unsuspecting person around me—well they probably won't be unsuspecting, they have been in class with me for over six months. I know, I'm a cheerleader that can't play sports. Kind of sounds weird, I cheer for sports yet can't play them; my life is just one big walking oxymoron. When I got to class I found out what torture they were going to release on us next and to my utter disappointment it wasn't sitting around and reading we were going to do soccer. I'm so screwed.

As I headed to the girls locker room to prepare for the torture I heard one of the most annoying voices ever.

"Bella!" Oh God, why do I have to run into Mike Newton, the guy that's totally obsessed with me, I bet he has a shrine of me in his closet or something. Don't think like that Bell, a just get it out of your mind. "Are you excited for soccer? I know it's gonna be loads of fun, maybe will be on a team together…"

After awhile I just zoned him out and headed off to the locker rooms. As I changed all I could think of was of how many times I was going to fall, it didn't look good.

As our class walked to the soccer field I cursed the rare sunny day, I usually enjoy sunny days but then again I usually don't have to play soccer on those kinds of days. Before we actually did anything we went over the rules of soccer learning about throw-ins, goal kicks, corner kicks, off sides, and the positions. All I got out of that was, to score you have to get that spherical thing within that rectangular frame with a net behind it, wow I don't even know the terminology. But the horror began after we "supposedly" learned the rules. We began with some easy passing with a partner. I found Angela, a fellow cheerleader, and asked her to be my partner before Mike had time to hunt me down.

As Angela and I started to pass I knew I was not going to have fun playing soccer because I had already fallen over the ball like four times and we barely even started. Luckily or unluckily whichever way you look at it we stopped passing, but we moved onto a little scrimmage. There were four teams with either eight or nine people on the teams since this was an all senior P.E. class. My team had nine people including myself, Angela, Genny, Kadi, Sarah, Mike, Tyler, Jason, and Ryan. All of us girls were cheerleaders, they were all looking up to me as if I knew what to do just because I'm head cheerleader, as if, the only athletic thing I can do is cheer. So I had one of the boys, all of which were in our clique, be the captain. Ryan stepped up to the plate since he was on the soccer team he, had Mike and Tyler be the forwards and Jason the goalie, Ryan our last defender, and all us girls were just floating around in the middle making sure that the other team didn't have the ball, seemed easy enough.


I only had one word to describe P.E., painful, our team may have won the game but I fell, many times, and my butt was sore from me falling on it and my arms were sore from me catching myself before I fell. Cheerleading practice was going to be a pain and I could tell, I headed to the gym early so I could work on the new routine myself, Alice, and Rose thought of. As I got to the gym I saw a bronze head of hair very close up to a platinum blonde head I knew the bronze hair was Edward, it was in its usual disarray, and I could only assume the blonde hair to belong to Lauren Mallory, a pathetic excuse for a cheerleader. But it didn't look like a make out session after school it looked more like an argument that they didn't want people to see and I was happy about that, I do not want to run into Lauren when she's making out with someone, who knows what would come off. I decided to leave Edward and Lauren to sort their problems out and instead I went to go find Alice and Rose. When I found them, by there lockers, I told them about my run-in with Edward and Lauren they looked slightly happy because, well no one from our clique likes them.


After Cheerleading practice my butt and arms just hurt worse, but it was fun to see that Lauren wasn't her usual self. As I began to head out of the gym I noticed a poster taped on the wall that I'm pretty sure was not there before, how could I have forgotten? I read the sign and it said "Who are you taking to 'A Night to Remember?'" Crap, prom.

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