The buzzing of my alarm clock woke me up this morning.

This morning being September first and the first day of school.

Personally, I dislike the first day of school, everyone feels the need to hug, tell you how much they have missed you and generally get on your nerves.

But today was going to be worse. Much worse.

Today was the first ever day of school for Jasper.

How on earth was I meant to introduce him, as my boyfriend? I don't think so. For all I know. He could have charmed every other girl in school the way he did to me. Admittedly it's highly unlikely seeing as Jasper moved here just a few days ago, and I have been with him a lot since then. How could he have had time to charm more girls? Either he's very good, or I'm very paranoid. I'm hoping for the second. Still, I had no idea how to act around him, whether or not, when he was in public, with hundreds of new, judging faces he would be embarrassed of me.

Trying to shake of the nerves I hauled myself out of bed, and as quickly as possible got dressed went downstairs. -I was trying to no have time to think. Correction, I was trying to not have time to worry. I skipped breakfast, I was too nervous and stuffed my books into my bag. Then I heard the sound of a car pull up, and sure enough within seconds my doorbell rang. I started walking toward the door when it burst open.
"To slow!"
Alice and Rose have been my two best friends since before we could talk. Alice was small with dark hair, Rose tall with blonde hair, and I was somewhere in the middle of the two.
"Could you not wait for me to get to the door?" I asked.
"Oh stop moaning, you're lucky we even rang the doorbell-" Alice said. "Wait a second...did you get dressed in the dark this morning?"
"No.. why?" I asked.
"Because you like a mess," Rose said bluntly. "Come here, Jeez Bella, your collar isn't even done properly."

"I a rush..." I tried to explain, but Alice and Rose were already busy making me look 'acceptable.'

By the time we got to school in Rose's car, we had each heard the details of the past week. Rose went to Fiji and had a "whirlwind summer romance" as she put it, with a bartender, which she took great delight in retelling to Alice and I, and equal delight in hearing about our week.
It's funny how a friend can go away for a week, and you can have so much to tell them.
The bell had just rung, so we ran across the car park to our first lesson. Luckily for me the teacher hadn't got there yet, so I slipped into my seat without any confrontation. As soon as I was sat down the teacher came in and started droning on about Henry the eighth, and I switched off. After twenty minutes of staring at a wall, the door was opened. In walked a brick wall of a person.

He must have been 6ft5 and you could see the muscle through his shirt. The whole room was silent, looking at him in frightened horror. Until he opened his mouth, to give the room the most childlike and sweet smile, then the room thawed, and he wasn't as scary. He passed his note to the teacher and was directed to the seat next to me.
I used to have some kid called Gerald sitting next to me, I think he was from Europe. Maybe he didn't speak English? Because he never talked. But he had moved back to … Europe? Early last semester and I kind of liked having a whole desk to myself.
Maybe that's why I looked deflated when the huge guy came and sat next to me. He frowned at me, and looked a little rejected. I put on my best. 'I don't hate you I just enjoyed having a desk to myself' smile and whispered "Hi, I'm Bella."
"I'm Emmett, hi." He replied with a smile, taking my hand.
With that we sat and -in my case pretended- to listen until the bell for next period sounded.

"Hey Bella," Emmett said as we got up to leave.
"Yeah" I said swinging round to look at him.
"This might sound weird but what's your last name?" he asked.
I frowned, "Swan." I replied. Emmett smiled at this and for that split second I saw saw a sparkle in his eyes. How could I not have made the connection before? That little sparkle was the link my brain made between him and Jasper.

"Ohhh...You're Emmett." I said, stating the obvious. He chuckled and nodded.
"Yeah, I'm Emmett!" I felt so stupid not realizing it before. "You know he talks about you at home."
I blushed and looked at the floor, "I did not know that." I said.

"I'm gonna get my ass kicked for telling you then" he laughed. I couldn't help but laugh too, I mean, Jasper isn't exactly weak but Emmett is huge.

It got to lunch time, and three more lessons with Emmett before I saw Jasper. He was standing in the cafeteria with a guy I didn't know when I walked in.
"Oh my gosh, would you look at them," Jessica sighed from behind me. Lauren and Angela agreed while I stood there, not knowing what to say.
Jasper and his friend must have heard them, because they both turned to face us. Jasper said something into his friends ear and they both started walking this way. To the delight of the girls stood behind, I frowned at them.

"Hey," Jasper said softly. I could feel them swoon behind me.
"Hi," was all could managed, it was awkward. Very awkward, with my drooling friends behind me. Then Jasper bent down to kiss me, a proper kiss. It was a good kiss. I could feel my friends shock behind me, but I didn't mind. Then the door burst open again, and Rose walked in.
"No public displays of affection please Bells, my stomach can't take it," she joked with a smile.

"Hey Rose" called Mike from across the cafeteria, waving and grinning.
"Still a no Mike. Go stalk someone else for a change huh." she called back with one of her dazzling smiles. If she stopped smiling like then Mike would stop obsessing over her. Then again half the boys in the school were obsessing over her. So what did one more matter?

I smiled up at Jasper, and took that moment to introduce everyone.
"This Jessica, Angela, Lauren and of course Rose."
"Very nice to meet to you all," said Jasper politely. "This is Edward, my brother" he said gesturing to the guy on his right.

I nodded, "I've already met Emmett-"

Rose interrupted. "Well then, now we're all just one big happy family, I'm starving. Come with me, or get out of my way!"