This story is a sequel to "Peppermint and Glue."

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Ziva glanced at her phone. One new message, apparently. She read the message. It was from her friend, Channah.

"Ahalan =]

Channah x"

"Hi =]

Channah x"

Ziva keyed in her reply.

"Ahalan. Ma shlom-meh? Z x"

"Hi. How are you? Z x"

She laid her phone down on her bedside table. She really should be packing, she knew.

Her father had told her that she was being sent to a boarding school in America. Lucky me… she thought. She would be leaving all her friend behind, and she didn't know if she wanted to have a long-distance relationship with Hirshel, her current boyfriend. She didn't even know why she was agreed to date him…

To try and get someone else out of your mind… A niggling little voice in the back of her mind poked reminders of last summer at her. She pushed the thoughts away hurriedly.

"Ziva Adina Hadassah David!" Ziva sat up and came face to face with her father. Unsurprisingly, he looked pretty annoyed.

"Ken, Aba?" Ziva asked innocently.

"Yes, Father?"

"I told you to pack!" Eli David visibly fumed.

"Whatever." Ziva turned her back on her angry father. He pulled her back to face him.

"Pack." He spat the word into her face, but she stonily glared back. "Now."

"Lo." Ziva replied. Eli thought that making his children so tough might be the reason why they could get so insolent at times.


"Ken." He shot back.


"I don't want to!" Ziva complained. "I don't want to go to school in darned America!"

"I have something here that might make you want to go." Eli held up a piece of paper.

"Dorms." Ziva raised one eyebrow.

"Just read it." Eli told her. Ziva plucked the paper from his hand and quickly scan read it.

"Did you know she was coming?" Ziva's eyes brightened as she read the name of her roommate.

"No." Her father replied.

"Oh." Ziva inwardly slapped herself for thinking her father would do her such a favor. No, it was only a coincidence.

"I will send Marganita to assist you." Eli said, turning to leave. Ziva grinned at the idea of her new roommate.

Three hours later, Marganita (the maid) and Ziva surveyed the room.

"Muchshar." Marganita smiled and Ziva high-fived her.

"Good job."

"Bevakasha." Ziva smiled at the maid who had become more like a sister to her now Talia wasn't around.

"Thank you."

Together, they carried the four suitcases that would last Ziva the first semester downstairs.

Ziva's phone buzzed.

"See you at school soon,

Hirshel x"

She stared at the text. She hadn't told anyone yet… With trembling fingers she keyed a message in and pressed send.

"I am leaving for boarding school in America. I am sorry.

Ziva David."

To her surprise, a single tear slid down her cheek. She brushed it away.

"I am leaving for a boarding school in America. Goodbye. Ziva Adina Hadassah David."

She sent the text to all of her contacts, and immediately her phone started buzzing.

"Nice try, David. Haha, try the other one! Sol xox"

Ziva frowned at the text from one of her best friends, Solomon.

"I am not kidding." She texted back.

She opened another text.

"Really? Don't go! How will I get an A in English this year? Adara x."

She scrolled through the texts. After only a minute, ten people had replied.

"Don't leave! Rifka xxxxx"

"Is it true? Tzofiya."

"You're kidding… right? Practical joke? Velvel x"

"Ziva, you can't leave! Chesed."

"Who's going to give me extra lessons is Hebrew? I'll miss you. Amir."

"I will miss you! Ilanit xx"

"Miss you already… Deror."

The last one saddened her the most.

"I guess this is where it ends then. It's over. Goodbye, Ziva David. Hirshel Dan Keshet."

Ziva sighed and switched her phone off.

"You were well liked." Marganita commented, and Ziva jumped. She had forgotten all about the maid.

"Apparently so." Ziva smiled sadly. "I'll miss them…"

"You are going to leave without telling David how you really feel?" Marganita asked. Ziva stared down at the floor.

"I guess I am." She realized.

"Why?" The maid asked. Ziva shrugged.

"He does not like me back."

"How do you know? Have you asked?" The maid questioned her.

"No." Ziva replied. "I guess… I guess… I'm scared. Of rejection, you know?"

"I know." Marganita nodded, understanding.

"I leave soon. There is no point." Ziva said.

"There is time. There is always a point." Marganita interjected.

"For you, maybe. For me… not always." Ziva closed the conversation and turned and walked away. She sat down on the couch in the dining room, and sighed. This was the third guy she hadn't bothered telling how she felt. The first was the worst.


The name popped up in her thoughts, and she unsuccessfully tried to push it away.

She missed him.

She wished that she had admitted what she felt, instead of just flirting, and skirting around the real matter.

I guess I'll never get the chance now, she realized.

She was woken up by her father shaking her shoulder. She hadn't even realized that she had fallen asleep.

"Ziva, the car is here to take you to the airport." He told her. Ziva blinked.

"Oh. Yes." She remembered the events of the previous day. She pushed herself up off the couch and sighed. "I will get my bag."

She ran up the stairs and grabbed the bag she had packed the day before off her bed. As she left the room, she glanced at the clock. 0335. She hated early flights. They sucked. So did plane food…

Four hours later, Ziva was sitting on a plane destined for Washington DC. She was reading a book she had picked up at the airport called "Dot . Robot" by Jason Bradbury. She had seen The Gadget Show before; she had seen it first at Camp Cameron.

She was reading while listening to "Where I Stood" by Missy Higgins, which was a new favorite of hers. It was a song that Rifka liked, and had sent her via MSN. Rifka had great tastes in American music, Ziva had to admit.

She glanced at the girl next to her who was now reading a prospectus.

Boring, thought Ziva. Then her brain registered the name of the school on the prospectus.

"Washington International School?" She exclaimed.

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