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Tony and McGee followed Amalya down a red carpeted staircase and towards a large dining room. McGee noted what looked like a ballroom off to their left.

"Amalya?" McGee said and the maid glanced at him.

"Yes?" she said expectantly and McGee continued.

"Does Mr. David treat his staff well?" McGee asked her and Amalya's face creased in confusion.

"I do not understand," she answered haltingly and Tony thought for a while, trying to remember the little Hebrew he had been learning.

"He-am Eli David l't-yp-il has-aw-wat sil-aw tov?" Tony translated carefully and Amalya immediately looked nervous.

"Me no answer," she replied, looking around with a scared expression on her face. Tony and McGee exchanged glances. Her reaction had pretty much given them their answer.

She knocked on a large door which was opened by Eli David.

"Mr. DiNozzo and Mr. McGee, sir," the maid curtseyed, avoiding meeting Eli David's eyes. Eli glared at Tony but nodded politely to McGee: McGee seemed to not be trying to take his daughter to the dark – American – side. Unlike Tony DiNozzo.

"Come in and sit down," Eli said courteously as he showed them into the large dining room. Tony grinned as a butler moved forward to pull out a chair for McGee next to Abby.

"You have a butler?" Tony chuckled. "That's so… English."

Eli shot Tony a glare and Tony was shown to his own seat which he eyed with hostility. He would be sitting next to Eli. What fun. At least Ziva would be opposite him.

Tony sat down and as he did the first course was brought in. "Matzo ball soup," Eli informed the three Americans.

Abby was served first, and then Ziva. Tony wasn't surprised when McGee was served before Eli and he was left until last.

"Toda," Tony smiled at the servant who had served him. She smiled nervously at him before scurrying away with her eyes averted. Tony didn't miss the icy glance Eli had sent him and neither had he missed the way that Eli never spoke to his servants, not even to say please or thank you.

Everyone waited for a while, wondering when they were meant to eat.

Eli, Ziva and Tony bowed their heads and McGee and Abby exchanged glances. Soon they realized that they were praying.

"Ba-ruch a-tah A-do-nai E-lo-hei-nu," Eli began, and soon Ziva and Tony joined in. "Me-lech Ha-o-lam, bo-rei mi-nei m'zo-not."

McGee and Abby quickly bowed their heads to be respectful. Abby realized that it was like Grace but she wondered how Tony knew the prayer.

The prayer ended and Eli looked up before looking suspiciously at Tony. "I did not know you were Jewish," Eli smiled at Tony.

"I'm not," Tony replied, and Eli's smile disappeared as quickly as it had come. "I was being polite."

Eli narrowed his eyes at Tony but didn't say anything else to the boy. He addressed the whole group. "Please eat."

Ziva glanced over at Tony and smiled. "Gracias," she mouthed the word to him. Her father didn't speak Spanish, but both she and Tony had studied the language.

"De nada," he smiled back after mouthing the words.

Soon the second course – the main course of mussaqa'a – was served and just as they began to eat there was a knock on the door.

"Adon, Adon Hasotar Jorden hia kan kadi lap'gaws awkat. Hawa awmir stzah d'hap." Eli's face became stony and he stood up quickly. McGee and Abby looked confused. Tony had understood bits of the Hebrew, but Ziva was the one who had an odd expression on her face.

"Ani mitsta'er Ziva," Eli apologized to his daughter about having to leave.

"Ze beseder Aba ," Ziva replied. It's just fine, she thought sarcastically. You don't bother to pick us up at the airport and you just leave in the middle of dinner. Of course it is okay, Aba.

Eli David left the room and the doors closed behind him.

"What did they say?" Abby asked Ziva curiously.

"Apparently Officer Jorden needs to speak to my father urgently. Which usually means father wanted to get out of dinner with us." Ziva smiled wryly. "Occasionally it is a matter of 'national security' but not exactly often."

"Maybe it was this time," Tony shrugged nonchalantly. He and Tim shared a glance, was the fact that they had hacked – well, McGee had hacked – into Eli David's computer? If so, Tony thought, HA TO YOU, Eli David.

Ziva eyed McGee and Tony suspiciously.

"Is there something you would like to tell me?" She asked them and they exchanged glances.

"No…" Tony said, trying to sound innocent and failing miserably.

"Tony," Ziva began in her 'warning' tone that generally meant if you weren't careful she would go crazy ninja chick on you.

"Chica, would I lie to you?" Tony grinned and yelped as she kicked him in the ankle. "What was that for?"

"Call me 'chica' ever again and I will kick you a lot higher," Ziva accentuated her words and Tony winced.

"Okay," he conceded, his voice a few octaves higher than normal.

"I am glad we understand each other," Ziva smiled sweetly.

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