My whole life has been devoted to three things. One, being awesome. Two, playing sports and being good at it. Three, protecting my best friend, Bella Swan.

We'd been friends since before pre-school. Her father and mine always went fishing together. We have always been friends since I can remember. Everybody knew not to mess with Bells or they'd answer to me.


"Hey, Em!" Bella beamed at me as she closed her front door. I'd been picking her up for school ever since I had gotten my driver's license my junior year.

I hopped out and gave her a huge bear hug. "How's my girl this morning?"

"Good. I just want to get this stupid math test over with." She laughed.

"Yeah. Did you and Cullen go out last night?" I questioned his motives. I've known him since junior high when he and his sister Alice moved from New York. He seemed to emo for my taste.

"Gah. Yes. He's so effing weird." She rolled her eyes. "First, he takes me to this book store and pretty much leaves me by myself. Then, there's this group of guys totally hitting on me at the checkout counter, and then he gets all pissed off, right?" I nodded. "So, anyway, he gets all up in their faces and tells 'em to back off. We then went to dinner and he claimed to read people's minds. I'm telling you Em. Grade A whack job."

I busted out into laughter. "That sounds like him, alright."

"What about you and Rosalie? How goes that?"

I sighed. "Yeah, she broke up with me for some Johnny College. Said she wasn't into high school boys anymore. It doesn't make a difference. I mean, all we did was fight. We got along so much better when we were just friends, you know? I guess we only stayed together because it was expected of us."

She nodded her head. "Well. You still have me." She beamed. How right she was. No matter what, I'd always have my best friend, Bella.

We hopped in the car and I put in my mixed c.d. that Bella made for me. "What the hell is this shit, Bella?" I scoffed. I turned the song to the next one and smiled. "Hell yeah! That's what I'm talking about." Bella laughed.

"..my anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hon.." I sang. Bella and I used to dance to this song all of the time when we were kids.

We finally got to the school where Jasper was sitting on the trunk of his Mustang smoking a cigarette while Alice was playing kissy face with Jessica Stanley. Turns out Alice was a total lesbo in the tenth grade. Really freaked Jasper out, too. He walked in on her and Stanley making out after softball practice one day. Fucked him up for life.

Edward was talking to Lauren Mallory by his Volvo and Rosalie was standing by her red convertible wearing that douche college boy's letter man's jacket. Fuck me.

"Hey Dickward!" I yelled over to Cullen. He gave me the, quit picking on me because I'm so desperately emo look.

"Fuck you, Emmett." He snapped back.

"I don't bat for your team, sorry sweetheart." I laughed.

"Emmett. What's up bro?" Jasper was too cool for fucking words. I wish he and Bella would hook up. He's got that laid back, I don't give a fuck attitude.

"Not a whole lot. Picking up my chick, Bells for school." I ruffled Bella's hair. She scowled at me and I blew her a kiss.

"You should let me give you a ride to school sometime, Bella. My car is definitely cooler than Emmett's." Jasper laughed.

"Yeah right, dude. My jeep is definitely kick ass and state of the art!"

I saw Alice peck Jessica on the lips and do some fuckin' pixie dance over in our direction. "Bella! My love! Did you study for the math test today?"

"Gah. Yes. Even though SOMEBODY kept me out far too long last night with his crazy emo bullshit." She nodded in Emoward's direction.

Rosalie chimed in. "Are you all gonna' stand there and talk about your love lives and not mine?" She smirked. Fucking bitch.

"Nobody wants to hear about Johnny College." I huffed.

"Oh. Poor Emmett. Still hung up that you couldn't do it for me, huh?" She glared.

"Please. The only reason I stayed with your trifling ass is because people expected the football captain to date the head cheerleader. I was only upholding social status."

"Right. So, you're not jealous at all that I'm dating a college quarterback?"

"Not a bit. Matter of fact, I have a date tonight." I smirked at Rosalie. Her face tensed up as if she were nearly in tears. "What's the matter, Rose? You can dish it out, but you can't take it? Go cry to your fucking boyfriend."

Standing like this in a group before school is something we've done since junior high when the Cullen kids moved in followed by the Hale's a couple of months later.

Alice was always the perky one, Edward was always the emo one, Jasper always the cool one, Rosalie always the queen bitch Barbie, and Bella. Well, Bella was just... Bella. She was her own category. Clumsy, smart, witty, sarcastic, and cute to the core. My best friend.

I sighed at the thought of it all. Some things never change. I was almost glad for it.

With five minutes left to spare we walked into the school building and Bella tripped over the stair. Like lightning, Edward was there to catch her. Maybe he wasn't so bad after all. Although, he better not get used to it. I was her protector.