Upon their victory, the Rangers got teleported back to the Command Centre.

"Well, this saves us the trouble." Tommy remarked, "Why didn't I get my own robot?"

"Your Zord, if that's what you mean..." Zordon explained, "Is not tested yet."

"Chill down, Tommy." Kim told him, "We just need to kill those other two monsters, and we're done."

"I'm afraid it's not that simple, Pink Ranger." Zordon told her, "Those monsters were mere servants to a much greater evil."

"What?" Rocky sounded disturbed.

"So we're stuck with being a hero?" Aisha complained, "This'll be a bother."

"What is it that we're up against?" Adam asked.

"And are you ready for this? My name's Kimberly." Kim stated, in response to Zordon referring to her as 'Pink Ranger'.

"I'll answer all of your questions in due time." Zordon answered, "Right now, you should go home to your families, to let them know you're all right."

"Then why didn't you just drop us off there, instead of bringing us here?" Aisha complained.

"Because before you go, I want you all to know this." Zordon continued, "That as long as you have your power, you must uphold the following rules. Otherwise, you'll lose your power."

Hearing him say that, has them put up some disturbed faces, but Zordon continued either way: "First, never abuse your power. Second, you only fight when those monsters show. And finally, keep your identity a secret, no one can know you're a Power Ranger, especially not your family. Do you understand these rules?"

All six exchanged looks, realizing they have no choice in the matter, so they nodded in agreement.

The next day, at school, the only time that the six could be together was during lunch. During that time, they discussed some things about their new found strength.

"I always liked superheroes. Never thought I'd ever become one." Rocky said.

"I know. Wearing those suits, and riding giant robots,... what's not to like?" Adam agreed.

"Too bad Zordon doesn't entirely trust me to use the newest weapons." Tommy complained.

"At least you don't need to worry about getting your hair messed up beneath that helmet." Aisha complained, "You know how long it takes me to put it up like this?"

"Maybe." Billy replied, although he didn't really listen, "You know, we should really have some means of communicating with each other at all times."

"Agreed." Tommy said, "Just in case."

"You know what would really be neat?" Kim brought up, "Maybe we should practise using poses for everything."

"I'm sure you should do that." somebody else remarked.

Everyone got a little spooked as they recognized that the voice belonged Terrence.

"Whatever you folks are talking about." he added, somewhat cynically.

Everyone was relieved when he said that, apart from Aisha: "You're listening to us?"

"It's hard not to." Terrence answered, "I'm trying to find a quiet place to eat, but with that volume of your voices, I'd be surprised if nobody else on the other side of town heard you."

Everyone was suddenly dumbstruck, which made room for another sound to be heard.

"... and then that rhino turned into a giant..." a familiar voice sounded as the person to whom it belonged entered the cafeteria, namely Bulk, accompanied by Skull and one or two people, listening to him.

"But we had no fear." Skull continued, "Because then we used our giant robot to attack the monster."

This was followed with both of them mimicking, or attempting to do as much, the robot's movements.

"And that's how we beat that rhino monster." Bulk continued.

Knowing how important it is to keep their identity a secret, the six backed them up a little.

"Wow, you sound like brave guys." Tommy said.

"Er... yeah, really brave." Kim joined in.

"Oh really?" Terrence sounded skeptic, "You two saying you're two of those costumed folks?"

"Oh yeah, we are." Bulk bragged.

"Yeah, we are." Skull repeated.

"So you better respect us, or else..." Bulk threatened.

"Yeah, or else." Skull repeated again.

Terrence thought for two seconds, before responding: "Then tell me..."

He pointed to Skull: "Why are all those guys twice your size?"

Then he pointed to Bulk: "And why are you twice their size?"

Both didn't know what to say, but Terrence didn't stop there: "There's no possible way that either one of you are connected to them."

Hearing that, everyone else started to look either disappointed, or amused, upon which they left the two.

Angry, Bulk marched up to Terrence: "All right, so we're not those heroes. But mark my words, we will be!"

"Yeah! We will be!" Skull repeated.

Tommy laughed: "How do you figure?"

"Because we're gonna find out who they are." Bulk answered, "When we do, we'll ask them to make us heroes too."

"Yeah, too!" Skull repeated, upon which Bulk rolled his eyes.

"What's Clarke's first rule?" Terrence asked them.

"Who?" Bulk asked.

Terrence snickered: "You want to become those heroes, and you don't even know who Clarke is. I don't think they'd even consider what you're suggesting."

"Oh, you just wait and see." Bulk said, upon which he left.

"Yeah, see." Skull repeated before he joined.

Billy was a little shocked about what Terrence just said: "We don't know who Clarke is."

"Yeah, so?" Terrence turned to ask, upon which he noticed something, "Oh I see, just because you wear the same color of clothes as they do, you think you might be them."

"What I think Billy means is, what makes you think they'd have to know this Clarke?" Adam asked.

"Somehow changing into light, transport themselves somewhere and reassemble themselves?" Terrence questioned, "It sounds very similar to what Clarke described in some of his books. They must be familiar with his work to have pulled that off."

All six of them thought about that, but Terrence didn't end there: "Don't worry, THAT is nothing to break your skull about."

Given how he emphasized THAT, Rocky asked him: "Then what is?"

Terrence sighed, but explained anyway: "If you must know, according to the news, some kind of extra-terrestrial force is behind those monsters attacking." Terrence explained.

"So you were right to think there are aliens after all." Kim said.

"Maybe." Terrence replied, "But why here?"

"You mean why do they attack Earth?" Aisha asked.

"No, why did they attack Angel Grove?" Terrence wondered, "This town, of which every small town is envious, and of which all major cities are oblivious. What makes them so interested in this area?"

"They just have to start somewhere?" Billy reasoned.

"Likely." Terrence didn't disagree, "Except that there's a pattern to their attacks. Once they reached the city limits, they turn back, as though they don't want to leave, or there's some reason for them to be here. It's like they're looking for something."

"Like what?" Aisha asked skeptically.

"Your guess is as good as mine." Terrence said, "But anyway, the reason I started talking to you guys in the first place, can you please keep your voices down?"

That's when Terrence left them, which gave Kim an opening to say: "Who does he think he is?"

"He has a point though." Tommy realized, "What do we know about these monsters? Or who sent them?"

"Zordon told us he'll tell us in due time." Billy reminded him.

"Hope that time will be soon." Rocky remarked.

... or not?