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Summary: This story takes place right after the Season Final of Ben 10 Alien Force, where Julie is injured in the fight, not dead but something different, and Ben doesn't lose his Master Code on the Omnitrix. So in a way this is a differen't turn out/sequel to Ben 10 Alien force... Just read it to figure out what I mean.

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(Julie's POV)

Beep beep beep beep "huhh… wha-… what happened?" A young lady awoke on a bed inside of a white room and her arm was attached to what seemed like some kind of machine. She felt groggy and in pain, she had no idea what had happened to her.

"Where am I?". "JULIE!" the young woman turned her head to see a boy in a green jacket rush up to her.

"You're awake," a boy quickly rushed up to me. "Julie, thank god I thought I lost you," the boy said holding my hand.

"Julie I'm so sorry for what happened I shouldn't have let you come with me, you got hurt because of me and I thought you were gone from me," He said sounding like he was about to cry.

What was he talking about, come where, did I go somewhere? "Who are you," I said.

"Wha- Julie it's me, don't you remember?" he said. Remember, how could I, I don't think I've ever met him in my life… I think. "I… I'm sorry I don't… know who you are," I said, his expression turned into worry.

"Julie… Julie it's me Ben, you, don't you remember?" he said. I shook my head, how could I know him, I never met him. "Do- do you know who you are, anything at all?" he asked.

"I- I don't…no," I said. I don't remember anything, or who I was. The boy called me Julie, was that my name, and what was I doing here? The boy let go of my hand and left.

"Nurse, nurse she's awake," he said. Nurse? Wait was I in a hospital? The boy left to go get the nurse leaving me alone, who was he, and for that matter who was I.

(No one's POV)

A nurse went into Julie's room and Ben had to step out. Outside Kevin and Gwen were with him. "So how's she doing, she's not brain dead is she?" Kevin asked to which made Gwen smack the back of his head.

"She's doing fine but… she doesn't know me, or remember me" Ben said. "She doesn't remember?" Gwen questioned. "Whoa wait, are you saying she has amnesia?" Kevin asked.

"I… I'm not sure, she probably does" Ben said sadly. "Do you know how much she remembers?" Gwen asked.

"I asked her, she said she doesn't remember me or anything about herself. I think she might have completely forgotten everything," Ben said.

"Well at least she won't have to make an excuse for what happened to her," Kevin said, Ben expression saddened.

"Ben don't worry, we don't know for sure if she's forgotten everything, let's just wait and see what the doctors say," Gwen said.

"sigh alright, thanks Gwen," Ben said depresed.

(Julie's POV)

"I can't… I can't remember anything at all," I said.

"Hmm, this is serious, that hit to your head must have made you lose your memory, but you should count yourself lucky after what happened," the nurse said.

"Wh-what happened?" I said. "Your boyfriend who just left told us that you were in a car accident, and considering the damage of the car, you should count yourself lucky that you're even alive," the nurse said.

Car accident? I was in a car accident? Wait boyfriend? Was he- was that guy, Ben, was he my boyfriend? "Well I'll be sure to tell the doctor, do you need anything?" the nurse asked.

"Umm, would it be alright if I saw my… boyfriend?" I asked, wow that felt weird to say.

"Of course, I'll let them in," the nurse said.

Them, who's them, was there more people here?

(No POV)

The nurse stepped out of Julie's room, and approached Ben Gwen and Kevin who were waiting outside. "How is she, is she alright?" Ben asked.

"She's doing fine physically, but it appears that she is suffering from amnesia," she said. Ben face turned even more worried. "Will… will she be alright?" Ben asked.

The nurse took a deep breath "I'm not sure, amnesia is tricky business, she might remember everything tomorrow, or it might take a year. She… she might even not remember anything ever either." Saying this made Ben worry even more.

"You're free to see her, but try not to say anything that might shock her for now. I'm going to alert the doctor of what's happening," the nurse said.

"Right, thank you," Ben said.

(Julie's POV)

The door opened and, Ben, along with two other people entered, did those two know me as well?

"Uh… hi," I said. "Hi, how are you feeling?" Ben asked.

"I'm… I'm feeling alright," I said. The boy took a seat next to my bed.

"So do… do you remember anything, anything at all?" he asked with sadness in his voice. "No, I can't remember anything, I'm sorry," I said.

"It's alright, it's not your fault, at least you're alright that's all that matters," he said. Well at least he seemed like a nice boyfriend.

"So uh, who are your friends?" I asked looking at the red head and the big guy.

"Uh, hi Julie, I'm Gwen," the girl said. "I'm Kevin, nice to meet you, again," the large guy said. "Do you remember us, at all?" Gwen asked. "No, I don't… sorry," I said. "It's fine," Gwen said.

"Um, Ben… that nurse… she said that….," I tried to ask but couldn't find the words. "What is it?" Ben asked.

"Are we… a couple?" I asked, that felt awkward to say.

Ben said nothing for a second "Yeah, we are," he said.

"For… how long?" I asked. "About, half a year," he said, well that didn't seem very long, but he still doesn't seem like a bad person.

"How long have I been asleep?" I asked. "About two days," he said. "What happened to me?" I asked. "Well, I'm not sure I should tell you right now," Ben said.

"I can take it, she said it was just a car accident…" they didn't say anything. "It… it was just a car accident right?" I asked.

"It… it wasn't a car accident, that's what we told them," Ben said. "Wh- what do you mean?" the nurse said the car I was in was a mess, if it wasn't a car accident them what happened.

"Julie, it-," Ben placed his hands on my shoulders. "Listen Julie, it wasn't a car accident but, what really happened was a bit intense for you right now. The nurse wants me to not to shock you too much so I can't tell you what happened right now, but I will tell you when you're feeling a little better," he said it so seriously.

"Can you promise me that if they ask anything it was a car accident," he said.

What in the world happened that was so bad that he wouldn't want to tell me? I suppose I could wait until I was better, so I guess I'll play along. "Alright, but is there anything you can tell me, what I was doing before I lost my memory?" I asked.

"Well… all I can say is that what you were doing it was for a good cause, a really good cause," Ben said.

Suddenly a knock was at the door and the same nurse came into the room.

"Hello again," the nurse said. "I'm afraid that visiting hours are over, we need to run a few test," she said.

"Alright," Ben said. Gwen and Kevin left as Ben turned his head to me.

"Will you come back?" I asked, I really didn't want him to leave since I felt so alone, not knowing anything.

"Don't worry, I come back tommorow remember what I said alright," he said.

"OK," Ben left as I was taken to another room so they could do a few scans on me.

(No POV)

Ben Gwen and Kevin stepped outside of the hospital, Ben said nothing as they walked out. He was looking really gloomy.

"It'll be alright Ben, at least we know that Julie will be alright," Gwen said.

"I know, but what happens if she doesn't get her memory back, what if she's forgotten us forever?" Ben said. "The war against the Highbreed is over, I was really looking forward to spending more time with Julie since I was always busy dealing with the DNAliens, but now this. Why did I let her help out at all, she didn't have anything to protect her, she didn't have any powers. All she had was Ship and she didn't need to be there to get Ship to help," Ben said.

"She wanted to help Ben it was her choice, you know how Julie is, she wouldn't have left even if you wanted her to," Gwen said.

"It's still to early to give up hope, she can still remember everything she forgot, so don't worry," Kevin said.

"Right, thanks, and thanks for letting us fake that accident with your car," Ben said. "It was trashed anyway," Kevin said.

The trio walked home, with Ben still sad about what happened. Julie was the best thing that ever happened to him in his life, sure he was still young but, he knew that Julie was the one girl that no other could replace, and now she didn't even remember his name, he would have to tell her eventually about all she did and the aliens.

Would she react the same way she did when she first found out who he was?

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