A New Ninja story told...with a twist!

Adventure to the gallaxy

Chapter 1: Akatsuki's Jutsu fails!

In a deep, unknown cave in the ninja world are a group of S-Rank criminals about to take a tailed beast from it's host, they placed the body in the middle and each of the members took their position to start the Jutsu. The Leader gave all a notice on how long it will take for the Jutsu to be compleated.

"It will take 2 days from now." he said, non of them where holograms this time, which was unusual for them.

"Ah Fuck that" shouted Hidan, "2 Days?!, why does this take so bloody long?!" obviusly angry at the leader and told to "Shut the hell up" by Kakuzu.

The fight of words is continued by Hidan as he got even more pissed after the first day, one more and they can finally go. Soon Hidan couldn't think os any more words to shout at every one, so he kept quiet, for once. The Jutsu was still taking out the Tailed Beast and it would only take a few more hours untill it's finished, and just as all the members had the hopes up (exept for Pein and Konan) that it will be over, Tobi ran into the cave with one of the Akatsuki outfits in his hand.

"Guy's look!" the idiotic kid shouted and ran to where dead body was floating, Pein and all the other members knew it was bad and told his to stop, "NOOOOO!!!!", but it was too late as a flash of bright light filled the cave, and withing seconds all members felt like they fell and landed on a hard surfice, like it's metalic?

Every one opened their eyes, trying to figure out where they where, it was very dark, cold and the air smelled different. Just where did they and up, Deidara formed a clay bird to blow themselfs free, Sasori however stoped him.

"You tart, there could be guards around this place." he said glaring at the Blonde. "Fine, un" he replied and put the bird back into the clay bags.

"So what village would build a place like this?" asked Kisame only to be answered with a "Don't know" from Itachi.

"Zetsu, can you find out?" said Pein. Zetsu nodded and walked to a wall, WACK!!!, every-one stared, why didn't he move through the wall, what was going on?

"Er...Zetsu?" Zetsu turned to the others, "It's not working God damn it that hurt!" they all thought for a while to see how they can get out.

"Maybe its a barrier that keeps us from using our Jutsu." said Itachi, he could be right, but whats with the metal though, and all the junk thats everywhere. Hidan was from pissed to total rampage, shouting and swinging with blade at Tobi for putting all of them into this place.

"Hidan, someones coming!" said Kakuzu and draged Tobi and Hidan to a corner, the door opened and watched an old looking guy and a huge strong man walking towards a desk which had a screen appearing, to every-ones surprice, they didn't wother looking around thinking 'where are they?', they were talking about some game, winning and Snow kids?

"I can't believe we won 2 times in a row Aarch" said the old man.

"I know Clamp, I never thought it could happen, but they pulled it off somehow" said Aarch. Non of the Akatsuki knew what was doing on or what they talked about, Sasori thought of a plan that only Deidara could do.

"You still have that clay bird?" he asked and Deidara nodded and took out his clay bird but wondered about a few things, "But what abou-" "The chakra barrier must be off for those two, so we're free to use our Jutsu's again, so I want you to take out those two there, now"

Deidara throw the bird and made a hand sign, but nothing happened, how?. The bird ended up splatered on the screen and the two men turned to find to Akatsuki members all in a corner.

"Oh fuck, Deidara, you messed up!" said Hidan.

Both men looked at eachother and back to the Akatsuki.

"And who are you?" said Aarch standing up. Non of the members where willing to talk, so Pein steped forth to answer the man.

"We are Akatsuki..." everyone froze in shock, "...we got here by accident, please forgive us on the suden appearance." then he pointed to Deidara, "I'm also sure Deidara will clean that mess up on that, thing" he finished, Deidara crossed his arms in annoyance. The others couldn't believe he said that to the 2 men.

"Well, you guy's seem like your not from around here, how about you all stay here with us untill you figured out a way to return" said Aarch giving them a chance to talk about themselfs and he and Clamp left the room.

Konan pulled on Pein, she looked very angry about what he just did, "Pein, what are you thinking?"

"There is no point now, I think I know whats going on and where we are" every one gathered around Pein to know what he has to say.

"I think as Tobi jumped into our Jutsu to remove the Tailed Beast, a vortex was formed and we all got sucked into it, sending us all to a different Gallaxy then to our own and from what I can tell, all of out chakra is gone and genjutsu and ninjutsu is taken away from us, meaning we are just ordenary people, in a way." explained Pein. Every one in the room kind of had the idea about the situation.

"Alright then, but what should we do in the meantime?" aksed Kisame, Pein thougth for a while when he came to an answer, "We should stay put untill we know a way to return u guess." Pein answered, every-one agreed and left the room.

The Akatsuki made their way to Aarch's office to let him know that they'l stay, after that they where led to some Training room to introduce them to the Snow Kids. As they entered the Footballers stoped training to see the Akatsuki lined up looking back at them, non of them talked but they where all thinking about one another.

-Akatsuki's thoughts-

Pein: "..."

Konan: "..."

Tobi: "They look like FUN!"

Zetsu: "They look like kids They look tasety!"

Deidara: "What is this? un"

Sasori: "Oh Great"

Kakuzu: "I hope I getting paid for this"

Hidan: "No, Not KIDS!!!"

Kisame: "Well well well, what have we here?"

Itachi: "Why didn't i just let my foolish little brother just kill me in the hotel"

-Snow Kids thoughts-

Ahito: "ZZZzzz"

Yuki: "Who are they"

Thran: "I hope one of them play computer games ^-^"

Mei: "Have they ever heard of Fashion?"

Rocket: "Wow"

Tia: "I think I wet myself...no, i didn't"

Mark: "They look scary"

Micro-Ice: "Damn I wish Kernor was here now, think of her naked, think of her naked...yeah thats right hehehe :)"

D'Jok: "What ever"

End of chapter 1.

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