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Confessions of a High school Freak

Four Years you think for sure
That's all you've got to endure
All the (total dicks)
All the Stuck-up Chicks
So superficial, so immature

-Bowling for Soup "High school Never Ends"

Prologue: How To Become a Freak

How to become a Freak.

Definitely not one of your most commonly asked questions. In fact, I'm pretty sure more people are interested in learning how to become popular and could care less about how to become an inhabitant of social Siberia. But here's the thing, it's a lot easier to give advice on stuff you know about than to lie and say you know how to make someone popular. Also, here at East High it's a lot more common to be classified as a Freak

Like all high schools you have your jocks, preps, queen bees, druggies, skaters, drama obsessed, artists, school sluts, musicians, goths, nerds, and just the average everyday student. The thing is though, East High takes it to an entirely new level. So you have twelve different main groups with those scattered individuals, but we manage to reduce it into four main groups: jocks, preps, queen bees and freaks. Everyone who isn't a jock, prep, or a queen of the school is basically a freak.

Then there are guide lines for each group. To be a jock you have to play basketball, football, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, or hockey. Track, swimming, cycling, golf, tennis and all other sports are not jock material. Also you can't be a girl because for some stupid reason that I am convinced is entirely sexist, girl jocks aren't welcomed. You could be the best damn soccer player on the girls' soccer team but that doesn't qualify you for a sporty girl worthy of high status. I'm on the swim team and do the IM-individual medley-and I am definitely still considered a freak.

The queen bee guidelines are very simple. You have to be a total bitch with money and style and a secret member of the school slut freaks. Oh, and a desirable cheerleader. So very cliché, but it's the way high school works.

The Preps are the popular, beautiful, button down sweater kids with straight A's. They're the cool geniuses of the school who are totally stuck up snobs. They look down at almost everyone. They're high status but below queens and jocks.

Now for the leaders of these cliques: leader of the queen bees is Kikyo. Even as a junior she has managed to get the popular seniors under her rule. Leader of the jocks is Naraku. He's perverted, hot headed and way too competitive, but he's captain in every sport he plays and is a senior so you just put up with him. He's graduating this year so his reign will come to end soon. That is… if he doesn't fail… The leader of the preps is Sophie. She's an American transfer student in her senior year and along with being a genius she is one of the most wanted girls at school. The problem is she's a total snob and doesn't date anybody at school. No, she's all for the college guys who look hot in a pair of glasses.

And now I bring you to the main event, the biggest population at East High: The Freaks.

I fall into the swim/art freaks. I'm on the school swim team but do a lot of art as well. My friends Rin and Ayame are art freaks too, but they don't draw or sculpt, they dance and are good at it. Sango is a musician; she plays the guitar, drums, piano, and sings. I could be put in with musicians as well but I only write a bit of music and play the guitar. I sing a bit too, but, I like swimming and art way more. Ayame's boyfriend Kouga is a freak because he runs track—the boy is like lightning—but he could easily ditch us for a higher status because he's got the looks. My friend Kagura is more of a gothic soccer chic and would most likely kill herself if she ever thought about being a Kikyo. Shippo is your average freshman but being average is being a freak. And he's a freshman, a tiny freshman, so he's going to get pushed around. Sango's boyfriend, Miroku, is a perv and that's considered a freak in any school so of course he's still considered a freak here. Then there's Sesshoumaru who's a senior and isn't really a freak but he hangs around with us so I'll call him one because he's surrounded by them. There's Ren too and he's a really good looking drama freak but Kagura already snatched him up and won't let go.

Now last but certainly not least we have Inuyasha. He's by no standards a freak, no… InuYasha's like… he's… like a gift sent straight from heaven (for viewing pleasure). Sure he hangs out with freaks from time to time, but he's still surrounded by his group of jocks. Inuyasha is my best friend who I kind of sort of like and maybe even love. We've been together since birth—only born a week apart—and we share almost everything. But then we left middle school and entered East High and things sort of changed. We're still friends and hang out a fair amount of times but we're walking different paths in high school. He's dating Kikyo and well…not many girls want to be around their crushes' girlfriends. Let's face it, Kikyo's a bitch and I'm afraid that if I'm in her presence for too long I might catch the disease.

Anyway, back on topic. How to become a freak.

A good question is do you want to become a freak? There are strict rules at East High in the social status area. As in, there are seating charts in the cafeteria, outlines of which halls we can use, and schedules for the times when we can go to the bathroom without having to deal with the higher status. It's a brutal lifestyle and you have to be willing to live the next four years—well, only two for me— as the low man on the totem pole.

Are you willing?

If you are I'm going to break it down for you on how to become a freak.

Don't be a bitch who is really an undercover slut, a stuck-up snob, or play any of the sports that will get you listed as a jock and then I'm pretty sure things will work out just fine.

You also have to have a secret. Everybody has secrets but freaks have to have really good secrets that are totally out of the blue, because we're just fun and random like that. It doesn't have to be a huge secret like, 'my parents abandoned me', but something out of the ordinary. And with secrets come confessions and confessions lead to a story that only a freak would want to write, because he or she has too much time on their hands due to their lack of a social life.

Remember all that and you'll make it as the perfect high school freak.

So tell me,

Are you Freak enough?


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