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8:03 A.M.

First Christian Church

Albuquerque, New Mexico

May 25, 2019

She couldn't believe her eyes; she had to blink a few times as she noticed the fairytale white dress and the beautiful roses surrounding her. She glanced over the window to see the groom chatting with the best man- looking nervous and excited at the same time. He wasn't wearing his tux yet- most likely because he didn't have to deal with hair and makeup. Then she looked down at her own dress and suddenly hated the color red.

"Gabriella, darling, you look amazing!" A voice called from across the room, "Oh and the bridesmaids' dresses are just as gorgeous as you explained them!" Kelsi finally drew her eyes away from the couple to realize that someone she didn't know had come in the door.

She soon found out that it was Gabriella's cousin as the two rambled on about details of the wedding and how exciting it was that Gabriella was literally going to be married in less than 5 hours.

"Kelsi, Gabriella asked me to make sure all of the bridesmaids are ready for the wedding. So, if you needed anything to talk to me because she doesn't need to be stressed out on her big day," The girl with green eyes looked over to see the last-minute wedding helper- lady talking to her. She whispered,

"Uh, sure. Why are Chad and Troy already here for? I mean, it's like eight and the wedding isn't until noon, right?" The wedding planner had been filled in on Kelsi's past and everyone had told her that her main concern would be keeping Kelsi from ruining everything. She was basically the person to make sure that Kelsi didn't do anything to fuck up Gabriella's life.

"Troy is meeting up with Chad so they can grab a bite to eat. But he wanted to see his bride, because he loves her, before he went. But naturally, Gabriella didn't want to jinx anything so she sent him off." Kelsi glanced at the red headed girl and knew that she now had a professionally hired babysitter.

"Listen, lady, I know Gabriella is convinced that I am going to be a bridesmaid monster but you don't know anything about me. You have heard one side of the story and bitch, please, you can't do anything to me." The red head spoke up,

"Listen, girl, I am paid to make sure Gabriella is happy and if you fuck up then Gabriella won't be happy- I won't get paid and I will personally kick your ass so bad that you can't sit until you are 50." Kelsi sighed. Her life was seriously sucking.

She was stuck in this sick love triangle because she was watching her dream wedding shift into another girl's hands. She was watching a girl she hated marry the man she was in love with. And she couldn't do a thing. She waited three years with the feelings of love and she had never said anything. Now that she has no chance- she finally wants to stand up to Gabriella and tell her off for real. And she wants to run up to Troy and kiss him to make him fall in love with her.

But she can't, because she was the bridesmaid and Gabriella was THE perfect bride. Gabriella had everything that could possibly be amazing in anyone's life. She was the fairy tale princess. Gabriella couldn't be compared to Snow White, Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella because all of those princesses had to overcome challenges to get the man. Gabriella simply had everything fall into her hands like perfect puzzle pieces. Gabriella was perfect.

"Fine," Kelsi mumbled, "I'm going to leave to stay out of everyone's way because everyone hates me and I know that. I'll be back here at 11:45 on the dot. Now fuck off,"

Kelsi didn't care that she was wearing Gabriella's expensive Vera Wang bridesmaid dress or that she was going to have to stand in a church while she was lying to the world about her love. She just needed air.

"Ok, just don't be late!" The red head said, trailing Kelsi to the door to insure that she didn't light anything on fire on her way out. And Kelsi was out the door so everyone could again divert their attention to the bride-to-be.

Kelsi, however, headed outside searching for something that could divert her attention away from the bride-to- be. She walked down the familiar streets of Albuquerque bringing back memories from her childhood.

And, she cried. And she didn't care who saw.

8:21 A.M.

Ramona's coffee cafe

Albuquerque, New Mexico

May 25, 1016

"Kelsi?" She was shocked to see exactly who had called out her name. Troy, freaking, Bolton was shouting at her from the corner of the street. He seemed to be heading into a coffee shop- spending some alone time before the big day.

"Oh," Kelsi looked down to make sure nothing had gotten on the dress, "Hey." Troy looked at her, unsure what was going on. He really was a smart guy but he could never wrap is mind around anyone hating Kelsi- so he believed that no one did, even though it was pretty clear that everyone hated her.

"What are you doing here? I would have thought you would be helping El get ready for our big day!" Kelsi glanced at the ground and headed into the coffee shop- wanting to get off the streets for this bittersweet moment in her life.

"Yeah, I'm not a prep person- I am more of a 'show up on time' kind of woman." He laughed and glanced down at his current wardrobe,

"Yeah, me too, and I am not even in my tux yet." Kelsi spoke up with hope in her tone and her eyes brightening to a lighter happier shade of green rather than the green envious display that had filled her eyes for so many years,

"Having second thoughts?" Troy glanced at her, confused as why she would even mention him regretting anything possible about Gabriella. He would never ever do anything to hurt Gabriella and he wanted to marry her. It almost hurt him to think that Kelsi would be glad if the perfect wedding was called off.

"No, I'm really excited actually. I just- feel a bit of guilt. You know?" Kelsi glanced at the ground wondering what this guilt could be. Like Gabriella, Troy's life was amazing. All of his dreams had come true- even more than he would have ever imagined.

"Guilt?" Troy finally admitted,

"Kelsi, I admitted my feelings to El the day after I dumped you. I dated her two weeks later. I mean- I cheated on you. I was unfaithful to you. Gabriella and I- we were wrong in the beginning. Our relationship was started on a cheating confused whim. Now- you are here to watch as I marry the girl that I cheated on you with. And what is worse is that you are single. I mean," he laughed lightly, "it's like you are waiting for me to come back to you."

And the tears fell from her eyes. Troy thought it was crazy that she would want him. Troy thought that she was crazy for loving him even though she really, honestly, had no chance at all.

"Fuck," He said quickly, "Oh my, you were pinning after me. Shit Kelsi, I asked you to be a part of the wedding and you have feelings for me. Why- why didn't you tell me?" Kelsi felt her mouth go dry. Why didn't she tell him? She hated Gabriella so it wouldn't matter whom she hurt. It was easy to tell him. But, why didn't she?

Was she seriously waiting to explode on everyone and have all the attention on her? Or did she simply want to wait until the worst moment and ruin their lives?

"I don't know," Troy spoke quickly, rambling, unsure what to say.

"Kelsi, I am getting married today. You can't just tell me three hours before the wedding that, even though you are a bridesmaid, you are in love with me. What were you going to do? Call 'I object' into the end of the wedding," Troy added as if it were impossible but seeing as Kelsi's face turned red to match her dress- he freaked out even more.

"Troy, let's not do this," Troy spoke up suddenly,

"Does Gabriella know?" Kelsi honestly wasn't sure of that. She figured that Gabriella must have- because the girl wasn't stupid. But she figured, after all of this time, why Gabriella hadn't spoken up once, "Because she has never said anything negative about you. I get that Gabriella is nice- but," Kelsi sighed,

"Troy- Gabriella and I do not get along. Actually everything bad that has been said about her or about your relationship has come from me," She whispered, "Sometimes I wish that Gabriella never moved here. Then maybe my life wouldn't suck as much." Troy groaned, not letting the girl gets the pity vote,

"No," he said, "I love Gabriella. You can't tell me that you hate her. I am marrying her. I sound like a dick. Kelsi, this isn't appropriate. Are you trying to ruin the wedding?" She finally wiped her eyes and spoke up,

"You have to get to the church- and so do I," Kelsi tried to stand up but Troy looked around, making sure no press was in the shop,

"Listen, I'm a nice guy. I really am. But this- I'm not going to be cool about. Gabriella, the girl I love, deserves a perfect wedding and she damn well is going to get one," He finished, "So- honestly- if you are planning anything, don't come." She glanced down at her red dress and held her head high,

"Troy- I've been ignoring my feelings for a long time- what makes you think I can't do it anymore."

Troy didn't believe her. Not for one minute did he think that Kelsi was through with them. Sure, he hadn't realized what Kelsi was up to all of these years but now he remembered all the bumps in the road of his relationship and was pissed to find out that his 'friend' did it.

"Kelsi, for real, today is not about your feelings. They are about Gabriella's and mine. It's not your day," He laid a large tip on the table and headed toward the door- knowing that he needed to get dressed, "it's ours." Kelsi looked down again and headed toward the church, walking like she did before.


With each step, Kelsi realized that, while she was relieved that Troy knew her feelings, she had become angrier and angrier with the bride herself. When she walked into the church and headed into the makeup room- she was simply thinking of things to do to ruin everything.

And the guilt was gone- and the only thing on her mind was revenge. She should have been shocked that she was so evil- but she honestly didn't care. It seemed like everything was finally bubbling up into her throat.

It was her final chance to do anything. Everyone was here- if she wanted to ruin Gabriella now would be an amazing time. Not only was the entire town of Albuquerque here but there was extended family and celebrities and People Magazine. Oh, the power she had in this matter!

"Kelsi, you're late!" She heard a female shout at her as she walked into the doors of a back dressing room in the large, extravagant, church at 11:35, "Oh, you need makeup and hair." Kelsi sat down in a chair and let her mind wander as the people that Gabriella had hired did all of her makeup for her. For the large wedding Gabriella and Troy had decided that they needed staff to help, because everyone wanted to be there and they need security and hair and makeup people and more security and just- people to help overall.

And they could afford them- so they did.

"Ah- twenty more minutes!" Kelsi heard Gabriella say in another room close to hers. Gabriella looked so happy. So content with her life, "Gabriella Bolton- Oh gosh- that rolls off the tongue." She heard, what she thought was, Gabriella's mother speak next,

"Your father is waiting for you at the end of the church," she finished, "I'm so proud of you, baby." Kelsi tried not to snort. No one should be proud at this man-stealing whore. Troy felt guilty and Gabriella didn't feel anything at all. Actually Gabriella was excited to be crushing Kelsi's every dream.

"Thanks mom," she stepped away from her mother and whispered, "I need to go talk to someone." And she walked into the makeup room- heading straight toward to the green-eyed girl herself.

"Hey girls," she said to the room in general, "Go on and take your seats- I want to talk to Kelsi for a second."

Kelsi paused. She hadn't been alone in a room with Gabriella in a long time. Every time the girls had been together they had been in a large group. And Gabriella never said anything to her unless spoken to first. The girls, honestly, hadn't had an honest conversation with each other- ever.

As the room was cleared out, Gabriella spoke up quickly.

"Listen, I have like 4 minutes to do this and I really don't want you to cause a scene," she finished, "I know we need to talk about Troy and I, ok?" Kelsi shook her head quickly- gulping. She couldn't read the emotions in her eyes and she couldn't believe that Gabriella was bringing this up minutes before her wedding.

"I'm sorry, ok? But I'm not going to apologize because I am marrying him. I'm sorry that you spent God knows how long chasing after Troy. I'm sorry that neither of us confronted you- fairly- about it. That's what I'm sorry about," Kelsi shook her head without a word and Gabriella continued with confidence running through her veins.

"Kelsi, I'm getting married at noon to Troy Bolton and, of all the people in the church; I want to make sure it's ok with you that I marry him."

Kelsi felt her jaw drop in shock. She blinked and felt like pinching herself to see if she was dreaming. She was shouting swear words and 'no' in her mind and all that came out was,

"Why?" Gabriella finished,

"I don't know. I feel like you need you to say that it is ok that I marry him. I fucking hate you and wish I didn't know you and you are only a part of this wedding for Troy- but tell me yes or no." Kelsi opened her mouth to answer, but was cut off,

"Gabriella, it's time!" It was Sharpay's voice, and Gabriella glanced at the clock. 11:41. In 4 minutes people would be walking down the aisle in perfect steps- looking perfect- for the perfect wedding.

The girls stared at each other for one second and headed out the door. Gabriella was trying not to drag her expensive and beautiful dress too much but it still moved against the wood floor.

Kelsi was deaf. Kelsi could breathe. Kelsi hardly knew her name. She didn't know anything. Her whole world was spinning.

Her pair of green-eyes fell upon a brunette dressed in white. She was pulling the veil on her head and kissing her father's cheek. It was fifteen minutes before the girl's wedding day and she was grinning. No cold feet for her.

Kelsi Neilson looked down at her dress. It was a bright red, matching the colors of the roses lying on the table.

A bridesmaid. This shouldn't be reality.

She should be the one dressed in white.

She should be the one who was marrying the man at the end of the isle.

But no, she was a bridesmaid.

And now, there was nothing she could do about it.

She opened her mouth quickly and muttered the shocking words to Gabriella- confusing the group of friends and parents. Only the bride understood,

"Gabriella- yes," A grin returned to Gabriella's face and she stood in her place in the back of line. But- she watched as Kelsi stepped out of her place in line heading to the back quickly- speaking to Gabriella for the last time.

"I can't do this. I can't do this. You love Troy, he loves you. But I am not going to watch." Gabriella gulped- everything would be uneven.

"Sure," she whispered. And Kelsi was gone.

For good.

11:59 A.M.

First Christian Church

Albuquerque, New Mexico

May 25, 2016

Troy was sweating. He watched the ring bearer and the flower girl [Gabriella's cousin and his team-mate's daughter] walk down like pros. He watched the first bridesmaid and groomsman walk down with puzzled looks on their faces.

He soon realized why their faces looked like that. It was because behind them there was no bridesmaid, only a groomsman walking alone. He frowned- realizing that was Kelsi's spot. He really liked Kelsi, as friends, but he couldn't believe that she had feelings for him. He was getting married, for Christ's sake.

"What the hell," he mumbled, moving his lips so no one noticed. He glanced at his friend, the press from People Magazine, clearly telling him that he wasn't allowed to print the bridesmaid mishap. The man shook his head and scribbled something out on his paper.

He looked up to see that Chad and Sharpay were heading down next- knowing that Gabriella was going to be following them. He felt his heart race. He hadn't seen her dress and he hadn't seen her in twenty four hours.

He just wanted to get a glance at her. He wanted to kiss her. He just wanted her so badly.

He took in a deep breath when the bridal march came on and he looked up to see Gabriella. She looked amazing; he nearly fainted at her beauty.

He realized, at that moment, that he could live another second without her. It was right now that he knew that he loved her more than ever before. He could see kids and a dog and grandparents and life- all with her.

"Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today-"

Gabriella stared deeply into his big blue eyes- hardly paying attention to anyone in the room. She forgot that Kelsi was missing and bitchy. She forgot that anything was going on- all that matters was the man in front of her. She was pulled from her loving trance when she saw him say 'I do.' And then she heard,

"Do you, Gabriella, take Troy to be your lawful wedded husband? Will you love, respect and honor him throughout your years together?"

"I do."

And with a few more words the new married couple had their first kiss.

And the room celebrated as Mr. and Mrs. Troy Bolton marched out the doors of the church.

"I'm not going to ask," Troy said quickly to his wife as they headed out of the door and into their limo- hearing camera flashes in the distance and muffled screams as well. Fans and photogs had followed them to their hometown but they had to stay at least 500 feet away from them at all times.

"I love you, husband- and it doesn't matter. All I care about is making sure I don't fuck up our first dance. Can you imagine? 'Can you stop the music, I think she freaking broke my foot.' That would be awful." He was playing with the lace on her dress,

"You look amazing," He finished, "Beyond amazing." She pulled him into a kiss- lightly but still lovingly.

"Thank you. You look incredibly handsome," The glanced up to see that they had finally gotten to their reception hall- loving everything around them.

"Come on, Wifey," Troy said- pulling her out of the car, carefully making sure that her dress didn't mess up.

They were met by extreme hugs and kisses from each of their friends and family. There were words spoken that no one could really hear. Gabriella and Troy were simply in their own worlds. They were married- finally. Their lives were perfect. Everything in the world was perfect.

For them.

3:27 P.M.

A Reception Hall

Albuquerque, New Mexico

May 25, 2016

"I bet you guys can't wait to get out of here and do it all night long," Gabriella heard Chad say from behind her. She had gone to get a plate of food while Troy was chatting with some of his extended family. Gabriella simply turned around and laughed,

"No-Chad- that is hardly on our minds. I am actually making sure everyone is comfortable," He spoke up to his girl-best friend and wrapped an arm around her shoulder.

"Where'd Kelsi go?" Gabriella spoke up,

"She left two minutes before the wedding started. She said she couldn't be a part of it. Which, I don't care. I fucking hate her." Chad laughed,

"I know- me too." Gabriella spoke up softly, making sure no one heard her.

"But I feel sorry for her. She is a bitch that is going to be stuck alone. I mean- I am one hundred percent sure if I hadn't said anything to her she would have ruined the wedding somehow. I didn't do it to make her leave or make her behave. I did it because I felt like it needed to be done. I mean- right?" Chad laughed and grabbed a finger sandwich of her plate,

"Right! I'm surprised she didn't go a psycho and murder you." Gabriella grinned as she saw her husband approaching the two.

"Chad, seriously dude, you've already got a wife." Gabriella laughed and Chad didn't move his arm off of her shoulder,

"I'm trying out this new thing called polygamy." He laughed and pulled away from Gabriella- giving her the friend vibe to insure her that anything that happened with Kelsi was the right thing to do and she wasn't wrong.

"El, I think that Sharpay is about to do that thing where she draw attention to us in an obnoxious way," Gabriella shoved him- laughing. Sharpay did always draw attention to them in ways to make sure everyone was listening or watching.

"Attention," They heard the blonde call- almost on cue, "I believe that it is time for the bride and groom to have their first dance."

You're in my arms
And all the world is gone
The music playing on
For only two so close together

"Nice song," Gabriella whispered into his ear. He had been the one to choose it- choosing one of Gabriella's favorite singers Jon McLaughlin and his hit song 'So Close.' He really wasn't a good dancer- nor was she.

They had taken dance lessons but neither of them really caught on. They didn't completely suck but they weren't perfect. There were no toes being stepped on but they often got off beat and stumbled a bit.

We're so close to reaching
That famous happy end
Almost believing
This one's not pretend
Let's go on dreaming
Though we know we are
So close
So close, and still
So far...

And with a kiss- the song was over.


Obviously, Troy and Gabriella lived happily ever after. You know the boy and girl daughter and the dog. They were wealthy and everything was perfect- almost. They had their fights and sleepless nights on the couch but- basically perfect. That could be explained in great detail but- there is one character that needs to be wrapped up.

You see, after Kelsi left the wedding- she still had that anger bubbling up within her. In reality, no matter what she said to Gabriella, she was still alone and heartbroken. She just sat in a bar, that day, and reflected on her entire life- desperately wanting to punch herself in the face.

She'd spent ten years blaming Gabriella for all of her problems and really- it wasn't anyone else's fault but her own. She knew, now that she couldn't do anything to get what she wanted, that she had wasted her time.

Troy had never really belonged to her- not when they were dating not when they were broken up not even before when they were doing that 'pre-dating' thing. He was never hers. Maybe she could say that but emotionally he wasn't. In a way- he was always Gabriella's. He always belonged to his true love and Kelsi just wasn't her.

Kelsi didn't have a terrible ending- it was actually pretty great. She didn't fall into fame or get rich. Rather, she was just another girl living in the suburbia of North Carolina. She had a nice house and a dog. She was away from everyone that she grew up with and had new friends.

But most of all,

She got to become a bride. She married someone who cared about her.

She got her perfect wedding.

And for once, she didn't care what Troy and Gabriella Bolton were doing because she was the bride and not the bridesmaid.

The end! Everything couldn't end terribly for Kelsi. And I didn't want the fairy tale wedding to end horribly so Kelsi had to be ok. She didn't fuck anything up and she didn't get the man. Pretty good. I like the ending but tell me what you think. I was actually going to kill Kelsi off but decided against it. If you hated it tell me- but please review for the last time in this story! But- seriously- tell me!

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