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"Hurry up Harry! You too Hermione!" Ron said impatiently, rushing to dinner. Behind him trailed Hermione and Harry, who weren't really in a hurry.

"Really Ronald, it isn't like we're going to miss dinner or anything." Hermione said.

Ron just glared at his best friends, and resumed speed walking. Harry couldn't help but snigger at Ron. Ron had been waiting all day for dinner. There have been rumors going around for days. Something was meant to happen at dinner. No one knew what Dumbledore had planned, and for some reason Ron felt like he had to know.

The three entered the Great Hall, where the usual enormous banquet was waiting for the students. They all sat in their usual seats, and dug into some roast beef.

"I really don't know why you're so excited Ron." Hermione said. "They're just rumors."

"Rumors!" Ron said, slamming his fork down. "Absolutely nothing odd or strange has happened yet this year! For god's sake Hermione, Vol—" Hermione shushed Ron. "You-Know-Who…has come back, and nothing has happened! You'd think he'd do something! Am I the only one who thinks this year has been too…too…normal?"

"I've been thinking that too." Harry said, playing with his food. "But I'd rather not question it, you know? I'd like to go through a year of Hogwarts without something happening, instead of worrying about You-Know-Who killing me all the time. Is that too much to ask?"

"But—" Ron started, but then Dumbledore began to tap his glass with a fork, signaling silence. Everyone quieted, and gave their headmaster their full attention.

"Students, I'm sure you have heard many things within the last few days," Dumbledore started. "and I'm very proud to say that we have…a new student from America!"

People gasped, and many others began to whisper. Even the teachers looked confused.

"A new student." Harry whispered. "From America? In February?"

"Told you so." Ron said to Hermione. Hermione glared daggers at Ron in response.

"Are there even witches and wizards in America?" Harry asked Hermione.

"Of course there are!" Hermione whispered loudly. "Why wouldn't there be?"

"Students, teachers, friends!" Dumbledore said. "I'd like to present to you out newest student, Angel Ride!"

The double doors opened and six figures stood there. They were all very scruffy, and dirty looking. There were exactly three girls and three guys. Two of the guy's looking Harry's age, only they were taller. Much taller. One of them was pale, with strawberry blonde hair, the tallest of the lot. The other guy was also pretty tall, with tan skin and black hair, not to mention his completely black clothing. The last boy looked considerably younger, maybe old enough to be a First Year. He had golden blonde hair.

Only of the girls looked about Harry's age. She had long, soft, medium blonde hair, which went past her shoulders in waves. This girl was pretty, but she looked tough. Next to her was another girl who was younger, who had African descent. That last one was the smallest, a tiny little girl with platinum blonde curls.

The tiny little girl stepped forward, and walked down the center of the Great Hall. The others clumped in the back, standing uncomfortably.

"Is she the new student?" Hermione asked.

"She must be eight years old!" Ron exclaimed a bit too loudly.

"Dumbledore must be doing this for a reason." Harry whispered confidently. "I'm sure there is an explanation for—"

"Ah Angel!" Dumbledore exclaimed, interrupting Harry. "It is an honor to meet you my girl! How has your family settled?"

The little girl—Angel--, smiled sweetly. "They like it here." She said innocently, with a strange twang to her voice. She was definitely American. People awed at her adorableness.

"Good, good!" Dumbledore said cheerfully. He looked over at the kids in the back. "Why are they back there? Come on up! Don't be shy! You're new residents here, so everyone might as well meet you!"

The five kids by the doors looked nervous. Except for the guy with the black hair, who was just emotionless. Finally, the older blonde girl confidently began to walk, and the others followed behind.

They finally reached Dumbledore, and stood there awkwardly. There was a lot of whispering.

"Now, I'm sure we will all become acquainted with these children in due time." Dumbledore said, shooing the five kids of to the side. "Now we must, as the Muggles say, get down to business."

Professor McGonagall came forth, carrying the Sorting Hat. A chair floated behind her. The chair set itself down by Angel, who promptly sat in it. The moment the Hat touched Angel's blonde head, it sprang to life.

"A NEW ONE!" It exclaimed. "I haven't been…"

"I'm sure we can skip the song," interrupted Dumbledore. The headmaster leaned down to Angel's height. "Are you ready to be sorted?" Angel nodded.

"What house shall we put this little one in?" The Hat wondered aloud, for the entire Hall to hear. "She is so young. She is only nine! But an extraordinary nine-year-old she is! She is brave, and has a fighting spirit, like Gryffindor!"

Harry's table screamed and whooped at their house's name. Slytherin's table booed.

"But…she is cunning, tricky, and has the ambition of a…Slytherin!"

Now it was Slytherins turn to whoop, and Gryffindor's time to boo.

"And also…she is intelligent…with wisdom beyond her years…like a Ravenclaw!"

Ravenclaw cheered.

"And lastly, she is loyal. No one is more important to her than her family, a trait of… HufflePuff! But which house shall she join? Which one, which one..."

"I like the red one!" Angel said. People all over the Great Hall awed at her.

"Why is that?" The Sorting Hat asked. "Why the red one?"

"It's my favorite color! It's like pink!" Angel said. More awes.

"She's so adorable!" some girl whispered near Harry. Ron had scrunched up his nose the moment the sorting began.

"Pink?" Ron asked incredulously. "She wants to be in Gryffindor because it is nearly like pink?" Harry and Hermione laughed.

"She is cute Ron." Hermione said.

"She's nine!" Ron said to Hermione. "A nine-year-old in Hogwarts! She should wait another two years like the rest of us had to!"

Ron was getting loud, so Harry shushed him. The Sorting Hat was making his decision.

"Well, the little one wants Gryffindor." It said. "So it shall be…GRYFFINDOR!"

Everyone at Harry's table cheered. Angel squealed, and hopped off the chair, and hugged Dumbledore. The entire Hall awed again. She then skipped over to those other five kids, who Harry had forgotten about until now, and hugged the older blonde girl. More awes. Dumbledore tapped his glass with a fork, to regain order in the Hall.

"Angel will be learning with the Sixth year students. I hope you all welcome her here with open arms. We're family now."

No cheers this time. Silence. It was pretty incredible to think about really. A nine year old being sent to Hogwarts was one thing. A nine year old being bumped up to year six?

"Has he gone bonkers?" Ron asked. "Dumbledore has gone bloomin' mad, he has…"

"Don't say that." Hermione said.

"Ron has a point." Harry said, defending Ron. "I didn't even know magic was real at age nine. What's up with this girl? And those other kids, what about them? They weren't sorted, but they're living here. Why would Dumbledore do that?"

"Maybe they can't do magic." Hermione suggested. "They could all be squibs."

"A pack of five squibs with a nine-year-old prodigy girl?" Ron said. "Fat chance."

"Muggles?" Harry put forward.

"In Hogwarts? Never." Hermione said.

Angel was still with those other kids when everyone filed out of the Great Hall. The tall dark-haired guy was lifting up Angel's trunk…with one arm. Those things were heavy too. The older blonde girl held Angel's hand, and the dark haired boy held the other.

It was weird. Seeing the older blonde girl, the dark haired boy, and Angel reminded Harry of a family. A family, with a little kid. They obviously weren't blood related, but they looked like a family. All six of them actually looked like a family, with the older blonde girl and the dark-haired boy as the parents. They were…like a pack. Like Ron said.

Not pack. Flock.

Harry's head snapped around. He heard something, but there was no one there.

"Harry?" Hermione asked. "Everything alright?"

Harry looked around more. He finally looked at the strange kids, and his eyes met Angel's. She just smiled and kept walking, but a shiver ran down Harry's spine.

"I'll tell you later." Harry said, and they broke off from the group and headed to the library.