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"What is it? What's wrong?" I asked my best friend, my protector—my first love.

"Nessie, I'm leaving for La Push tomorrow," he replied solemnly, his hands buried in the depths of his pockets, as he stared at the floor. He was refusing to make eye contact.

"Leaving? Why? Is it because…because I kissed you?" my voice wavered nervously at the end.

It happened yesterday. I'd always been impulsive, acting before thinking things through. I couldn't help it—there was something that drew me to him. Jake backed away from me—actually he pushed me back—after I kissed him.

"No. Though, that shouldn't have happened. Ness, I'm suffocating here… around all those leeches," his voice was full of disgust but he shot me an apologetic look. "Sorry. No offense."

"None taken," I replied nonchalantly. I understood what he meant—about suffocating. Denali was nothing like Forks or La Push. I, too, felt trapped here—like I was a prisoner. Sure it was beautiful—and safe—but I wasn't allowed to do anything. I wasn't allowed to go to school—to have a life.

"I just need to get away for a little while is all."

"Are you sure that's the only reason? Are you sure it's not because of me? The way you feel about me?"

He leaned back against the wall, hands on his knees–shaking his head. "Nessie, you're just… a kid," he said, remorsefully.

Oh no, he didn't! I hated that everyone still thought of me as a 'kid'—even though, technically, he was right. For every year that passed, I aged three. I was 15 according to those calculations, though I could easily pass for 16 or 17.

"Jake… I see the way you look at me." I stepped towards him, closing the distance between us. I bravely trailed my index finger down his chest—the heat beneath my finger was like a furnace.

He brushed past me, his elbows cocked out to the side as he placed his hands behind his head. "Nessie, you have the wrong idea. I love you—but not like that. This… this isn't happening. This can't happen!"

"Why not? There's something here—between us. Can't you feel it? I know I can – I feel it every time I see you, touch you, hear your voice."


I cut him off, placing my finger over his lips to silence him. "Jake, please. I love you. Don't you love me too? I know you have do, right?"

"Nessie, no. You're too young! You're five for Christ's sake!" His back slid down the opposite wall and he sat cross-legged with his face buried in his hands. "I love you, but not like that."

Tears started forming in the corners of my eyes as I squatted in front of him, pulling his hands away from his face and keeping them securely in mine.

"I'm sorry, Nessie. I just can't." He pulled his hands out from mine abruptly and ran out into the darkness, leaving me alone and crying. I stood there for what seemed an eternity, staring teary eyed at the forest that lined the majestic Alaskan Range.

"I won't be a kid forever, Jacob Black."


Nessie is going to be a bit bratty in this story... Also, this is an M rated story for language in future chapters.

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