To Love A Friend

Love is a misconception

Where it first comes into mind–

Romance, sexuality, passion,

Attraction, desire, lust and much more.

Love is not only all that.

What about the love you feel

Within family, your siblings, parents

And the friends you trust with your heart?

Love is support, love is not weakness

It gives you strength to know

You can't do everything by yourself.

Love is strong, love is not soft

You, your family, and friends are connected.

A red string of Fate that can't easily be undone.

Love is a friend, not an enemy

To care deeply about someone is a blessing

And superficiality is the adversary.

The world will be better off as a home

Where the heart resides

If we give more love like that.

(A/N): I wrote this poem at the beginning of my sophomore year for my Creative Writing's class (and I was tied in first place for the best love poem in the class). Believe it or not, I would've given up on the 'love poem' assignment if it weren't for Sasuke and Hinata. XP Seriously. This poem is actually connected to my Rain on Friendship SasuHina story, so there.

I swear, when I read this to one of my closest friends, he commented 'these words sound a lot like what a Hokage would say; noble and benevolent.' :) I never felt so flattered.