AN: Hey ya! This is my first story so enjoy!

Bella POV

April 04, 2009 I was running around the house, or mansion I should say this place is big, searching for my watch. I ran upstairs to the(All outfits bathroom and glanced at the full size mirror on the wall. I was still as plain as ever, even though I spiced up my closet.

I was wearing a pair of black skater skinny jeans with a tight white tank top with crazy designs and a pair of black and white skater shoes (All outfits described are on my profile.) My red hair was tied in a loose bun, my pale normally flawless skin was scratched on the left side from my fall yesterday on my skate board and then last but not, well actually probably is least my brown eyes, I was average.

Well let me introduce myself, I'm Isabella Cullen, but just call me Bella please. I live with my adoptive mother, Esme, and my adoptive father, Carlise. My real parents, Charlie Swan and Renee Swan died when I was 7 when a drunk driver ran into them on the freeway, I used to cry whenever I had to get in a car but that was 10 years ago, I'm not over it but I'm way better that's for sure!

I have to other adoptive siblings, Mary Alice Cullen or Alice and Emmett Dolton Cullen. Alice parents died on a train the train derailed when Alice was using the bathroom! She hit her head and suffered memory loss all she could remember was that she hit her head while washing her hands. She's lucky she doesn't remember her parents because she doesn't have to remember any of that horrible past. Emmett's parents abused him so he was glad to get away from them.

Anyway back to present time, Where did I put that stupid watch!, I thought in my head. Its my first day of being a junior in high school and I was already going to be late!

"Looking for this," a familar bell-like voice rang from behind me. I turned around quicklly to see my favorite little pixie, she was wearing a green sundress with silver ballet flats, she had silver and green earrings and a frog prince necklace, she was holding up my silver watch.

"Oh, thank you! thank you! thank you!" I pulled her in to a hug, but she pulled back. At first I was a little hurt then I saw what she was doing. She was looking at my outfit choice.

"Wow, whats with the sudden change in style? Is someone trying to impress the new kids?" she laughed

"No! I just thought I dress a little nice this year!"

"Sure. Anyway about the new kids I heard ther-" She was cut off by the door slamming open (if that's possible)

"BELLS! ALLY! COME ONNNNNNNNNN I DON'T WANNA BE LATE!" Emmett's booming voice filled the room, making me and Alice both jump back startled.

"Wow! Did Emmett just say he didn't want to be late? I'm Impressed."I said actually surprised.

"Well you see, I don't wanna be late 'cause I heard the new girls hot! Now come ON!" He said like it was no big deal.

We all walked down the stairs and over to Emmett's jeep. He stopped us before we could get in though.
"New rule: You can NOT ride in Emmett's jeep on the first and last day of school. Got it?"

"What?! Why?!" Me and Ally said at the same time. We do that a lot its kinda freaky.

"Because I'm a senior now I don't wanna be seen with two juniors! Besides Bella you've been wanting to drive your spider eclipse, so now a perfect time!"

I growled, but still walked over to my new car with Ally behind me. The ride there was pretty quiet except when a song came on that me or Ally would know like 'Kiss Me Thru the Phone' by Soulja or 'Mad' by Neyo. When we pulled up to the school all eyes were on us. We loved doing this! I stepped out slowly and pulled out my hair band and shook my head. Ally did the same except with a head band, since her hair was to short for a pony tail.

Emmett saw the whole thing and came running over. "I change my mind your never driving without me. Do you understand?"

We shook our heads up and down innocently, when something caught my eye. I turned to find what I saw and found it. It was a gorgeous boy! He had a full head of free falling bronze hair with striking and deep green eyes that were staring straight back at me! I looked away embarrassed of my staring but then I heard footsteps coming closer, closer and you guessed it closer. Someone tapped my shoulder and I turned around and guess what... there he was!

"Hello, I'm Edward Mason. And who are you, beautiful?" Oh no! A player? Answer him,stupid!

"Uh, hi I'm I-Isabella Cullen, but please c-call me B-Bella." Nice...Not! I was to lost in thought to notice him moving closer to my face. When I finally noticed he was already at my ear, his cheek lightly touching mine.

"Nice to meet you, Bella." He whispered. Oh yeah, defiantly a... But I didn't have enough time to finish that thought before everything went black...