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A slightly different take on Bonnie's view of House and Wilson.


She couldn't understand why he put up with him. The man was such a bastard. Ask him to do something, and he'd do it—as long as there was something in it for him. Tell him to meet a deadline, make an appointment, keep an engagement, and at best he'd show up half an hour before the end—if you were lucky.

He lied shamelessly, about everything from women to appointments to emotions. Hell, he'd say his own mother was a hooker if it got him something he wanted. He had a wandering eye, which could be caught by anything in a skirt with decent a decent chest and ass—and some things not in a skirt.

He always claimed he had good reasons for doing what he did, and you believed him, because he sounded so certain. He was completely unafraid to lie, bully, coerce, and cheat if it got him what he thought he or someone else deserved.

He was, in so many words, a complete and utter bastard.

And for the life of her Bonnie couldn't understand why Greg House kept going back to him.