How To Out House And Wilson

House was in his office waiting for his shift to be over when his friend Wilson walked stood up and pinned his friend to the wall smirking.

"What brings you to my office?" he asked.

"It's time to go." said Wilson griining.

He wrapped his arms around House's neck and kissed him. House pulled him closer and deepened the kiss. He ran his tongue over Wilson's bottom lip slipping it into the moist cavern when the lips parted. They pulled apart when they heard a couple shocked gasps in the doorway. They spun around and saw Cuddy, Foreman, Chase, Cameron, Kutner, Taub, and Thirteen standing there.

"Ha. Pay up." said Thirteen.

The rest grumbled and forked over stacks of twenties each. Thirteen split the pile into thirds and gave one stack to House, one to Wilson, and the last one for herself.

House smirked and pocketed the money. Wilson rolled his eyes and did the same.

"So can we go home now? Or do we have to prove any other betting pools right?" questioned Wilson.

"We can go home." said House grabbing Wilson's hand and pulling him along.

Wilson smiled as he walked after his boyfriend. He wouldn't trade his life for anything.