Chapter 16: Heartbreaker

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Bliss. Pure and utter bliss, that is all I felt with Bella and I couldn't have been more shocked. It seems like a lifetime ago that she and I completely hated each other and had agreed to not see one another, ever again. But I was so glad she gave me another shot. I knew I wouldn't mess it up, not when I wanted her so badly.

Bella's call after our date was just the start of everything. We had either texted or called each other every day, never once forgetting and I always made it a point to initiate the conversation, showing her that I'm not a douche and I can be very gentlemanly, just like my mother taught me to be. And occasionally, we saw each other. Bella made it a point that we didn't see each other every second of every day so neither of us would become so dependent on the other and this worked for me. After earning my spot back on the team, I had a busy schedule with practice, games, maintaining the friendships I had destroyed once and Bella had her own things going on. She had her softball, which included lessons, practices, games, tournaments, it seemed like her entire life revolved around that sport. And that was just one of the many things I loved about her. Love, there's that word again. And it only comes up when I think of Bella, go figure. But when she wasn't doing something softball related, she was hanging out with the Blonde and the Pixie, this being mostly the pixie's doing because, as she put it, she was "ensuring she didn't lose her best friend to some dude and that Bella needed girl time," whatever that was.

However, when Bella and I did see each other, it was like nothing could touch us. And because we were both so busy we cherished all the time we had together. Some days we would just hang out around my house, watching movies or going in the pool, just lazing around but always cooking some meal together. Other days we would go out and spend all day just doing random things. I took her to the lake by my house, went to Catalina for the day, went to the aquarium, I felt like we had seen all of Southern California. But my favorite thing was when we would ride down to the beach, which was always such a calming place for both of us, on my bike. After that initial ride, Bella loved it and only wanted to go out on the bike. Eventually, the days always ended and we had to go our separate ways. That was always the hardest part, leaving her. She always had this content look on her face with a smile that was irreplaceable. There were so many times when I wanted her to come back to my house and just stay with me. She hadn't stayed over since that first night and I missed having her in my bed. It wasn't for any sexual reasons, having Bella by my side, even while sleeping, felt like the right thing.

And during the following weeks I did end up officially meeting her friends, who also agreed to give me a second chance, whose names I now know as Rosalie and Alice. Some nights, if we were all up for it, we would all go out together. Watching Emmett and Jasper with the two girls was different; it was like seeing completely different sides of all of them. You could see how much they each loved the other, and everything they did seemed so personal. Hell, Jasper and Alice always seemed to be having some silent conversation going on. Emmett was much more calm around Rosalie and she definitely let her guard down with him and actually seemed really, really sweet. I prayed that some day Bella and I would be them, to the extent that when people looked at us, they could truly see just how much we cared for one another.

The four weeks following the zoo was probably the best month of my life. Bella and I had begun a relationship; making it official the next time we saw each other after the zoo. And we stuck to what we had decided, both of us having our own lives outside of each other and seeing each other every so often. It was perfect, we were so good together and it seemed like nothing bad could ever happen. We were having such a good time with each other. This was new to me since I had never had a really serious relationship, ever. But with Bella I just wanted to be with her and nobody else. We hadn't said the "L" word yet and it was so nice. Although there were times I wanted to tell her I loved her but I didn't want to rush anything and scare her away. When the time is right, I'll tell her.

Since earning my spot back on the team I was playing in all the games, with a few days off every now and then. Practice was going well, I wasn't arguing with James all the time, the team as a whole was working well and we were winning the games we were playing. One day, after a great practice, Jasper, Emmett and I were walking back to the locker rooms to get changed. Afterwards, I was going to go home, and just relax, getting ready for our next series. Once I was done with my shower and had my clothes on, I was talking to the guys about the freeway series coming up, meaning we were playing the Dodgers. Our biggest rivals in California, maybe even the entire Major League Baseball Company when our assistant coach came over, "Cullen, can we see you in the office for a minute?"

I wasn't expecting to get called in and looked to Emmett and Jasper for help but they both looked as stumped as I did, "Uh, yeah, sure."

I walked to the office, following coach in and shut the door behind me and turned around to see Scioscia sitting behind the desk, "Edward."

I nodded at him, "Sir."

It wasn't until I looked around and saw all of our coaches in the room, which couldn't possibly be a good sign, that I started to worry. "Edward, take a seat, please."

Scioscia motioned to the one chair in front of the desk and I took it. They were all looking to one another or avoiding eye contact with me, another bad sign. "Sir, um, did I do something wrong?"

I was running through everything I had done recently but couldn't think of anything horrible that I had done or been a part of. "No, Edward, nothing at all. Actually, you've been doing everything right lately. You've been doing extremely well in practice and during games, you're one of our best players. So, no, you haven't done anything wrong."

I was so confused now, "Oh. Okay, then why this meeting?"

Scioscia looked around the room and hesitated, "Um, well, the thing is, as I'm sure you know, trading hasn't closed yet but it will be soon. And we've been asked to trade a few of our players and you were asked to be traded."

"Traded? Me? To where? Why?"

"As I said before, you've been playing really well lately. You always have played really well, aside from that bit of time where I had to bench you, but you're a great ball player and people have noticed. One team in particular has been asking for you, for a while, actually."

Here it comes. This is it. This is when he would tell me I'd have to go somewhere across the country, or to the Mid-West, somewhere where my best friends weren't. Somewhere where Bella wouldn't be. Somewhere where the one person I truly love and completely care for wouldn't be. I didn't want to hear it but I knew it was coming, best to get it over with. "Which team?"

"It's not that far at all, still in the state. But the Dodgers have put up an offer for you and the owner of our team has accepted it."

This was so surreal. "The Dodgers? As in Los Angeles?"

"The very team."

Now I was starting to get really upset, "No offense to you guys but you do realize that our next series, as in the one we play next is the Freeway series. Against the Dodgers."

"Yes, we know."

"Do I get a say in this at all?"

"Unfortunately, no. You're not a free agent and your agent has agreed to this and worked out the deal with the two owners so, you're leaving the team."

"Leaving? This is the only team I've ever played on, this is my team." I stood up and slammed my hands on the desk, "You guys are my coaches, this stadium is my stadium, the uniforms are mine, this club is mine. The only club I've ever wanted to be a part of."

"Edward, I realize you're upset but there are some really great opportunities out there. Los Angeles is still a really great team and they've been doing really well this season. Plus, you're going to start in the series—"

"The series? As in the upcoming series? Where we play them?"


"How soon am I leaving? Or how soon are you guys kicking me out?"

"We need your locker cleaned out by the end of the week. You don't have to do it today but by the end of the week, for sure. You can come any time you'd like, just let them know in the offices upstairs beforehand so they can let you in."

I pushed off the desk with my hands and they automatically balled into fists. I stepped back and looked at all of them, "Fine. By the end of the week, it'll be like I was never here."

"Edward. Wait."

I was almost to the door but turned around, "What!"

"If it were up to us," he gestured to all the other coaches, "you wouldn't be leaving. We'd keep you here. You're a great player and you'll definitely be missed around here."

I looked at each one until they looked me in the eyes, "Bullshit."

I walked out of the office to get my jacket and helmet so I could leave and get out of here. I needed out of the stadium since it wasn't mine any longer. By then the locker room had pretty much cleared out except for a few rookies and Emmett and Jasper. I vaguely heard Jasper talking to me as I grabbed my things, "Hey, Edward. What's wrong?"

I walked out without responding. I practically ran to the parking lot and heard them calling my name but I wasn't going to talk to them. I threw on my jacket and helmet as soon as I was at my bike, hopped on and took off. I needed to get away, to go anywhere but the stadium. I just needed to think and fully wrap my head around what had just happened. I, Edward Cullen, had just been traded. Traded from the only team I ever wanted to play for and the only team I had ever known. If it wasn't for that fucking agent, if it weren't for that greedy son of a bitch who never spoke to me about anything, never thought about what I would want. Deep down, I know that I couldn't have done anything about it. Trading season wasn't over and because I wasn't a free agent I had to go. Just like that, granted, it was still in California so that was a good thing. Aside from that, there was nothing. It wasn't a forty-minute drive from my house anymore, it was further away from my home and from Bella. Bella. I had to tell her and tell her soon. Before I knew it I was in front of her house. I didn't even remember the ride over but here I was. No better time like the present.

I got off my bike and made my way to the door, having no idea what I was going to say, just knowing that I needed to talk to her. Now.

I knocked on the door four times before someone opened the door and I was praying that it would be Bella. It was. Thank you, Jesus. "Oh, wow. Hey, Edward. Do you want to come in?"

I wanted to but then didn't want to because I knew Alice and Rosalie could be home and I didn't want them to overhear and tell Emmett and Jasper. "Are you home alone?"

"Yeah. Rose and Ali went shopping. Is everything okay?"

She stepped aside to let me in and I walked straight to the couch, staring ahead as I sat down, "Bella, I, um,"

Bella shut the door and came to sit next to me, "Edward, what happened?"

I looked at her and all I could think of was that I loved her so much. "I've been traded."

All that showed up on her face was shock, "What?"

"I got traded to another team today, apparently."

"Traded as in going to another team; somewhere else not with the Angels. Where are you going?"

She looked at me with hope in her eyes and I knew she was hoping that I wouldn't be leaving her but knowing how big of a fan she was, the actual news may be more devastating to hear.

"Los Angeles."

"As in the Dodgers." She turned her head and just looked the other way and all I could do was stare because her face went from shock, to hope, to fear.

"As in the Dodgers. Bella, why do you look scared?"


Fuck. I forgot that was Black's team and that he and Bella were apparently buddy, buddy. He would definitely not be happy about this news. I sat back against the couch and rubbed my hands over my face. Could this day possibly get any worse?

Bella turned her whole body to me, "You're going to LA, does that mean you're moving there? Like, leaving Orange County?"

I took her hands from her lap, "No, I'm not moving. I'll still live in the same house it's just going to be a hell of a commute."

"Can't you ask to not be traded? Why you?"

I went over the entire conversation I had with the coaches and explained all the reasons why I didn't have a choice and I had to go. Also including that I would be wearing blue instead of red during the Freeway series. She sat there and listened to it all then spoke, "So, I guess this means I need to go shopping."


"So I can get some Dodger blue. If my boyfriend is being traded then I need to support whichever team he's on. Even though I will forever be an Angels' fan and I cannot stand the Dodgers. Two very important people in my life are on the team so I need to support both of them."

I raised an eyebrow at her, "You're taking this news exceptionally well."

She gave a small laugh, "Well, clearly you're not because you came over unannounced and looked like something had gone horribly wrong. So, since you're still in shock, I'll be the reasonable one here and look at this logically. You're still doing what you love, just in a different place but I'll be there with you."

I couldn't help myself and kissed her, expressing all of my gratitude in that one kiss, "Thank you." I was still pissed as hell but knowing that I had Bella as my rock made me feel at least slightly better about the whole thing.

"Always. So when do you have to be in LA?"

"Coach- or Scioscia said I have to have my locker cleaned out there by the end of the week and I'm assuming I'm supposed to be in LA sometime this week or early next week. That way I can get used to the field, the guys, their specific plays, all of that. But they did say that I'll be starting so I guess that's the bright side to this all."

Bella playfully punched my arm, "That's the attitude!"

I felt better, calmer about the huge blow that I had just taken. I still wasn't happy but figured I'd grin and bear it, with Bella's help, of course. After spending some more time talking with Bella I decided to go home so I could call my agent to see what the hell was going on. I left her house and rode back to mine and the second I walked in the door my phone rang, "Hello?"

"Edward! Dude, we've been trying to get a hold of you all afternoon."

"Em, I'm just really not in the mood to talk about it."

"You don't have to. Scioscia told us after you left, but don't worry, only Jasper and I know right now. How ya hangin' bro?"

I pinched the bridge of my nose, already feeling the pressure in my head from being so angry from earlier, "Pissed the fuck off! I hate this but nothing I can do because I have an agent, greedy prick. So now I have to call him and see when I have to report to Hell."

"Well, that's better than how I expected you to react. Did you tell Bella?"

"Yeah, already did."

"How'd she take it? Rose once said they got into a verbal argument with a Dodger fan explaining why Angels' fans are so much better and by the end of it, Bella was scarily calm while the guy was grasping at straws. As they've said the Angels are 'their team.'"

I laughed picturing all the knowledge these three girls have on our, or the, team. "She was pretty cool about it all. But she did remind me that Jacob Black is on the Dodgers."

"Oh, you're best friend, huh. Well, good luck with him, dude. Just ignore him and he shouldn't give you too much crap."

"Ha, yeah right. Black is always looking for reasons to pick a fight with me, I'm sure he'll have some words for me."

"Then don't say anything. He's a waste of your time."

"Yeah, we'll see how it all goes this next week."

"True story! Well, I'm gonna let you run but if you need anything, like some help beating Black up, you know where to find me!"

I laughed, thanking whatever God I could that Emmett wasn't going to throw away our friendship just because I was traded. "Thanks, man. Later."

"Hasta pasta!"

I hung up with Emmett and called my agent, who said that this "great career move" was going to happen soon. Meaning, I had to be at Dodger stadium tomorrow morning at nine to get started with the team. Awesome. I spent the rest of the night at my piano. I needed to do something that was soothing so I figured why not play since I hadn't done it in a while. Playing always calmed me down and made any sense of time disappear and before I knew it, it was late and time for me to go to bed. I got undressed and ready for bed and as I was lying there I couldn't help but think of how crazy the past month had been. It felt like it was literally a whirlwind. I was just about to fall asleep when my phone went off with a text. "Don't worry about tomorrow or the trade. It doesn't matter what team you're on, you're still great at what you do and I'll be there in blue to support you. " Bella. With that text, I instantly felt better about it and was able to fall asleep peacefully.

The next morning I got up bright and early so I could make it to the field on time, wouldn't want to be late for my first day. I was late though because of all the traffic in LA, and that is why I try to avoid it as much as possible. Forty-five minutes late, great. I walked up to the gates of the stadium and asked someone how to get down to the locker room and made my way there. I was almost there, and completely dreading it with every step I took until I heard my name, "Cullen!"

I turned around and saw the only person who could have that much disdain in his voice when saying my name, Jacob Black. And I was in no mood to argue with this kid; my day was already off to a horrible start. "What do you want Jacob?"

He sauntered over to me as if he was the best thing to hit this planet, "Oh, you know, not much. Just wanted to officially welcome you to the team. I figured I'd help you out, show you around, help you get to know the guys, all that stuff."

"Well, I'll save you all of the bullshit and I'm telling you right now, I don't need your help. I'm here to do my job and that's it. I don't know who you're trying to fool with this good guy act but we all know you and I hate each other and that's not going to change. Especially since Bella and I are together now." I got right up in his face so that we were chest-to-chest, "I bet that kills you, doesn't it?"

He was glaring at me and taking a lot of deep breaths, "Yeah, you know what, it does kill me. I've known Bella our entire lives and to now know that she's dating a prick like you, makes me think twice about her. I thought she was smart enough to know that she shouldn't be dating anyone like you. I told her on multiple occasions to stay away from you but she didn't listen to me. Don't worry though I'll always be there to protect her. And the second you hurt her I'm going to be there for her because everybody knows that Edward Cullen doesn't do relationships. I'm just waiting for the moment she realizes she deserves a hell of a lot better than you."

I heard footsteps running toward us, and then heard his voice, "Hey! You two! Break it up!"

Jacob stepped back and spoke first but kept his gaze on me the entire time, "No need to, Coach, nothing's going on here."

"Well it sure didn't look like 'nothing' to me." I vaguely recognized this guy from playing the team. Dave Hansen, one of the coaches for the team. He turned to me, "So, Edward Cullen is in LA now."

I took my gaze from Jacob's and looked to him, "Yes, sir."

He stuck out his hand for me to shake it, "Dave Hansen. It's nice to finally meet you, son."

I shook his hand, ensuring I had a strong handshake, "Likewise."

He clapped Jacob and I on our shoulders and started walking with us, "Well, there's no use in chit chatting up here. We've got practice going and we need this series. Jacob, head down to the field. Edward, come with me and I'll show you around."

Jacob disappeared down to the field where the rest of the team was practicing but Hansen showed me around the stadium before taking me to the locker rooms. He took me in the office and went over the rules of the team and what my own practice would be like since I had to learn all their plays and work with the guys who would be starting with me. Soon enough, I was back on a field but it was so foreign to me. There were different holes that appeared once it had been played on and it just wasn't what I was used to.

After that initial practice I spent every day leading up to the series at the field working with different coaches and all the players so I would be prepared for the games and before I knew it, it was the night before the first game in the series. I was exhausted. And I definitely had mixed feelings going into this. Jacob and I still weren't getting along and since he was the catcher we always had to work together. The other guys on the team were cool but I didn't know how my former teammates would react to me and there were just so many unknowns going into this, it made me slightly nervous. Then there was Bella. I had been so busy at the field and I was always so tired when I got home she and I had hardly spoken since I told her I was traded and with the comments that Jacob made on my first day, that didn't sit well with me at all. My relationship with Bella had nothing to do with him. I knew a long time ago that he and Bella were friends and clearly Bella could make her own decisions, I just hope he wouldn't ruin this for us. This is one reason why I missed having Bella stay with me. Without her, I always had plenty of time to go over all these random thoughts that I had and some of them were good but some, like this one, were bad. I hated thinking the worst because I just wanted things to be good between Bella and I forever. All these thoughts ran through my mind as I finally drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to the sound of a lawnmower running and looked at the clock, nine in the morning. Great. I sat up in bed and knew I had some time to kill before I needed to go to the field. There was only one person I wanted to see before the game. I got up and showered and called Bella, praying that she wouldn't be mad at me for not talking to her. The phone kept ringing and ringing, each one getting closer to her voicemail. "Please, pick up. Pick up, Bella. Come on."

"Hello?" Finally!

"Bella! Hey, how are you?"

"Oh, hey Edward. I'm well, thanks. How are you?"

"Good, good. Listen, Bella, I'm really sorry I haven't talked to you lately and I just—"

"Edward, stop. Seriously, it's fine. I know the trade is a lot to handle, especially since it's so sudden and you've been busy practicing. I get it."

"You're not mad?"

She laughed like I had just told her a joke, "No, not at all. I've been keeping myself busy. But I do miss you."

And this is why I loved her, for her honesty, "I know. I've missed you too. That's why I'm calling."

"And here I thought you were calling just because you missed the sound of my voice."

"Not only for that reason but I have some time before I need to leave and I was wondering if maybe you wanted to grab a late breakfast?"

"Sure! I'm starving. Where are we going?"

"I'll come pick you up and we can just go somewhere small?"

"Sounds good to me. How much time do I have?"

"About twenty, thirty minutes."

"See you then! Bye."

"Bye, Bella."

I was finally going to get to see her, after days of not seeing her and I couldn't be happier. I got in the Volvo and drove to Bella's going way faster than was possibly safe but we didn't have all day to spend together and I wanted as much time with her as possible. I pulled up to her house, thirty minutes later. Right on time. I knocked on the door and only had to knock once when Bella threw open the door and jumped in my arms and I couldn't help but kiss her. After what seemed like a pleasant eternity kissing her she pulled back and smiled, "Hi."

I put her back on her feet and grabbed her hand, "That could quite possibly be the best hello I've ever received."

I opened the passenger side door to my car as she got in, "Well, you know, I aim to please."

"And I am most certainly pleased."

She had a coy smile on her face, "Then my job is done."

I smiled at her and couldn't help but think of how much I missed her while I walked to the driver's side. The car ride was full of easy conversation, as always, and we pulled up to the little café a few minutes later. Breakfast was so quaint while Bella and I caught each other up on one another's lives, it seemed like we had missed so much. Of course, the subject of Jacob Black was brought up, which was definitely not my favorite thing to talk about but I knew it was inevitable. All too soon, we finished what was on our plates and we had to leave so I wouldn't be late, again. As soon as I pulled up to Bella's house her smile faltered and she turned to me, "I don't want to leave. Not yet, anyway."

I took a deep breath because I knew exactly what she meant, "I know. But this is my job and with the trade, I have to leave earlier. And I'm sorry we haven't spent that much time together. I wish it wasn't like this."

"It'll change though, right? I mean, eventually we'll get back into our routine and we'll see each other more than once a week, at least?"

"Of course. This is just because I've had to deal with this but I promise we'll see each other more."

Her smile was back, "Good! Now, you need to go so you can get ready and be there on time today."

"Yes, heaven forbid I be late and get into it with Jacob again."

"Edward, be nice."

"I am. He's the one who's trying to play me for a fool." I could tell she was starting to get upset with me and I knew I needed to tone it down. I wasn't going to make her mad at me after hardly seeing her. "Bella, let's not do this right now, it's not going to do anything except make both of us mad. "

I knew she wanted to say something but she held her tongue, nodded and opened the door. "You're right. So, with that I shall leave but I will see you after the game."

She started to get out of the car but I grabbed her hand, "Bella, wait."


I pulled her to me and gave her a chaste kiss, "Thank you for coming to breakfast with me. And I truly do miss seeing you."

There it was. Her smile that I loved so much, "I know. And thank you for taking me to breakfast."

"My pleasure, Love."

She was still sitting in the car with the door opened, partially because I wouldn't let go of her hand. I just stared at her and she held my gaze until she looked away and tucked her hair behind her ear. "Edward, you're staring at me an awful lot today."

I looked away and apologized, "I'm sorry if it makes you uncomfortable. I don't mean to."

She giggled, "No, I just want to make sure it's not because I have something on my face or you're going to give me some bad news or something like that."

Little did she know it was nothing like that, not at all, simply that I loved her, more than anything else. And I wanted to tell her. I knew I didn't want to scare her away with this and that I would wait for the right moment and I think this was it. After not seeing her for so long, she still wanted to spend time with me and she wasn't mad. She was completely understanding of my schedule and she had her own life. She was honest and caring, probably the best person I've ever met and I loved her and only wanted to be with her.

"Bella, there is something I want to tell you," her smile was gone and I knew she was thinking it was something horrible, "it's not bad. I promise."

I put my hand on her cheek, studying her beautiful face, "I know this may be premature, but I can't help it and I need to tell you," Now or never Edward. "Bella, I love you."

Her face was blank, there was no emotion and I immediately regretted every word that just came out of my mouth. What was I thinking? How could she possibly love me, after all I've done to her, I couldn't expect her to reciprocate my feelings for her. I began to pull my hand away and was looking for a way to fix the problem I had caused until she grabbed my hand. "Edward, I'm sorry, you just caught me off guard. But, honestly," this was it. The moment she would tell me she didn't feel the same way about me and I had just screwed everything up, "I love you too."

I was shocked and that had worried her but I wasn't just shocked, I was fucking thrilled! I couldn't help the smile that showed up on my face and let out a small laugh, as did Bella. "What? Were you worried I wasn't going to say it back?"

"Honestly, yes. I thought I had just completely ruined everything that's happened between us."

She kissed me softly, "Nope, things just got a whole lot better. And as much as I want to stay here forever, you're going to be late if you don't leave soon."

I looked at the clock and realized she was right, shit. "Yes, I will let you go now."

She gave me one last kiss and was almost completely out of the car before she turned around again, "Oh, and good luck today. I'll be rooting for you!"

That was just what I needed to hear. "Thanks. I love you."

A huge smile spread across her face, "I love you too. See you later."

As soon as I saw Bella walk in the house I drove off, back home to get my stuff ready to play. The drive to Los Angeles was horrendous, shocker. But it did give me a lot of time to think about things. I saw how upset Bella got when I started to go off on Jacob so I decided I wasn't going to play his childish games anymore, I was going to put all of that aside for her. Jacob just wasn't worth it to me. I got to the field with just enough time to get dressed and be on the field for batting practice. The stadium had a whole different feel on a game day, almost similar to the one I felt in Anaheim. Of course, nothing would ever compare. The Dodgers, or, I guess my new team, did batting practice first, then the Angels went and before I knew it, the stadium was full of fans all wearing either blue or red and after the National Anthem, it was time to take the field. Games were always my favorite part of playing, it was the one time, aside from playing the piano, when I could forget everything that was going on in life and not care. It was a way for me to get out all of my emotions and today, I felt bipolar.

I told myself I was going to ignore Jacob but he just wouldn't leave it alone and kept making snide remarks about me and eventually, I just couldn't take it anymore so I decided to confront him after an inning was over because of course, the little fucker had something to say when the coach brought us in at the mound. "Jacob! I don't know what the hell your problem is but this is it. We're done. I do not care to talk to you more than necessary, meaning that on the field we will communicate, whenever we're playing baseball is when we will talk but outside of that, nothing more. I don't care what you think of me or what you have to say. So shut the fuck up once and for all."

He looked around and, again, sauntered over to me, "Newsflash, Cullen! You're not my mother so you don't get to tell me what to do. If I have something to say, you bet I'm going to say it. I don't know who you think you are, walking onto my team and acting like you're some big shot that's better than us but that won't fly around here."

I had so much more I wanted to say to him but I was up to bat soon and I wasn't going to let him get to me any more than he already had. "Fuck you."

"Yeah, how original."

I went up to bat, only to strike out and I knew why, because of Jacob. I was letting him get into my head and I hated that but I hated him more. The jabs kept coming throughout the rest of the game and when we missed a key play, he of course blamed me. And as we were at yet another meeting on the mound, he shoved me and laughed as he had yet another comment to make. "Cullen's the problem out here, making rookie mistakes that only a six-year old would make."

That was it for me. Tit for tat so I shoved him back, "You know, maybe we wouldn't be missing these plays if we actually had somebody who knew how to catch behind the plate rather than some kid with stone hands. Do you even realize how many pitches have gotten by you today? Or are you still trying to figure out what that thing on your hand is? Oh, and by the way, that's what we call a mitt."

And that must have been it for him because he started coming at me before Coach intervened. "Enough! From both of you! I'm not going to have this petty high school bullshit going on! Neither of you is doing that great today so neither of you have any reason to talk! Now, finish this inning so we can finish this game and then take your fight elsewhere but while you're on this field you will respect it and your teammates! Now get the hell out there!"

I was livid at this point and I just wanted to be done with this game so I could go home. I knew being traded here would do nothing but harm. Great career move, my ass. Finally, the game finished and we had lost, not that it mattered anyway. We gave the other team their high-fives, Emmett and Jasper both giving me a sympathetic look. I walked straight to the showers so I could get out of there. I wanted nothing more than to go home to Bella.


I walked back into the house after breakfast with a huge grin on my face and I couldn't stop smiling. Of course, Alice and Rose noticed and demanded to know what had happened but I didn't tell them. It was too personal of a moment that was meant just for Edward and I and I wanted to keep it like that for as long as I possibly could. Before I knew it, we were ready to head to the game. The only difference this time, was that I was dressed in blue, wearing a Dodgers' shirt instead of an Angels' shirt. It felt so weird and different, yet so right at the same time. Telling Edward I had loved him was amazing because it seemed like now everything was falling into place for us.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity on the freeway, we arrived at Dodgers' stadium for the freeway series. This was one of the biggest series of the entire season and people looked forward to it and definitely went all out when representing their teams. Everywhere you looked there was either red or blue and after the National Anthem, it was time.

I watched Edward run out on the field and he looked so uncomfortable in his new jersey and then I saw Jacob who looked like he was king of the world. The game started and it was just like at Angels' stadium, a completely different atmosphere but once you got past that, it was just a game and we had fun. Then I really saw why Edward was so uncomfortable the entire time, I could tell that Jacob was telling him things and they almost got into a fight on the mound before their coach got to them. I didn't want Edward to screw this up, not during his first game. He was just having an off day and after the Angels won, Alice and Rose were going to go say hi to Emmett and Jasper so I decided to go find Edward and calm him down. I could see how upset he was as he was walking off the field.

Rose, Ali and I went our own ways, them going to the visiting locker rooms and me going to the home teams'. I had no clue where I was going so I stopped to ask an usher for directions. When I turned around the corner he had pointed to, I stopped dead in my tracks. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't think. I couldn't move. There, pushed up against a wall was Edward, a woman pressed against him shoving her tongue down his throat as if they weren't standing in a hallway ladened with people. What? How? Why? I couldn't form a complete thought. I couldn't feel anything and then all at once I felt everything. My breathing became labored and heavy, my heart felt like it was being ripped out of my chest and tears stung my eyes. I finally found my feet and began to run, run as fast as I could, as far as I could. I didn't care where I was going, I just needed to leave. I ran wildly, feeling as if I might black out at any second. I flew backwards when I collided with something hard.

"Whoa, Bells, what's wrong?" I vaguely heard Jacob's voice behind the fog my mind was in. I felt around blindly, realizing I had run right into his chest.

"Jake…" I breathed. I collapsed in his arms, the tears coming harder and faster, my breathing erratic and my heart ripping into two.

How could this happen? How could he do this to me? Why would he do this to me? I shook my head trying to dislodge the image from my mind, but the harder I shook it the more it seemed to stick. He had told me he loved me only hours ago. I thought he did. I'd believed he loved me. I hadn't held back; I let him in. How could he do this to me? I thought again. Why? I cried even harder, blindly allowing Jake to hold me. He kept asking me what had happened, but it didn't even register. Eventually, he said nothing, just wrapped his arms tighter around me. After some time my breathing calmed down and my sobbing was reduced to silent tears streaming down my cheeks. But the ache in my heart never subsided.

"I can't be here," I choked out and Jacob immediately scooped me into his arms, carrying me to his car. He didn't ask me where I wanted to go and I didn't care. I stared out the window at the blur that was the world seeing nothing, feeling nothing, being nothing.

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