A Promise Kept

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Chapter 1: The promise to a pupil


The stars shone high above the village of Konoha, as screams of pain were heard throughout the night. The date was October tenth the day of the Kyuubi no Kitsune's attack, the Shinobi converged on the fox in an attempt to stall it long enough for their hero the Yondaime to arrive. What few noticed was that a single kunoichi was running up the outstretched arm of the fox.

"Die and leave my village alone you damned demon" she yelled at the top of her lungs as she slashed at one of his eyes.

"Damn you, you bitch that hurt like hell. You are so fucking dead" screeched the fox as he almost lost an eye with her strike.

This lone kunoichi was named Kushina Uzumaki. What was truly amazing about her is she had given birth not even an hour ago. She had waist length fiery red hair and a slender form. Her eyes were bright green and glowed with a fierce passion for battle. She wore the traditional jonin uniform of Konoha with the sheath of a massive zanbato on her back. The only odd thing about her attire was her hitaite; it had a spiral on it instead of a leaf. She was a foreign kunoichi that moved to Konoha to marry the love of her life, Minato Namikaze.

As she continued her fierce struggle with the Kyuubi she got in a few good hits here and there, but her condition was deteriorating rapidly. She was bleeding from just giving birth and a few lacerations she got from the Kyuubi. Her breathing was heavy and she was slowing down. Suddenly the Kyuubi asked her something she never thought he would.

"WHY. Tell me why you fight for a village that you don't belong to" He roared temporarily halting his advance to satiate his curiosity.

"Just because I don't wear the same hitaite as they do don't assume that I am not a part of Konoha. I fight to stop you from attacking the village I love, to protect my husband and newborn son. I also fight for those who can't fight for themselves. Now you tell me, why you are attacking us we did nothing to you" she responded.

"Heh, you have guts woman. I like that. A shinobi with the leaf symbol on their foreheads that smelled of snakes came into my den while I was away and killed my mate and newborn kits. He said that he was ordered to by his village to kill them in an attempt to stop a new Kyuubi from being named. If you want to know my true name its Shugo. The only way demons get their names is by the acts that we do, I was always looking after those who couldn't look after themselves so Kami gave me the name 'guardian'. I always thought I was unworthy of my name and tonight is proof. I never even got to see my kits take their first breath" Shugo finished sadly.

"You and I are similar I believe that if we met in a different way we could have been friends. I grieve for your loss but know this I will still not let you take another step if you intend harm" said Kushina barely able to stand up.

"Relax, I have calmed down and thought about everything. I wish to speak to your leader, so I may find out who has slighted me" replied Shugo as he walked forward at a calm pace to wait for Yondaime. Little did he know Kushina had put too much strain on her body and died as she moved to follow him.


(Meanwhile at the Hokage tower)

"Minato isn't there another way" asked the Sandaime.

"Sorry Sarutobi sama but there isn't. Is Jiraiya sensei here, I want to say good bye to him" said Minato also known as the Yondaime.

"No and they still haven't found Kushina either. I'm so…" but the former hokages response was cut off by Kakashi Hatake carrying a corpse.

"Minato sensei I found Kushina san. Her body was found close to where the Kyuubi was spotted" said Kakashi in a solemn voice.

"Thank you Kakashi, did you retrieve her zanbato" asked Minato as he wept for his wife.

"Yes sensei, here it is" replied Kakashi, his voice cracking from seeing the strongest man he knew in tears.

"Sarutobi sama give me Naruto, my son and I have some business to attend to. Give these scrolls to Jiraiya sensei for Naruto when he is older. Tell Jiraiya give him his mothers' sword whenever he feels it to be necessary" said Minato as he disappeared in a flash of yellow light.

"What do you want gaki" yelled an old man with white hair and a strange spiked hitaite with the kanji for oil on it.

"Jiraiya you are too late, he already went to the front lines" replied Sarutobi.

"Damn it I found another way to beat Kyuubi, we have to stop him" yelled Jiraiya.


(At the front lines)

"Look it's the hokage"

"We're saved"

"Thank Kami"

"That bastard fox will finally fall"

These were the things Minato heard as he appeared. He knew that his presence alone would inspire them to fight with renewed vigor. He knew it was futile though, as far as he knew there was only one way to stop a bijuu and that was to seal it into something. He quickly bit his thumb and preformed five seals ending on the ram seal. He smashed his hand on the ground with a cry of Kuchiyose no jutsu. In a giant plume of smoke he stood on top of the boss summons of the toads, Gamabunta. Wasting no time he had Gamabunta distract the Kyuubi while he performed the seals for the shiki fujin to seal it away for good. As he performed the seals he pondered as to why it wasn't trying to fight back as much. He completed the seals and summoned the shinigami to seal the bijuu into his own son to save the village. Just as he finished Sandaime and Jiraiya arrived, to tell him of another way.

"Here sensei you know what to do" said Minato handing his son to Jiraiya as he fell over dead.

"What did he mean by that, oh well either way we mourn the loss of a brave man and all our fallen comrades" said Sarutobi.

"I'll tell you what it means when we get back to his office" said Jiraiya as silent tears flowed down his face.


(In the hokages office)

"Sensei I'm taking Naruto into my custody" proclaimed Jiraiya as soon as they entered into the office.

"And what makes you think you have the authority to do that" asked Sarutobi.

"Simple, I'M HIS GODFATHER" yelled Jiraiya scaring the old man out of his skin.

"The council won't like this one bit" said Sarutobi rubbing his temples.

"Damn the council, you will be reinstated as hokage so you better not let them push you around. Show them the will of fire you preached about to us when we were genin. Show them why you are called the GOD OF SHINOBI" said Jiraiya fiercely.

Just as Sarutobi was starting to feel his age, he remembered just why he took the position of hokage at age seventeen. His memory ignited with a passion he forgot long ago, and his will of fire burned anew.

"You are right Jiraiya, I AM the hokage now let us remind the council just who is in charge" said Sarutobi feeling younger by the minute.

"Yes sensei but my new son will stay by me the whole time" said Jiraiya.

"Fine, and Jiraiya you better not turn him into a pervert" warned Sandaime.

"No promises Sarutobi sama" said Jiraiya smirking.


(The council chamber)

"We must kill the demon, while it is still weak"

"No we could turn it into a weapon that listens only to us"

(AN: If you don't know who this is begin weeping while in the fetal position)

"SILENCE, I WILL NOT HAVE THIS INNOCENT CHILD BE HARMED BY ANY OF YOU" shouted Sarutobi making the council nearly shit themselves because they weren't expecting this. They had all seen the slow deterioration of the Sandaime into the fragile old man he was, but now before them stood the vaunted Shinobi No Kami.

"But Sandaime sama that boy is a demon in human form, he must be ki…" was all the council man got out before he started chocking on the killing intent coming from Sarutobi in waves.

"I'm only going to say this once so pay very close attention" said the elderly man in a deadly calm voice "this child is not the Kyuubi, he is only the container. If I ever hear any of you speak of him otherwise your lives are forfeit. I will not let you kill or harm the Yondaimes son in any way. That includes turning him into a living weapon, Danzo" he said still in that eerily quiet voice glaring at said councilman.

"The demon has influenced the Sandaime we must k…" was all the same councilman could say before a kunai pierced right between his eyes.

"I warned him, now is there any business that we need to conduct before we call it a night" said Sandaime with the old flame of passion burning in his eyes. This didn't go unnoticed by the elders of the council. They silently fumed because they saw he would not be pushed around like they hoped he would when they reinstated him.

"Fine but he will not be allowed to be a shinobi" said Koharu. Since Naruto was an orphan (as far as they knew) that meant that he was completely under their jurisdiction.

"That will be up to his adopted father actually" said Sarutobi with a smirk.

"And who is the boys' father" asked Homura angrily.

"That would be me, you condescending prick" said Jiraiya as he emerged from the shadows with Naruto in his arms.

"Sandaime sama you must not allow this, that…thing will corrupt Jiraiya sama" said another council member.

"You're treading into very dangerous waters there. Now I'll rebuke you. I am first and foremost known as a master spy in this village. This is essential that ONLY our village knows this. However what every other village knows me as is both a ninjutsu type shinobi and a seal master. Minato was even better than I am at seals. Any seal that he used to contain a Bijuu means that that thing is not seeing the light of day for a very long time. Also I would probably be correct in assuming he put a failsafe into the seal" said Jiraiya.

"What would this possible failsafe be" asked Sarutobi.

"Most likely it would be a release seal. If anything were to kill Naruto than the fox would be released" said Jiraiya smugly as the civilian council paled. Sarutobi just smirked.

"Now is there anything else we have to worry about tonight? No, any questions" asked Sarutobi.

"Sandaime sama, I must ask when you regained your passion. I haven't seen you like this since the last shinobi war" asked Hiashi Hyuuga.

"To answer your questions Hiashi I rekindled my will of fire tonight thanks to Jiraiya reminding me of what I lost when I was close to retiring" replied Sarutobi with the glint of someone who was still in their prime in his eye.

"May I also suggest we vamp up the security around the hot-springs. I can think of a number of women (like all of them) who would like to have privacy when they bath. If Jiraiya sama is to remain in the village as Narutos adopted father than we should at least make the spring's safer, if only marginally" said Hiashi.

"Sorry they are already over-budget and I can't lend them the money, especially so soon after the attack' replied Sarutobi.

"Remind me to never have daughters hokage sama" said Hiashi shaking his head.

"That hurts Hiashi, I may be a super pervert but I'm no pedophile. In fact you should remember what happened to the last pedophile/rapist I came across" said Jiraiya with a pissed look on his face and an edge to his voice.

"I was never told of this so please enlighten me, did you sit down and have tea with him and chat while…" was all Hiashi could get out before he was sent flying through the concrete reinforced wall behind him.

"No Hiashi, when I got through with him there wasn't anything left that was big enough to identify him with. You should best remember that because I know that it is fairly common for fat lazy main branch Hyuugas to get it into their heads that they are invincible. They then think they can have their way with whomever they choose" said Jiraiya releasing so much killing intent that even Sarutobi was finding it hard to breath. He kept it up until Naruto started bawling in his arms, which was when he bid everyone good night (except Hiashi) and left.

"When you get to the right age I am going to train you just like I trained your father. I promise I will always protect you, my son" said Jiraiya to Naruto as he proceeded to one of his three homes.


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