When it came to the first day of school, I earned myself a trip to the office and a black eye. School had hindered my ability to get even the slight chance to be with Shane in his two weeks' vacation, is how I looked at it. Could I even call it a chance, when recently Shane had been avoiding me and only lets me kiss him twice a day?

I think the real problem began when I got into a fight with this girl named Lilly… Yeah, a girl… I am always the one avoiding and being cautious, especially since dealing with Sarah's psychotic fits but, since being in my second year in high school everyone suddenly notices me … When I walk down the hall on the first day everyone whispered my name, I must have been mentioned a thousand times, of course they even took notice to Emily and Craig since their always beside me…

This kind of stuff, I usually ignore also but, when I heard them mention Sarah and only to find out in my foods class with a media paper tapped up to the board I couldn't control myself. It had Sarah with an empty bottle of scotch in her right hand and her throwing a fist at Shane while his bodyguards held him back. I knew he had done it… When I read the title of the cover I nearly collapsed and wanted to puke on the floor.


My hands shook so violently the paper almost crumbled in my hand. I wanted to die, I couldn't breathe, how could Sarah have gotten out of rehab without me knowing? Shane told her about 'us'? Why didn't he tell me about any of this?

And more importantly,

What's going to happen to us?

When I had asked who put that up on the board, no one answered… Until that bitch Lilly came up, she made a stupid joke; calling Sarah a whore and that Shane deserved better… My anger flared because, everyone laughed and agreed with her… These ignorant people didn't know a single thing about Sarah or me but, they pretended from all the gossip that they could insult us… I walked straight up to her and grabbed her by her shirt and threw her to the floor, I lost my complete temper and yelled at her telling her how did it feel to be degraded down.

She ended up crying and one of the jocks from the back of the class grabbed me off her and, gave me a black eye. I was immediately escorted into the principle office, where I was lectured until Shane had appeared. When he entered the office Lilly squealed and, the jock kid― Josh, just shrugged Shane off. But, when Shane looked at me I nearly wanted to burst into sobs and wrap my arms around him, I was scared.

He could tell, I think because he just simply excused me with that Sarah being in rehab and the fact it was a sensitive subject. The principle ate it up like pie, Shane even smuggled me out for the rest of the day, saying that I needed to take some time off.

When we got outside, Shane had a new car rather than is old Viper this one was a new one― I could tell the model was a Dodge Viper SRT10; the paint job being black with one sliver racing strip to contrast its sleek onyx finish. I marvelled at the craft work that Shane had to nearly shove me into the passenger side, I got jittery with his new car it made me wonder.

"Shane…" I drawled out in a low whisper, I had the hardest time summoning the courage to ask him and, I felt guilty for bothering him to the school just to deal with me.

"Yeah…?" He pulled out of the driveway and we were on the main road, heading down through the main streets of downtown.

"I― what's going on?" I shifted my sights quickly to see his grip on the steering wheel get tighter, I gulped. A nervous lump formed in my throat, I couldn't control how anxious I felt.

"I couldn't handle her… She, she went searching… Searching for things no one should know…" He had this quiet tone that made me shiver.

"What kind of 'things', Shane, tell me?" it came out a lot louder than I expected.

He didn't look me in the eyes nor did he give me a reply. I felt my cheeks become hot with embarrassment. What the hell had gotten into Shane lately? Lying to me, keeping his distance and, he now didn't even explain to me what the fuck was going on with Sarah!

He pulled into the mansion I instantly got out of the new car and walked straight to the gate, I wanted to leave. When I was about to press the password to let the gate open, Shane's firm grip made me spin around to realize pained face.

"Let me explain," his grip went tighter on my upper arm.

"You've got 5…" I established with him, letting his hurt expression ease just from knowing I was giving him a chance.

"She found out who your dad is…"

My heart dropped into the pit of my stomach…


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