Hey everyone! This story is the result of a plot bunny that would not leave me alone... and like last time, I didn't have the heart to shoot it.

Just a few notes before you read. This fanfic is AU and in this universe the letter was never sent and Kim came back to him after hurting herself on the balance beam. Just a little back story.

And as for the Murianthas incident, Trini was with Jason instead of Kim and incedentaly turned evil while Kim was back in Angel Grove looking after Rocky and so as a result she is married to Tommy and was with him during his tenure as the mentor and black ranger of the Dino Thunder Team.

Now, one last thing before we start...I don't own the power rangers...if I did, kim would never have left and there would never ever be a Kat/Tommy deal going on.

Okay, with that over with...I hope you enjoy this fic!

Kira screamed out her pleasure as her rocker boyfriend came deep within her…she had never felt so good and yet not filled. Scott Dewhearst leaned down biting on her neck, marking her forever his…before pulling out and collapsing down next to her on the bed.

It had been Kira's first time having sex with anyone…but oddly enough she didn't feel cherished or loved…nothing. She never thought it would be this way. Next to her Scott slumbered completely sated…but Kira….she felt numb.

He had been so rough with her…he hadn't even bothered being gentle as he broker her barrier….he'd been so…harsh…and never one time, did he say her name…or tell her how much he loved her. He just kept saying, "Oh god…god…yes…oh…." over and over again.

In the darkness of the room she got up from the bed and quickly getting her clothes on and leaving…there was really no point of sticking around…and so she left…walking out of the neighborhood and calling a cab.

The moment she got home she hurried to jump in the shower and only then did she notice the blood running down her leg…seeing this she collapsed to her knees and cried her eyes out. Was this what all those love songs talked about? This was love? In that very second she felt a switch in her turn on…and just like that as the tears stopped coming down her heart turned ice cold…and froze to the point of not beating anymore.

As she lay in bed, she slept fitfully…her worries made their way to the forefront of her mind. Did the pills work? Had she avoided pregnancy this time? She knew he didn't bother using protection. It's a good thing she did…but then what if it failed?

As she lay there sleeping she couldn't lay there in her bed to exhausted to sleep she reflected on everything that had led up to that moment. He had been so charming to her. He was so handsome, with his brown hair and blond streaks…and then those deep blue eyes. Those eyes could capture any girls heart….it was the worst of luck that he had captured hers.

It wasn't long afterwards that sleep claimed her.

Connor Mc Knight was tossing and turning too. But for different reasons, he didn't know why but for the past year, just after joining the rangers he had started crushing on his fellow team mate. Kira Ford. Not only was she beautiful, but she was also a brave girl, an awesome singer…all of that rolled into one petite frame.

But lately, when she started going with that loser Scott she seemed to change…a lot. In the space of two weeks, she had become soft and submissive…almost cowed by him.

And that was what scared Connor, not in their whole time together as rangers was she ever submissive. She was always out spoken and more then once she took the initiative and led the way into battle against countless tyrannodrones.

Connor got out of bed and paced around the room…his mind was just too active to even go to sleep. Only the late night hour kept him from jumping in his car and driving over to Kira's to talk some sense into her. But instead he got on his knees and started a impromptu work out session hoping to tire himself out so he could finally get some sleep.

Kimberly Oliver slept fitfully in the bed she shared with her husband.

In the dream a yellow pterodactyl was soaring over head, soaring above the treetops. Then suddenly it screeched out in alarm and started to take a head dive at an extremely alarming rate. Instinctively, Kim darted out of her nest following after the other dinosaur hoping against hope that her fellow pterodactyl wasn't hurt or worse…dead.

She swooped out over the tree tops taking a moment to get passed the excitement of the air rushing over her wings and then she followed the scent of the other hurt dinosaur and soon found her…but her heart started beating erratically as she came to a smooth landing next to her….the smaller female lay at an odd angle and bother her wings were shattered. Stepping up next to her….Kimberly spread out a wing and covered the younger female…and let out a soul shattering cry of rage mixed with sorrow…until she felt someone shaking her shoulder.

Her eyes flew open to see a pair of hazel eyes looking into hers.

"Beautiful, is everything okay? You were screaming."

Kim looked at him oddly. "I was?"

"Yes Kim, you were asleep one second and the next you were screaming like you in pain."

Kim closed her eyes for a moment, and then opened them back up and sat up causing the former Dino Ranger to look at her in concern.

"Kim, your scaring me. Tell me what's wrong."

Its Kira. I'm sure of it. She's hurting…something's happened. She's the only other Pterodactyl."

Tommy was halfway out of bed ready to pull his shorts on when Kim shook her head gently grabbing his arm. "It's not a physical injury….its something else. She's hurt…but not in body."

Tommy looked at her closely. "You and Kira share the same legacy. Something bad had to happen for you to dream of her, but if she's not gonna die tonight then we should wait till morning. I'm giving that huge test on Jurassic period tomorrow, Kira knows better then to skip my class."

Kim nodded in agreement, hoping that Kira would show up tomorrow…but if she didn't Kim would go looking for her and find out what the hell was going on.

She relaxed letting Tommy hold her close to him…she never felt so safe as she did in his arms. So, with her thoughts getting foggier and foggier she allowed him and his soft kisses of reassurance to lull her back to sleep.

I hope you all enjoyed this first chapter and I know it is really short for what you are all used to but I felt that what will be happening next should have it's own chapter.

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