Familiarity of Home

When Germany had first been taken to Prussia's house, he'd been surprised at the liveliness of it. Austria's house had been quiet, even though many people passed through the grand front doors day after day. Quiet and Tranquility was something Austria demanded of all his visitors.

But Prussia's house was noisy, busy, chaotic. Germany hadn't liked it. He was so used to quiet that he expected it to be everywhere, especially when Austria was there. But Prussia seemed to take that and spit on it. Germany hadn't liked Prussia the moment he saw that calm, laidback face.

But he'd thought it was a handsome face, no matter how arrogant it looked.

Germany had to spend many long days inside Prussia's house. Sometimes Austria visited. Sometimes he did not. Germany felt lonely, sometimes. He missed playing with South Italy. But that had been a long time ago, so he tried to put it out of his mind.

The first few days of living with Prussia were not happy ones. Germany wanted to go back to Austria. He wanted the quiet, the peace, the familiarity. He wanted to be where he felt at home. He didn't like Prussia's cunning teasing ways. He did not like Prussia's noisiness. He did not like Prussia! Did not did not!

So the next week promised not to go by any smoother, unless Prussia stopped playing his pranks and stealing Germany's wurst and looking over his shoulder when he was reading.

That morning Germany woke up to a sweet smell. He climbed out of his bed, shunning his clothes that took much too long to get on. He wanted to see what that sweet smell was. He wandered into the kitchen, following his nose as he rubbed his eyes and nearly tripped over his sleeping gown.

Before he could fall, strong arms caught him. He looked up into Prussia's expressive red eyes. "Hey there. I was just about to wake you up. Wanna eat?"

"What is it?" Germany asked softly, climbing onto his chair that had pillows stacked on it so he could see over the edge of the table.

"Pancakes." Prussia smiled. Germany had never had pancakes before. He'd never had most of the foods Prussia made before. He didn't like not knowing what he was eating. He didn't like not being with Austria in a quiet house with Strudels and normal sweets. He didn't want to be here. He wanted Austria to come and take him home!

Perhaps Prussia saw Germany's distress as the child stared at his plate of pancakes with an intense glare. He placed his hand on the mussed mop of blond hair, and rubbed slightly. Germany looked up at him. "S'okay kid." he picked Germany up and set him on his lap as he sat down. "Let Big Brother Prussia take care of you."

Germany opened his mouth for the fork full of pancakes Prussia fed him, trying to pretend they didn't taste good at all.

"Big Brother Prussia's gonna take good care of you from now on. Nothing's gonna happen to Lil Germany."


hee. Kiva-chan loved this, so I decided to post it. I think it's really rough and jumpy though. Tell me if you see the same thing.