A/N: Hey, Misao here. This is a story about the Dioscuri twins, Polydeuces and Castor. It is based off the theory that instead of being granted one day on Olympus and one day in Hades that they are granted immortality and eternal life on Earth when Polyduces offers to give his life to save his brother.

My back arched as his finger chased a bead of sweat that ran down the base of my neck. Tangled brown curls hung in my face as he leaned over to trail kisses along my collarbone. His tongue dipped down into the hollow of my throat and I knotted one hand in his already messy hair with a hum of pleasure. My hands and eyes raked over the perfectly sculpted abs that only a Spartan could possess and I felt him warm to my touch. I stretched my back out and my toes curled under in delight as his lips brushed my cheek as he whispered sweet nothings and bittersweet everythings in my ear.

Those words, his touch and that body- that perfect body that so many would die for, and have- set me on fire. Not the bitter fires of self righteous God fearing men but a deep passionate fire that all but consumed me. The fire burned deep down in my gut and the flames rose to lick at my legs and arms. But it was when we were joined when it burned the brightest. It was when we were one that the flames got so hot that they eradicated any other thoughts but him.

I kneaded the back of his thigh with my thumb and smiled at the soft sigh he let out. I hooked a leg around his waist and flipped him over without warning. I felt the breath leave his body as I stole his lips and ravished them. I breathed in his beautiful scent and kissed him again. He smelled like the best Greek olives which were only grown in Sparta, the various spices from our many journeys ant time. The heavy weight of time which did not show on his perfect features strongly scented his skin.

I sat back and stared at him. His glowing bronze skin, playful smile and pouting lips only made me burn for him more. His questioning blue eyes demanded to know why I had stopped. I was more than happy to oblige his unspoken request.

He was everything to me. It wouldn't matter if Apollo's chariot didn't race across the sky or if Poseidon washed the earth in water as long as I had him to cling to. He was the only thing that mattered. He was all I ever needed and I couldn't get enough. I was never satisfied with just a look or a taste; I had to have all of him. And even that left me hungry for more. Every time we touched, kissed or made love it just made the flames jump higher and burn hotter. We would collapse in each other's arms and even before we had caught enough breath to fill our lungs I would be begging for another round.

Nothing he could do could ever put out this blaze that burned inside of me. But everything he did only made me burn for him. I was glad we had forever because I would never have enough of this fire.

A/N: Misao here. Waah! It's so short! Whatever, I really like it. I really love writing about the Dioscuri twins so I hope you liked it. Thoughts?