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Epilogue ~FINALE~

After ten years have gone by I'm 24 years old now. So many things have happened in that period of time. My high school years flew by with friends like Eunhyuk and Donghae who always stuck by me. Heechul and Hankyung were really amazing. I'm grateful for them. They would make amazing parents if they had a child of their own. I'm sure Siwon would be happy to be the godfather although Heechul wouldn't be too happy about having to baptize him or her. Siwon's great! That thing he does with his eyebrows and all his gestures make you laugh so hard your ribs hurt. Even though Junsu and Yoochun are far away, I'm always in touch with them. Yoochun visits regularly and bring anything Junsu sends and I send things back. We don't mean to use him as a postal courier but he's okay with it. At least he isn't a messenger pigeon anymore. Technology takes care of that. I got Junsu a laptop so we could video chat. He's doing really well. My family is pretty amazing. Still, I'm hoping JaeJoong and Yunho will be back one day to complete my family. Kyuhyun. I think about him everyday and think about how things might have been if he were still here. The truth is, even after all this time, he alone has been the only one to remain in my heart.

"Once more I catch you looking at that stone of yours."

"Oh, hey, when did you get here?" Changmin asked putting the stone that had been wrapped in silver around his neck into his shirt.

"Well, I'd like to say I just got here but honestly, I watched you for a few moments as you were lost in your own world."


"You never told me where you got that sapphire stone."

"I got it from someone very special to me," Changmin said.


Changmin didn't reply.

"You don't have to tell me anything. I know. To change the subject a bit, I've a surprise for you."

"Oh?" Changmin pouted and tilted his head to the side in curiosity.

"Your book."

Changmin gasped. "Oh wow! It looks really nice. The red lettering and text on the black hardcover, I love how it turned out."

"You should. It's really elegant looking. The publishers were really impressed with your work. It is quite an extraordinary novel. The title is quite unique too. Every Sunset Needs Its Moonrise."

"It's true though. When the sun hides, it's the moon's duty to look over the night. The sun's rays are reflected onto the moon to give us the moonlight. They're the lovers of the heavens."

"Like in the poem."

"Yeah, like in the poem. You know, Jae wrote that," Changmin said.

"You're still dwelling on the past aren't you?"

"How can I forget? This book here is their story. I will never forget."

"Well, I'll be leaving."

"Kibum," Changmin said grabbing the hand on his shoulder. "Thank you, for everything."

Kibum nodded with a smile and left.

"What is this dream that haunts me?" JaeJoong asked,

Facing Yunho,

Awaiting an answer.

"Not a dream but reality," Yunho replied.

"The shadow that engulfs me,

It fascinates me,

Yet scares me," JaeJoong said.

"Am I frightening?" Yunho asked.

"I, afraid of my shadow?"

At night there is none,

For the sun is hidden," JaeJoong said.

"True, there is no sun but you,

But I am the moon

And the sun's light I do borrow,

So I shine upon your figure,

And return to you your shadow.

I am your shadow."

JaeJoong replied,

"You are my shadow."

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My surprise for this is that there will be a sequel! I haven't decided on a title yet but I've an idea on what it will be about. It will pick up where the epilogue left off. This means that the sequel will be Min-centered. I don't know when I will start posting it though because I need to take some time off to focus on school but I will work on the sequel form time to time when I have a chance. The reason why I won't be posting right away is because I want to make sure I can commit to regular updates and that nothing will come in the way enough to make me stop updating for long periods of time. Thank You for reading and commenting!

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