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Disclaimer: Not My Toys!!!

A/N: This is my first ever fanfiction ever! Isn't that cool?! Anyway I really want to know what you all think so please R&R! Thanks!

Shawn was on a mission. He had finally decided to do something about those nagging feelings he had been having for the past year now. He had always kinda liked guys, like I could confine myself to one gender,he thought, but it had never been serious and there were always plenty of girls around to take his mind off the questions that inevitably start running around your head when you want to sleep with another guy.

This was different though. This felt serious, which is kinda a big deal for me, and he had decided this morning that he couldn't keep pretending anymore, not like ive been doing a great job at hiding my feelings anyway. He'd never had the best self control and flirted constantly anyway so why would this one particular person be any different? But they were different, Shawn couldn't deny it anymore.

He walked purposefully into the station, ignoring Buzz's greeting, and marched right up to where Detective Lassiter was standing by his desk holding a file and yelling into the phone.

"…just tell the ME to hurry then, I can't wait all week for that evidence and I am trying to catch a murderer here!"


"Fine, just send it over as soon as possible" he slammed down the phone and turned sharply as Shawn neared him.

"What do you want Spenc…"

Shawn had cut off Lassiter's words by placing his lips firmly over the Detective's own still moving lips.

Carlton was shocked. But only for a few seconds. Then he opened his mouth to Shawn's insistent tongue and began to thoroughly enjoy Shawn's particular skills in this area.

After a few minutes that felt like an eternity the sound of someone clearing their throat broke through their reverie and they reluctantly pulled away from each other.

Juliet stood a few feet away looking slightly embarrassed and trying hard not to smile. Lassiter was also appropriately embarrassed but Shawn, doesn't that man ever feel self conscious Lassiter thought exasperatedly, just bounced on the balls of his feet and gave Juliet a big smile.

"Hi, Jules!"

"Hello Shawn"

"See ya, Lassie. Bye Jules" Shawn sauntered out of the station looking even more pleased with himself than usual.

Lassiter didn't reply to that unspoken question that was Detective O'Hara's raised eyebrow, choosing instead to keep his head faced downward and start some paperwork.

Juliet put a halt to the growing murmurs, "Get back to work, everyone, go on!"

He'd almost forgotten the rest of the audience they must have had. He couldn't help but be thankful for his partner's tact in the matter.