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~ Sebastian's P.O.V. ~

It was close, the End. Finally, the contract will be completely, when I could have my Master's soul in my own very hands, ready to take it. That depended upon the Young Master to decide, though. There was another part to it.

I, Sebastian Michaelis as baptized by a Phantomhive, cradled Ciel close to my chest. If only I had heartbeats, my Master would have something to entertain himself with in this state of confusion and woe he was engulfed in now. . .

Grinning at the absurdity of human romanticism that seemed to have gotten into me, I approached the stone cathedra. Gently placing the Young Master on it, I slowly stepped away and awaited his words, his orders. Ciel looked defenseless, surely aware that he belongs to me now. . . Even if that wasn't really true. If my Master looked at the matter a little bit more closely, he would maybe realize that he was still one step away from his goal. It was very short step, right in front of his nose.

"Will it hurt?" Ciel asked, obviously making an effort to remain strong, despite his version of the events. And wanting to buy time.

"Yes. . . I will try to be as gentle as I can. . ." I replied, frowning slightly. Oh, but of course, my casual smirk was hidden within my dark features.

"No." Ciel's claim only pleased me further. "Make it as painful as you can. Carve my sins into my death."

Bowing low to my Master, Ciel Phantomhive, I tried not to chuckle. "Yes, my Lord."

My steps towards Ciel were slow as I toyed with every second that passed. Ciel looked so distressed, even in his attempts to hide it. His fearful eyes reflected a grinning demon. Maybe I should have at least be more polite and hide this grin, but the moment was too perfect for me to present fake despair.

"Ciel. . ." whispering his name had a wonderful taste, but it was so low, Ciel could not have possibly heard but a tiny meaningless vibration passing through my lips.

Not having my left arm at the moment could be a small bother, but I removed my white glove with no problem, using my teeth – the usual.

He was cold, Ciel. I could feel a tiny shiver on Ciel as I trailed my remaining hand on my Master's face, brushing away stressful marks but forming fear ones. Leaning down, my lips slightly parted, I could contemplate the fear in my Master's eyes, enjoying his current state of helplessness. It wasn't always that you saw a Phantomhive clinging to life so dearly that fear was present.

"Master. . ." I breathed coldly into Ciel's distressful expression, almost soothingly.

~ Ciel's P.O.V. ~

Ciel had had something bothering him for the last few minutes. He had dismissed it as if it was just another of the effects of knowing you would be dead in a few seconds. But as his Butler leaned closer to his face, he felt a little bit . . . mocked. "Sebastian. . ." Ciel looked towards his side, trying to avoid the stare of his Death. Maybe if he had looked well enough, he could have noticed the grin on Sebastian's features.

And then, as sudden as a blink, Sebastian had pocked his index finger into Ciel's forehead. Ciel closed his eyes tightly, awaiting a painful end, but it didn't come.

"Sorry Master. . . There was a little mosquito. . ." Sebastian's casual voice stated. Ciel felt like slapping him, really. Was the demon toying with him? He already felt quite helpless, and the butler wasn't making it any better. "Now, Master, shall I proceed?"

Ciel did not nod nor utter a single word – he could very think just with the knowledge of what was coming next lingering in his mind. Closing his eyes tightly, he just waited. And then, had it been his imagination, or had he really felt something warm and wet slide across his forehead? Opening his eyes slowly and hesitantly, he was greeted by the sight of his butler licking his forehead, grinning.

"S-Sebastian! What are you . . .?" He was silenced by a finger being put over his lips. Ciel was too confused to yell. Sebastian gave a last, slow lick to his forehead, and then returned his tongue to his mouth.

"Shhh, Young Master. No need to disturb the peace." Sebastian said, quite casually. "You see, I want to keep my hold on you. . ." Sebastian stated, his right hand pressing against Ciel's cold cheek. "And I am limited to only one hand this day. . . I need to clean my Master somehow. If I couldn't do such thing, I wouldn't be worthy of being your butler."

"Just. . . Get over it. . ." Ciel hissed, almost desperate for everything to end. He didn't want to think about it anymore. Stupid demon.

"Close your eyes, Young Master." Sebastian said, coming – to Ciel's discomfort – much too close to his face. When Ciel closed his eyes, he could now feel Sebastian's forehead touching against his, the demon's cold breath in the tip of his nose.

~ Sebastian's P.O.V. ~

Why, wasn't Bocchan aware of what I was really doing? But now, he had never eaten a soul before, so it was expected for him to have no clue about it. I let a dark, long breath escape from my lips to cool my Master's face as I leaned in for something I have desired for a while now.

"Bocchan." I whispered quietly, as my flesh met his, lips to lips.

I did not give my Master the luxury of closing my eyes. No, indeed. I enjoyed every tithe of a second to watch my Master's expression turn from fear to confusion, as he opened his eyes just slightly to look at me bewildered. My lips formed into a grin in his, as I played with his upper lip. And then, while my Master obviously argued with himself whether to yell for me to stop or let me be, I leaned down further more into him to grant his wish. He wanted it to be painful, ne? My fangs were now biting him just slightly into his lip, but as my kiss grew stronger, a few droplets of blood would slide to his chin.

My eyes were violet now, looking at my Master's wide ones. And finally he recuperated from the trance, putting his hands between us so to push me away. I did not separate my lips from his even half and inch, though. He had wished for this, he had even told me to do it as painfully as I possibly could. But his struggling became stronger as he realized with every passing second that I was just playing around, and not really sucking his soul.

"S-Sebastian! STOP!" He screamed, his voice coming out a little bit muffled by my lips lingering in his. Hm, what a clueless, naive child he was sometimes.

"Master, you wanted it to be painful, remember?" I said, smiling widely at him, giving him the luxury of separating my face from his for an inch.

"What are you doing? Why- Why hasn't it . . .?" My master seemed to have a lot of trouble facing and putting the obvious into words.

"Why hasn't it ended?" So I have decided to give him a hand. "Because. . . Young Master. . ." I said, every word rolling out of my mouth slowly. "Your revenge is far from being complete yet."

The expression of shock and anger on Ciel's face was priceless. And then the only emotion left after recognition was made was confusion. My grin remained on my lips, teasing him, reminding him of his helplessness. "Seriously, Young Master. . . You should have guessed as much. It's a Demon's job, after all, to tempt our fellow angels to use that type of seal on an innocent boy. . ." I stated casually while my eyes wandered towards the post where Ciel's mark was, my hand caressing Ciel's cheek in the meantime.

~ Ciel's P.O.V ~

Left without a word to say, I slumped backwards, looking wide-eyed at my Butler. Son of. . . Oh, by Jove. . . Was he the one to kill his parents? What a sick. . .

"Bocchan, you look quite pale." Sebastian declared, smiling at me. Sick, disturbing bastard. . . I felt too weak to try to hurt him, at least swing a punch at him, anything.

"Why did you do that. . . ?" After realizing how lost I was in this and no matter how badly I wanted to kill Sebastian I'd have to wait, I brought it up. The kiss. Why had he done that? He was going to Hell anyway, if not eaten for the demon, so it was not as if his sanctity mattered. But, why?

Sebastian seemed to be in deep thought for a minute or two. His eyes were unfathomable though, so Ciel could not make out what was going on inside the butler's mind.

"Because. . . I was checking to see if the Bocchan's lips were dry." He answered, grinning mischievously at me. "And they were."