~ Sebastian's P.O.V. ~

"Ciel, you should just relax. Seriously." I advised, massaging Ciel's hips with wet, warm hands.

"W-Who gave you permission to call me by my name, S-Sebastian?" Ciel moaned in reply. He rocked his hips forward and backwards along with my movements. "S-Sebastian. . . Faster. . ."

"Yes, My Lord." I replied, grinning. A lovely blush lingered in Ciel's pale face.

"Faster!" Ciel moaned in pleasure.

"Oh, Bocchan, I told you not to make such provoking sounds while I am just massaging your hips." I sighed, shaking my head. This boy knew how to tempt me. He would make a good demon. "Now. . . You wouldn't want to continue moaning like that. . ." I hissed, grinning.

I was bathing the Bocchan now. He was sitting on the large tub while I cleaned his back and hips with a little, pink sponge. His back was pressed against my chest. . . Indeed, I was in a very uncomfortable situation. Was I really expected to keep to myself my carnal desires?

I leaned down and licked Ciel's ears just slightly, making him blush bright red. But he did not say anything.

"Bocchan. . . I want to continue. . ." I purred into his ear, making him tense up. I dared not look down at the transparent water. . . No need to get myself all the more tempted. My poor self-control was already suffering enough.

"That's too bad. You are forbidden to talk about such matters, Sebastian!" He hissed, irritated. I just grinned and nodded. But he did not specify what I should stop doing.

I continued to lick Ciel's ear and then went lower into his neck, leaving a pink trail where my mouth went through.

"Enough!" Ciel growled.

Shrugging, I returned to my work and continue to bath Ciel.

Did I really love this kid? This mere human. . . Did I love him? Maybe I did. . . Maybe it was only just lust, who knows? Hopefully, time will tell.

"Ciel. . ." I whispered his name softly, so softly Ciel could not hear as my hands started to clean his legs, between them. I closed my eyes, keeping my fantasies to myself as well as my desires.

And then Ciel moaned.

My eyes opened instantly and I let go of the sponge in my hands, letting my hands touch with his perfect, porcelain skin. This turned awkward. I was left speechless. But then simply smiled and continued to clean him.

"Oh, seems that the sponge is gone. . . There are only two things left to do now, Bocchan," I said cheerfully as I slide one of my hands between his legs. "Either I search for the sponge (yes, it involves undressing myself and joining you in the water) or I continue to clean you with my bare hands."

Ciel gulped rather loudly. Oh, how I loved to make him nervous like this.

"Forget it." He hissed angrily, obviously trying to recuperate from the feelings my touch gave him. "Bring my clothes, I am clean –"

Suddenly someone emerged from the water.

My eyes opened a little wider as I stared to what had just appeared from the other end of the tub.

Right there, standing up, just emerging from the tub's water was a red-headed shinigami with a sleepy expression and dreamy eyes. He looked at both Ciel and me . . . almost hungrily.

"Ohhhh~ Ciel-chama!" He squealed, jumping across the tub, reaching for the Bocchan.

"Bocchan!" I quickly took him into my arms and jumped back a few meters safely away from the Shinigami.

I could not decide what was scarier – the fact that Grell suddenly jumped from the tub where he could have gotten a nice view of Ciel's body, or the disturbing fact that he was wearing a bikini.

Oh, and this was not just any bikini. This one was red, with both the upper and lower part too little for anyone to wear. And then, Grell had apparently bothered to even fill the upper cups in his chest with cotton. Some it fell off as he posed for us.

"Stay the Hell. . . away from me." Ciel hissed, his eyes wide. Poor child. He will surely not be able to even say his own name after seeing this abomination. Ew. Ewwww.

"Ew." I said softly under my breath so no one could hear my secretly disgusted beyond repulsion feeling.

"What? What was that, Sebastian?" Grell cooed, coming closer. Both the Bocchan and I grounded our feet at the floor, completely unable to move. "I told you, Sebas-chama, didn't I? We can always have a threesome!"

"SHHH!!" I quickly put my hand over Grell's mouth. He grunted and tried to push me away. "My Lord is not suited for such vocabulary." I hissed.

Grell shrugged innocently and smiled under my hand. Then he licked my palm.

Oh. My. Devil.

I quickly fell back, wiping my hand on whatever I could get it to. That whatever resulted to be Ciel's own bare chest.

"Sebastian!" He yelled at me and quickly took a towel off a stand to wipe his chest clean of shinigami's saliva. It was most disgusting. . . But I enjoyed watching Ciel naked and wet. Ah. What a bad demon I am, aren't I?

"Oh, my, my. Ciel-chama is naked. What an enjoyable view." Grell moaned and winked at Ciel.

Ciel instantly shrieked and putted the towel around himself, tightening it and making sure it won't fall – or that nobody will pull it off. I must admit Grell was right this once. Ciel wasn't a bad view at all.

Grell started approaching Ciel. I really didn't plan to do anything to stop him. If Grell wanted to rip that little white towel off Ciel, he was most than welcome by me.

And then the Undertaker pocked his head around the door's frame. Apparently, I had left the door open in my hurrying manner of bathing the Bocchan. I sighed.

This was a very special and long shower. Just as I had hoped, but I didn't really like it now. Be careful for what you wish for, I guess. Hm.

"Ne~ Who's molesting who?" The Undertaker cooed from where he was. Apparently, he didn't have any intentions of coming into the room until the situation was clear for him. I could feel my face turn purple in unexpressed frustration. Please. Join us. You are the only one that was missing on this hell pit.

"Well, I think Sebastian wants to molest me while I molest Ciel," Grell replied as sexily as he could manage, putting his hands on his "hips" and leaning on one leg.

"And Ciel wants to molest us both." I added, smiling.

Well, if this was a party, I just better enjoy it.

Ciel looked angry for a moment, and I swear I could almost feel his need to swing his fist at my cocky grin.

"Why~ Earl~ I didn't know that sexy part of yours." The Undertaker said, coming inside the room with two odd things in his hands. In his left hand he held a heart-shaped bookmark, and his right hand he had a Bible.

"Hey! Don't bring that close to me, or I'll burn!" Grell said dramatically, throwing up his arms and moaning in fake pain. I rolled my eyes and snatched the Bible carelessly from the Undertaker's hands. He just smiled at me. Ciel was glaring at all of us.

I almost heard Ciel say ". . . crazy people. . . stupid demon. . ." but I was too busy looking at the Bible up and down.

"So, what's the Bible for?" Grell said, bravely coming forward to poke it shyly when he saw it didn't burn a demon like me.

"I read the Bible when I feel smart." The Undertaker replied with no hesitation.

Grell and I raised an eyebrow at him. Even Ciel continued to stare at the Undertaker.

"Eh?" Grell was the one to break the silence. "I read the Bible when I feel sexy." Grell added, licking his lips. "From afar."

"I read the Bible when I want to know which rules to break." I said with my casual grin and shrugged.

The Undertaker took a paper and feather pen out of. . . nowhere. . . and started to scribble down some words. "This might come in useful~" He said.

Grell, me, and even Ciel peered in to look at what he was writing.

People read the Bible when they feel:




"Hm. I don't know if Rebel is the right word. It's just my work." I said again. The Undertaker just shrugged and was now starring at Ciel.

"We don't count as people, either." Grell complained, but the Undertaker was too busy examining a confused, blushing, naked Ciel to notice. At least Ciel was sensible enough to put that towel around himself. Feeling hot, wasn't he? Oh, Bocchan.

"When do you read the Bible, Earl?" The Undertaker asked Ciel, who looked away and fidgeted.

"I don't believe in that book." Ciel replied arrogantly.

The Undertaker laughed darkly while Grell snickered as cutely as he could, though it didn't came out the way he wanted for he tried several tones of snickers before he gave up with a sigh. I didn't get the joke, myself.

"Well, if this book wasn't the truth, then Sebastian wouldn't be true, either." The Undertaker replied, now pocking Ciel's cheek while Ciel stared annoyed at him.

"Or me!" Grell cooed from somewhere in the room, clearly trying to gather attention around himself. And clearly failing.

"Ahem." I cleared my throat. The Bocchan looked frightened enough already. Well, at least he was trying to look brave and nonchalant, but even Grell could tell the Bocchan wasn't so keen of being naked in front of three other men. Or two. I have no idea if Grell counted as a man. I wasn't really a man (because only humans are men and women) but I was happier to take on the form of a man. Mostly because I think it would simply be too annoying for men to take glances at you at every curve they could get their greedy eyes into. I would have already murdered half of the men population in England. Women weren't bad at all. . . Most times.

"The Bocchan needs to eat. And I have to ask him some question to understand humans better." I said, grinning, closing my eyes reassuringly. What a peaceful and calm expression this was.

In that moment, Ciel's stomach growled.

"See?" I said.

"Aw! But the fun was just starting," Grell pouted, but began to walk away anyway. How the hell he got in first? I have no idea. He probably just fell asleep in the tub without anyone noticing him being there.

"I'll see you later, Earl. Good luck with your Butler." The Undertaker replied and walked out of the door of the bathroom and then out of the bathroom.

Ciel then turned to me. He was angry. Very much so.


Twenty Minutes Later – Garden

"Ah, Bocchan. Today's lunch is –"

"I don't care. Just hurry up and help me some. I'm starving."

"Yes, Bocchan."

I leaned down to serve him some fish and salad I had prepared, which had quite fancy names that I had wanted to show off, but the Bocchan wasn't in any mood for it, apparently.

"You said you wanted to ask me some questions, Sebastian." Ciel said while sipping some tea rather quickly.

"Oh, yes. But the Bocchan was the first one to call me into his room. So I ask of him to explain me what he wanted me for at that moment." I replied with my same peaceful mask. Actually, I did not feel peaceful at all. I was confused. Did I love Ciel Phantomhive? It was useless, though. He will never share my feelings for him. In fact, now that he knew I was more than willing to touch him, he will have less trouble making up his mind about killing me.

"Do I have to kill you for the contract to end?" Ciel asked me. So here it comes.



"Well, Bocchan, I'm a little surprised you don't know. It's quite obvious." I answered while pouring some more tea into the Bocchan's cup. We were in the garden's table. It was a quite nice and fresh place to be. "You order me to."

Ciel almost shocked on his tea. He quickly put the cup down as he coughed lightly. "What?"

"You order me to. It is very simple, really. You just need to say 'Sebastian, I order you to die' and it will be done. Just as My Lord asks of me," I answered and smiled down at him. Ciel seemed uncomfortable now.

"So. . . What are your questions?" Ciel asked, trying to change the subject. He squirmed a little on his seat. Maybe he was trying to conclude when he was going to kill me. I didn't really mind. The quicker, the better. I didn't want to argue with myself anymore about my feelings for him. It was useless.

But I wasn't going to die without trying.

"How do humans demonstrate love to each other?"

After all, I am one hell of a butler.

Ciel seemed taken aback my question and he quickly shook his head and almost chocked on his tea again. "Well. . ." He started to say and drifted off.

I have noticed I am trying to demonstrate what I feel for Ciel in all the wrong ways, because he always cries or gets scared when I try to do so. Isn't making love the most beautiful thing you can do to demonstrate your love? I think humans have it different. . . Or is it just Ciel? Well, but after all, most humans took sex as an excuse for pleasure and do anyone they please. It was different with me, though. I was doing it for all the correct reasons, and yet, Ciel won't let me. Confusing humans, weren't they?

"Elizabeth buys me presents and. . . Hugs me. And worries about making me smile, I guess." Ciel replied and then quickly returned to eating.

"Oh, is that so?" I mused, thinking deeply on this. So this is what the Bocchan is expecting from a lover? Hmmm~.

"Nee!" My hands pinched both of Ciel's cheeks and then pulled them gently upwards to fake a smile on his lips.

"Shebashtian! Gewt the herr off meh!"

Oh, my. Hasn't he just said he wanted me to make him smile. So troublesome. How am I supposed to demonstrate my love for him if he doesn't let me?

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