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Chapter 16


I could see the lust in Edward's eyes when I told him I wasn't wearing any underwear. He cupped my face in his hands and kissed me passionately. If there was anyone in the room who wasn't sure whether we were together or not, they certainly knew now.

"I can't believe you just told me that. That's just mean Bella."

"You deserve it for what you did to Jessica." He just grinned at me throwing his arms around me and started dancing again. Standing there with his arms wrapped around me pulled in close I was aware of just how much I wanted him.

We stayed on the dance floor for a couple of songs and then thankfully Edward decided we should mingle. He held onto either my hand or my waist the entire time we were talking to his friends, some of them I knew quite well from our English class, others I only knew through seeing them around school and sitting with Edward at lunch.

Edward only let me go so I could go to the bathroom. As I entered there was no one there, but I could hear a few people come in after me. I could hear them talking quite loudly about someone.

"…….and that blue dress is so boring I just don't know what it is that Ed sees in her." It was Lauren, although the comment didn't bother me coming from her. I'm glad she found my dress boring.

"I think she's really really pretty…." Jessica. I heard the door open and a third person walked into the bathroom.

"Honestly Jess you have no idea if you think she's pretty……"

I walked out to confront the two girls standing at the basins. Jessica, Lauren & now Tanya all stood there. Lauren looked at me with surprise, Jessica looked at me and smiled, she knew she hadn't done anything wrong. And Tanya just looked from Lauren to Jessica with a filthy look on her face.

"Bella, I love the chain around your neck." Jessica sounded a little nervous and was clearly trying to deflect attention away from their conversation.

"Oh yes Bella it's very sweet. Where did you get that?" Lauren was trying to recover.

I fingered the necklace that Edward gave me a few hours earlier. Unsure of what to say in front of the three girls who I knew had their eye on my boyfriend.

"Um…Edward gave it to me."

Jessica's eyes widened in surprise again. "Wow it must be serious then?"

Tanya came closer to inspect my necklace. "It's really beautiful Bella. Tiffany's……" She looked up at Lauren now, "Edward always did have good taste." She looked back at me and winked so that Lauren couldn't see and then walked out of the bathroom. Maybe I had her all wrong. Maybe she wasn't still in love with him. Who knew?

Jessica linked her arm in mine and walked out of the bathroom with me leaving Lauren red faced and seething.

"Sooooo……you have to tell me everything. I can't tell you how jealous I am of you! So, when did you get together?" I was a little taken aback by Jessica's response. She said she was jealous, but it wasn't in a bitchy way, it was open and honest and very sweet.

"Um, about 6 weeks ago I guess."

"So, what happened, tell me about your first kiss. Is he a good kisser, I bet he's a great kisser?" I wasn't going to answer the second question, of course he was a good kisser, but I didn't need to rub it in.

"Well, we were up late talking one night when I was staying at Alice's and he kissed me really sweetly good night, and we've pretty much been together ever since." She wasn't getting any more details.

She looked at me very suspiciously, raising an eyebrow and then grinning from ear to ear. "So……." It sounded like she was putting two and two together, "if you're always staying over at Alice's, that means you're always staying with Edward right? Oh my god Bella! Are you sleeping with Edward?" The last question was said under her breath.

I didn't answer her question, Jessica and I weren't close, there was no way she was getting that much information out of me. Alice didn't even know yet, officially. Although unofficially I was pretty certain she knew something had happened last night. But the blush on my cheeks would have given it away.

"Oh, I'm so glad if it can't be me it's at least someone I know!! As long as it's not Lauren."

"I thought you liked Lauren?" I asked.

"Oh, my god she's driving me insane. She's such a slut it's not funny. She was expelled from her last school you know. For coming onto a teacher. Apparently she started writing him letters, and then tried to seduce him. She's so angry tonight about Edward it's not funny. You should have seen her reaction after she saw you two together earlier. She stormed over to me and said that she'd heard Edward call you his girlfriend, and she just saw red. She was banging on about how hot she thought she looked tonight. She was convinced that with that dress she's wearing she would be able to entice him into her clutches. And I think she's still thinking about giving it a go, so watch out."

I laughed at that. For some reason it didn't phase me. The entire time I'd been standing talking to Jess, Edward had been watching us from the other side of the room. Jessica had noticed too.

"Wow, he really has it bad for you doesn't he? He hasn't taken his eyes off you the entire time we've been standing here."

I just smiled sweetly at her and then walked towards Edward, as if drawn in by that wicked little smile of his.


My beautiful girlfriend had tormented me all night with the 'no underwear' comment. It was definitely time to get the hell out of this place. After she was finished speaking to Jessica I grabbed her around the waist.

"Let's get out of here." I hoped she agreed because I could see Lauren bearing down on us.

"Oh thank god." She looked relieved. I grabbed her hand and practically dragged her out of there to the car. Charlie was expecting us so I knew I couldn't take her anywhere to have my way with her. Dressed the way she was it was a complete travesty. As I pulled up in front of her house Bella grinned mischievously. I had no idea why. I opened the door for her and took her hand as I walked her to the front porch.

"Would you like to come in Edward?" That mischievous grin was still on her face and it was driving me crazy. Of course I wanted to come in. I wanted to wisk her up to her bedroom and have mad sex her, but her father was a policeman, it wouldn't be the wisest move I'd ever made.

"Charlie would probably prefer it if I didn't," I noted cautiously. Bella turned around and walked inside picking up a note that was on the table and reading it very quickly.

"Well, it just so happens that Charlie isn't home. Didn't you notice there was no squad car out the front. And this note," she turned the note around to show me, "just happens to say that he's been called out and is unlikely to be home any time soon." She looked incredibly satisfied with herself. Hmmm, the night was all of a sudden looking up! But then again.

"Bella, he wouldn't lay a trap for us would he?"

"Charlie? No, he knows if he did something stupid like that I'd never speak to him again and I'd move back to my Mom's."

"I didn't know you were so manipulative?"

"I'm not usually. But when it comes to getting what I want," she said with her hand around my tie coaxing me towards the stairs, "sometimes a little manipulation is necessary." I definitely liked where this was heading! I followed Bella up the stairs. I'd never been into her room before so I was curious to see it. And while I already thought I knew her pretty well I was always interested to find out more about the girl who I was desperately in love with.

But as we entered her room it didn't look like Bella had any intentions of giving me a chance to look around too much. Her arms crept up around my neck and her lips came down on mine with such force that I was a little taken aback.

"Bella….Bella? Your Dad could arrive home at any minute and to be quite honest I don't particularly want to get caught in a compromising position when he has a loaded gun on his hip." But she wasn't having any of it.

"Just live a little Edward, doesn't the idea of getting caught make it that much better?" She was undoing my tie now and I was trying to take her hands away. What was I thinking? I couldn't believe she was offering herself up to me and I was trying desperately to stop her. She was onto me though, so she moved her hands away from my tie looking a little dejected. But there was something about that look that made me think she was still playing her little game and she was going to win. And I was fairly certain she was probably right.

Bella's hands dropped to her sides, and she looked like she'd stopped trying to seduce me. Then I heard the noise. I hadn't notice her hands snake up behind her back and swiftly undo the zipper on her dress. She shrugged her shoulders forward a little and shook them slightly allowing her dress to fall to the floor. Fuck me. Bella was standing in front of me with absolutely nothing on. She was right when she'd told me earlier that she wasn't wearing any underwear. She had only had one piece of clothing on.

That was it, I absolutely lost it at that moment. I turned around and kicked the door closed behind me, and then began the frustrating task of getting out of my suit. Why did I haven to have so many pieces of clothing on when she had only one piece. Actually, that wasn't quite right. She was still wearing heels. So hot.

Bella helped me with the buttons on my shirt and pants while I pulled my tie off and managed to force my shoes off. Jacket, shirt, singlet, tie, pants, boxers, sox….how ridiculous. All she was wearing was a dress. This just didn't seem fair. But then again she looked as frustrated as I was.

When I was finally naked Bella pushed me back onto her bed, taking complete control of the situation. A hideous thought crossed my mind at that moment that really should have put a stop to everything I planned on doing. If Charlie were to walk in at this very moment would it be better for me if I was on top, or underneath. Personally I didn't care where I ended up as long as it was inside Bella, but I figured it would end better for me if it looked like Bella was in control.

Bella straddled my body and leaned down towards me. And I couldn't have been happier.

"You are so fucking beautiful Bella. I don't deserve you." As Bella moved herself on top of me I listened intently for any noise that may indicate that Charlie was home. I think Bella could tell my attention wasn't fully focused on her because she stopped kissing my chest and looked up at me.

"What's wrong Edward?"

"What do you think is wrong? Your father could come home, so I'm sorry if I'm a little distracted." There was that mischievous grin again. She propped herself up on one arm, her hair falling down towards my face. Her other hand trailed its way down my chest, over my stomach then further down where she wound her hand around my erection, slowly caressing it. All thoughts of Charlie were now well and truly gone. "Fuck Bella," I moaned as her little hand worked wonders around me. My hands instantly ran up the sides of her thighs and then grabbed her pert little ass. I moved my head forward licking and sucking my way down towards her breasts. She threw her head back moaning in pleasure.

All I could concentrate on was what Bella's hand was doing. She knew exactly what to do to me, speeding up and slowing down, keeping me on the edge. But if she kept it up for much longer it was going to be all over and I wanted her to enjoy this as much as I was. I pulled her hand away and she looked a little disappointed. I snaked my hand around her waist and swiftly moved so that she was now lying on the bed beneath me.

I took that moment to look down on her, completely naked beneath me, smiling shyly now. God she knew just how to turn me on, that shy smile had always done it. I began to pepper kisses down her chest and over her breasts.

"Edward……." She was panting now, "…….Edward, I want you now."

I didn't look up at her, instead moving my hand to where I knew she wanted it. "Hmmmm patience Bella." I continued kissing her stomach.

"Edward, Charlie will be home eventually."

I stopped what I was doing with my mouth and looked up at her, but left my hand right where it was. "hmm good point." She reached into her bedside draw and started fumbling around. She really did want me inside her.

I knew Bella was ready for me, but I was conscious that yesterday was the first time we'd had sex. To be quite honest I didn't think she'd be up for it again so soon. But everything about Bella's body was telling me she wanted me, and she wanted me now. I was at her entrance and I slowly slid inside her. Her body arched as I gently thrust, she moaned quite loudly and I winced wondering whether I'd hurt her, or whether the neighbors might hear. But as she wound her legs up around me and pulled me in deeper I knew she was more than OK.

"Fuck Edward…..this just keeps get better every time." I grinned down at her knowing she was enjoying this as much as I was, if that was even humanly possible. I started thrusting harder and faster, knowing that drawing our love making out any longer might result in me being permanently maimed in some way, if I was given the chance to survive at all. I pulled Bella's legs up so they were on my shoulders and she grinned up at me, clearly she liked this new position, but really I'd done it to gain better access to her. As soon as I began rubbing circles around her clit her body arched up and she moaned again.

But seeing her like this meant I was completely on the edge and it wasn't long before I completely lost control of my body, but thankfully not my mind, although I was already out of my mind for this girl. Still inside Bella I continued to help Bella to her climax, which came moments later. Fuck she was beautiful.

"Edward, please tell me you don't have to go home and we can do that again later. I can't imagine how but I know it's going to get better."

"If I could stay I'd stay. But who knows when Charlie is going to be home. And you do want to do this again don't you."

She nodded her head seductively raising an eyebrow at me.

"Then I'd probably better go."

"So I probably won't see you until Monday now will I?" The thought of a day without Bella just made me sad.

"Yeah, I'll pick you up as usual, but you'd better be ready for the onslaught?" Bella looked at me quizzically. "The onslaught from everyone at school once they know we're together. I know lots of boys are going to be pissed at me."

"Well, I've already dealt with your three greatest admirers so it should be easy for me!" She was grinning from ear to ear. But from what I'd heard Lauren was very unhappy and I was a bit worried about what she had planned for school on Monday.