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Title: Making The Bed

Genre: General Fluff

Timeline – late first season

Author - Charlie

Summary – What is Lee doing in Amanda's bedroom?

Anyone who wants to make constructive criticisms, please do.

Amanda hummed to herself as she grabbed the bottom corners of the bed sheet. With a flick of her wrists she sent the sheet soaring into the air and then waited for it to slowly parachute down onto the waiting surface below. As the material settled onto the mattress, she began to smooth it with her hands, working her way towards the corners.

Once she had reached her destination, she lifted the edge of the mattress and began to tuck the sheet into place.

"You're doing that all wrong you know."

At the sound of the male voice behind her, Amanda jumped and whirled around in surprise. She'd thought she was home alone—obviously she was wrong.

"Lee! What are you doing here? You're never supposed to come to my house. And it's the middle of the day... And you're in my bedroom." Amanda's voice rose as she spoke, peeved at having been startled and at being caught in the middle of a mess.

She knew she looked awful. That morning, knowing the tasks facing her, she had thrown on her oldest track suit and bunched her hair up in a clip. Her hair had since rebelled against the constraint and several strands were hanging in her eyes. The elastic waist band of her sweat pants had seen better days and kept sliding down her tiny frame. She hitched them up higher on her hips while her eyes darted around the room.

It was laundry day and she was also trying to squeeze in some cleaning at the same time. The usually neat, tidy room was in a state of disarray. Her bed was in the process of being made. The vacuum was in the middle of the room. A hamper of clean laundry was on the floor and her dresser drawers were pulled open in preparation for putting the garments away. She noticed that one of her bras was hanging half out of the drawer and she inwardly groaned in embarrassment. Lee's keen eyes would have missed nothing and she could only imagine his thoughts at the sight of the silky peach cup dangling in the air.

His voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Yes, it's the middle of the day but no one else is home. I checked first. And I've been trying to call you all morning but the line is always busy, though I think I know why..."

Amanda followed his sardonic gaze and she saw that he was staring at her bedside table. The phone that sat there had been knocked off the hook. She rolled her eyes and gave her head a self-deprecating shake while walking over to place the receiver back in the cradle. "I must have knocked it out of place when I stripped the bed this morning. But you shouldn't just walk into my house. Most people ring the bell or knock on the door." She folded her arms and looked sternly at him.

"I did ring the bell but it didn't work and, when you didn't answer my knock, I started to wonder if you were all right. I picked the lock and came in to check..." Lee flashed his little boy grin at her.

Amanda felt the disapproving gaze melt from her face. After all, it was nice of him to be concerned ...

"Okay. I forgive you for invading my inner sanctum. Now, what can I do for you?" She resumed making the bed.

"Well, it's actually Billy's idea..." Lee's voice trailed off.

Amanda paused in the middle of tucking in the sheets. She glanced back at him over her shoulder, wondering why he had stopped talking. "What's the matter?"

Lee shook his head. "You're doing it all wrong."

"Doing what all wrong?"

"Making the bed. Those aren't proper corners."

"Proper corners?" Amanda stood and stared, puzzlement evident in her voice. "I just stuff the sheets under the edge of the mattress..."

"That's not how it's done." Lee stepped forward, pulled the sheets out and began to instruct Amanda on proper military corners and bed making techniques. "I was raised in the military and if there's one thing I can do, it's make a proper bed," he explained, while working his way around the mattress.

Amanda stood back and watched in fascination. Lee Stetson, the infamous Scarecrow and Steno pool Lothario was in her bedroom, making her bed. She shook her head. Even if she could tell someone, they'd never believe it!

"There!" Lee stood back and surveyed the neat, tight sheets.

Amanda chuckled. "I bet you never used sheets with pink rosebuds in the military."

"Ahh—no, I don't think we ever did." Lee stepped away from the bed and rubbed his neck, obviously a bit embarrassed at having over stepped his bounds.

"Lee, it's okay. Thanks for making my bed. It's never looked so good." Amanda smiled at him and squeezed his arm.

"Yeah...well," He rocked back on his heels and stuffed his hands in his pockets. "As I was saying, it's Billy's idea, but the Agency needs you to go to the British Embassy with me tonight. I'm doing undercover security and it would look better if –"

"You had a date." Amanda finished the sentence for him. "What's the matter? Will you be out past the curfew of your latest little girl friend? "

"Candi isn't a little girl and she doesn't have a curfew."

"Then why don't you take her?"

"Well, Billy says she doesn't project the proper image..." Lee trailed off uncomfortably.

Amanda smiled to herself. She knew exactly what Mr. Melrose meant. From all reports, Lee's latest girl friend was rather wild and wouldn't fit in at the prim and proper British Embassy.

"So, will you do it?" Lee's voice broke into her thoughts.

"Sure—but only because you helped me make the bed."

"Great. I'll meet you there around 8:00. Maybe you could wear that peachy coloured gown you had on at the Russian affair last month. "

"Okay." Amanda nodded, surprised that he recalled the outfit. He hadn't seemed to notice her at all that night.

Lee surveyed the room, apparently only just then noticing the state that it was in. "I hope you won't be too tired. It looks like you've been busy today." Lee's eyes drifted across the room and approached the dresser.

Noticing the movement of his eyes and remembering the bra hanging out in plain sight, Amanda side stepped over towards the dresser and casually bent, scooping up the offending garment and stuffing it into the drawer. "Oh, just the usual laundry and cleaning. I won't be too tired."

"That's good," Lee nodded in apparent understanding. "Well, I'll just be on my way and leave you to your housework." He took half a step towards her, stooped and picked up something from the floor. "If you wear the peach dress tonight, you might need these." He smiled and winked at her, while handing over a pair of silky peach panties.

Flushing, Amanda grabbed the item from him.

"I'll just see myself out." Lee smirked and strolled out of the room, looking entirely too pleased with himself.

Amanda stood frozen listening to his footsteps going down the stairs. Moments later she heard the back door open and then click shut. Sighing, she sank down on her bed, the panties crumpled in her hand. How did he do that? One minute he was so nice and the next...She shook her head and sighed. Maybe he was just getting back at her for her comments about Candi.

Her hand trailed across the sheets of the bed he had made for her. It was certainly a curious relationship that she had with the dashing spy known as the Scarecrow. She wondered where it would ever lead.