AN: This is my first attempt at writing anything outside from college.

The story is based upon a series of dreams that I have had in response to a letter that I wrote several months ago.

Feedback is always welcome!

SMeyer own Twilight, I just like to dream about her characters.

What was I thinking…

Chapter 1: The Phone Call

I was reclining in my living room chair reading a book when my cell phone rang. I glanced at my iPhone and noticed that the number was unlisted but I decided to answer it anyway, which shocked me because I usually ignore blocked calls.

I pressed the answer button and said, "Hello, this is Jasper" and I waited for a response, there was a slight pause and then a voice replied with the most delicious British accent, "Hello, this is…Edward and I just finished reading your letter that you sent me."

Holy Fucking Shit! He actually called me!?!?! What do I say? Calm down, he is just a regular guy like you so treat him as such!

"I'm happy you had a chance to read my letter. I figured you were inundated with all kinds of fan mail and thought it might have been lost in the masses."

He replies, "I try and make time to read as much fan mail as I can and when I got to your umm 'letter' he places a heavy emphasis on the word letter, I was intrigued."

My heart skips a beat as I think about what I know has intrigued him. Breathe you idiot! Answer him, before he thinks you are some illiterate moron.

I ask, "What part of the letter did you find intriguing?"

"Well to be honest, I am very curious as to why you would want to give my feet a massage. It was an unusual request."

Now what? Oh fuck! He is going to think I'm some weirdo-freak if I tell him the truth. What is the worst that will happen? He can hang up on your sorry ass! Well here goes nothing…

I take a deep breath and reply, "There are two reasons to be honest. The first one is physical; I find your feet very attractive. The shape of your toes, their proportion to each other, how soft they look."

UGH, I'm sure he is rolling his eyes right now!

I continue, "The second reason has to do with trust."

I wait, letting it sink in for a moment.

He asks, "Trust? "

Well I have already stepped up to the cliff of weirdness I might as well take a jump!

"Yeah, trust. I have always thought of a person's feet as a vulnerable part of them; they can be very sensitive and at the same time they are what ground them.

My mind immediately starts thinking about gently tickling his feet and hearing him laugh. Focus Jasper!

"It takes a certain amount of trust for a person to willingly place their vulnerabilities in your lap, knowing that you'll not abuse that trust. I guess I was hoping that you would be willing to trust me enough to place a sensitive part of you in my care."

Oh shit, I hope he thinks I mean his feet…well maybe not just his feet.

There was a small period of silence in which I assumed what I had just said was sinking in. Edward then says, "Very interesting; you are quite the peculiar person. Does that mean you still want to massage my feet?"

I don't even hesitate in my response, "All night long if you would let me."

Oh fuck, did I just say that? Yep you did.

He chuckles over the phone, "I just might have to let you do that sometime."

Whoa! He actually might like that? At this point, I'm thinking, why not go for broke!

I reply, "I know you have a very intense schedule, but if you ever find yourself back in the LA area, I live in San Diego and it is only about an hour and half drive. I would love an opportunity for the two of us to meet face-to-face and possibly have dinner? I love to cook and would be happy to make you dinner or we could grab something local?"

I notice that I am holding my breathe again, hoping he won't say what I know he is going to say…

There is a pause that seems like 15 minutes but is more like 15 seconds when he responds, "Umm, I am planning to be back in LA during the second week of April. Would you be free that Friday? I mean, if you are really interested in meeting?"

How fucking cute is he, he is actually shy!

I let him know, "I would love to! I can head up sometime after noon, would 2:00 be okay?"

He says, "Yeah, that would be great!" He gives me his address which I quickly right down and says, "I am looking forward to that foot 'massage' he emphasizes the word massage with an almost mischievous hint in his voice.

Well fuck me running!