OK, this is really the end! it's just a bit of fluffiness. i thought it needed something else added in here. i hope it ties up everything pretty well.

also, this one is in Spike's POV, just so you dont get confused. leave some love!


"Are you sure this is okay?"

"Of course it is, Niblet. You know it's no problem."

"Okay, then just remember that Gracie has to have her doggie with her when she takes her nap and that Jake will only eat a sandwich if the crusts are cut off."

I have to hold in a chuckle. Silly girl thinks we're new at this. Her mother and I raised her and her brother and sister just fine, didn't we? I've been here nearly two hundred years. I can handle a couple kids.

Or at least, that's what I thought, until the four-year-old bundle of redheaded fire that is my first granddaughter bolted into my house and straight into my knees. "Papaw!" I'm not a big fan of being called that, but at least I get the chance. I never thought I'd get the last thirty years the way I did. Walking in the sunshine with my very pregnant wife while she carried our twins and held my eldest daughter's hand. Watching my boy play soccer- because no son of mine would play that stupid American football. Walking both of my girls down the aisle to give them to the only men I would ever let have them. And now, my beautiful granddaughter lets me pick her up and spin her around, squealing the entire time.

Joy, my eldest daughter, stands with her hands on her hips, smiling. She's pregnant again, and her mother and I are taking her current kids until the baby's born. She looks just like Buffy, bright green eyes, slightly crooked nose. Brown hair, though, which her mom insists she had to get from me. I know better than that. I've seen the bills from the hairdresser to get that California girl's hair dyed.

Joy's husband Jack is standing in the doorway holding onto the hand of a very tired five-year-old. I give the man who married my baby a nod and smile at his boy. "Your granmum's in the kitchen. If you ask real nice, she'll give you a cookie." The boy's blue eyes lit up and he let go of his da and took off to the kitchen. Jack's a good man, and he's good to my girl. His parents lived down the street from us while he and Joy were growing up. When I caught the whelp climbing through my baby's window, Buffy had to hold me back and remind me that I was ten times worse than him when I was younger. The boy's da died a few years before he and Joy got married, and now he was a second son.

"I swear, if you give me back two balloons as children, I'm coming after you and Mom," Joy says, chuckling.

"You heard from the twins lately? Your mum talks t' 'em, but she don' tell me anythin'."

"Will and Carrie are trying for another baby, and Annie thinks she'll get promoted soon." My grown-up baby girl braces her hand on her lower back. I remember the first time Buffy told me we were pregnant. Her tiny form looked exactly the same to me. I nearly didn't believe her until we went to the doctor and saw the scan that showed us Joyce Elizabeth Kingsley for the first time. I watched every day as her belly grew with my baby. I held my hand over the bump every night while we slept, and I got to feel my Joy when she kicked for the first time. Then she was born, on the same day I had been 152 years prior. The best birthday gift I ever could have asked for.

Two years later, the twins were born. My son was born first and my Baby doll second. I gave my boy my name, and we gave Anne Katherine my mother's. Buffy liked to say that the girls were all her while Will was a carbon-copy of me. She was right about Will, but Annie had far more of me in her than her mother, bright blue eyes and dark curly hair.

I say goodbye to my first-born as my wife walks in from the kitchen holding our grandson. We look older, but far younger than the 50 years we're supposed to be. The Slayer blood in us both keeps us looking in our mid-thirties while the Scoobies all have grey hair. Dawn still looks young, mostly because she's still the active Key. She's married now, to a lawyer who gave her the three loudest boys I've ever met, and I hung out with demons. The witches split up years ago, but they're both still around. Glenda married a sweet doctor girl as soon as it was legal for them to do it. Red decided the whole "I like girls" thing was a phase. She's not married, but she lives with a Watcher named Wesley in LA. Harris is with a right bossy chit named Rona. Anya died in a battle against a hell beast a few years after I became human. We lost Rupert to a heart attack two years ago.

My love wraps an arm around me as she chats with our girl about sleeping arrangements, food preferences, and TV watching. Gracie plays with my hair while they talk. "Papaw, your hair is a funny color. How's come it's not the same color as Uncle Xander's?" I can see Buffy and Joy biting their tongues. I figured that if my wife was allowed to bleach her hair, I was.

"'Cuz your Uncle Xander is a big poof. D'you know what that is?" Gracie shakes her head.

"And you aren't teaching her what it is, Dad," Joy says, crossing her arms and cocking a hip. Sometimes she's so much like her mother it's scary.

"Right. Don' worry, Sweets. I'll behave." She gives me a broad smile and kisses my cheek. Her girl gets a kiss as well, then she moves to her mother and her son.

"Drive safe," Buffy says. "And take care of that baby. We'll come up once you've delivered."

"Okay. Love you, Mom. Don't corrupt my children, Daddy." I pretend to be astonished, which makes Grace giggle.

"Take care of our girl, Jack," I instruct the boy.

"Will do." He gives Buffy a kiss on the cheek and extends a hand to me. "Mom. Dad."

"Good luck. It's the third one that gets you."

"Well if you didn't spoil Annie so much, Daddy, you wouldn't have had a problem. Will and I were perfect angels." Even her children laugh at that as Jack ushers her out the door. I set Gracie down on her feet and give her a pat on the bum.

"Go find yourself somethin' on the telly, hmm? Gotta make sure my Little Bit is spoiled good 'n proper." Gracie giggles and makes a mad dash to the living room as her brother chases after. Buffy sighs happily and leans against me.

"We've only go them for a week or two," she says. A crash and two squeals erupt from the living room.

"Thank god."