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"Top it Shiori!"

"Stop what Sumi... I'm not doing anything." Six year old Shiori smiled, moving from one side to the other of the little girl; who was busy coloring on the floor of the sitting room.

"Top pulling my hair!"

"I'm not pulling your hair Sumi, I'm just touching it. Why do you have that green ribbon in it? It looks weird."

"No is doens't, mommy said it's pretty, you don't know you're a ewwy boy."

"I'm not a ewwy boy! I'm your big brother."

"... You're sill a ewwy boy."

"Yeah well, you're a cootie girl! A cootie girl that puts weird things in her hair."

"Top it, or I tell mommy!"

"Mommy isn't home remember. She's having tea with auntie Hinata."

"Den I tell daddy, yous was pulling my hair."

"I didn't pull your hair! I just touched the ribbon."

"Top it!"

"Why? I don't like it."

"Hey! give back my ribbon!"

"No, you gots to get it. I will throw it in the thrash!"

"No! Daddy! Help!" Sumi jumped up from her spot on the floor to chase after the boy that just stole her green hair ribbon.

Despite Sumi having shorter legs than him, Shiori didn't get far. The moment their father heard her cry, he appeared in Shiori's path, and snatched the ribbon from him. Watching as his father went to place it back in his sister's hair, with much difficulty might I add. Shiori vowed he would one day destroy that green ribbon.

Note: Okay this was a 'I was bored and not tired at 2 in the morning' kind of one-shot. Just something random that shot through my mind when I was thinking about the story 'Present meet Future'. When the kids first came, Shiori and Setsumi were fighting over her green ribbon, and I just wanted to show when it first started. Again this was just something random. Shiori has no real reason, other than to just bug his little sister, and that's why he doesn't like her ribbon; just to upset her... because you know that's what older brothers were born to do.