With All My Heart

He is my pride and joy;

my heart, my love, and my life.

I cherish him

every single day

and every single moment

because we are family.


I am his shield,

his guardian, his friend,

and his savior.

He does not need to worry

about pain and sadness.

I am here, to protect him

with all my heart

so he can't get hurt.


The young boy is fast asleep.

I kneel down next to him

and touch his head

softly, quietly,

and he awakens in bed.

He opens his eyes

and sees me and smiles.


"I'm home," I whisper

and with all my heart

pull him into my arms

and squeeze him real tight.


He returns the gesture

and murmurs "I miss you,"

like I am his only lifeline.


The child was lonely

and I have come back once again

to make him happy.

He does not need to cry,

not anymore,

because I am here

to love him with all my heart.

(A/N): I feel it's too early for Mother's Day, but what the heck. I am fond of Sasuke's closeness with his mom, especially since she is, like, the nicest female I've seen in the series of NARUTO. With the exception of Hinata, every girl in the manga is damn bossy and mean. XP No copying my poems. I take personal offense to that.

I wrote this one few months ago, and changed the child's gender to 'he' instead of 'she' to fit the pair. Anyways, please share your thoughts. :)