Jamie Dawnson was a 3rd year at Enivri High school. She was tall, about 5foot 5 inches, skinny, Had just past shoulder lenth thick black hair, pale skin and was beautiful. Nearly everbody in the school knew her. Part of that was because she was such a nice, friendly person and very outgoing, but part of it was because she a had a popular big sister, called Charlie, in 6th year who was going out with one the most popular boys in the school.

Her life was great, brilliant even, she was constantly at parties and getting drunk even though she was only 14. Her parents didn't know about getting drunk but they let her out to parties and gigs all the time.

Lunch time

Jamie was sitting at her usual lunch table with 4 of her closest friends; Nicola, Alana, Kimberly and Rihanna. They were all excited about the school party that was happening that day but what Jamie was more excited about was the after party that they were going to at Robin's house. Robin was a 6th Year who was going out with Jamie's sister, Charlie but he was also one of her best friends even though she was only in 3rd year.

"I think that it is so cool that the school are having a party for all of the years together!" Kimberly squealed.

"Yeah, but do you guys still want to come to the after party at Robin's house? It is gonna be awesome!" Jamie asked them.

"Well YEAH!" Alana replied," There are gonna be hot guys there! I mean, Robin, Robert, Gordon and Kalvin. I can' wait."

Jamie smiled to herself, she always found it funny how her friends found these guy ultra hot while they had been some of her best friends since....well as long as she could remember really.

"Any idea what time it's going to finish?" Kimberly asked with a slightly anxious look on her face.

" Late? I guess. Dunno really. Parties at his house sometimes last till about 2 or 3 in the morning. You don't have to stay for the whole time, but I will so I can go home with Charlie." Jamie replied.


Later on Jamie caught up with Charlie. " Just to let you know I am going to Alana's house to get ready before the school party. Okay?".

"Okay. Whatever, Robin needs to know if you little friends are coming to the party?" Charlie asked.

Jamie laughed. "Do you really think that they would miss an opertunity like this?"

"Guess not, well see you at the school party babes. Bye." Charlie replied

Alana's house

When the bell rang at half past 3 there was a mad rush to get home and get ready for the party. This was the first time the school had had a party for all the years at the same time.

Jamie, Alana, Kimberly, Nicola and Rihanna walked the 5 minutes to Alana's house talking and giggling about who they would ask to dance tonight.

When they got to Alana's house they all went to a room of their own to get ready.

Jamie got the bathroom and she was glad because it had the best mirror. She got out her outfit and smiled because she loved it so much. She had: A dark purple tank top ,with a gold and black bit in the middle, that showed off how skinny she was, Very short denim shorts, black leggings and 3 inch high heels. She also had a purple bow to put in her hair which she was going to slight spike up. She also was going to put on alot of liquid eyeliner and black lipstick.

By the time she was ready all the others had been ready for a while. They look very grown up when they were dressed up.

"Oh my gosh, you guys look stunning!" Jamie screamed.

After they were done complimenting each others outfits they decided that it was time to go as it was 10 to 6 and the party stared at 6.

"Eek..... This is gonna be soooo much fun!" Rihanna Screamed as they went out the door.