Life is for the Alive My Dear

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Chapter 1: Rest Now My Friends

Nellie Lovett was looking frantically around the bake house for Toby. Sure, she was the one who locked him in there and went to fetch Mr. Todd, but she loved Toby like a son, and didn't want any harm to come to him. He was the only family she had left, because she knew deep down that Sweeney Todd could never give up his hopeless love for Lucy Barker. Just thinking her name made Nellie's body fill with rage and sorrow.

"Toby" she called out desperately. Suddenly she heard the chute from his barbershop open and a body hit the floor with a gentle thud. Her eyebrows scrunched in confusion, wondering who it could possibly be, because Beadle Bamford was already lying on the floor making a bloody mess.

She turned around and walked toward the body, and she froze. Fear swelled in every inch of her body. "You" she said quietly as she gazed down at the small, ratty body of Lucy Barker. She realized that she had to get rid of it or Sweeney would slit her throat for sure if he ever found out that he had killed his precious Lucy.

Nellie swiftly ran to the oven and yanked open the door, then she went over to Lucy's body and grabbed her hands and started dragging her body toward the oven. She heaved her body up with all her strength and threw it into the blazing hot flames. Mrs. Lovett slammed the door and let out a sigh of relief as she leaned against it.

Only a few seconds later another body slid down and hit the concrete. Judge Turpin. She walked over and peered down at his crumpled form.

Suddenly his head snapped toward her, and he grabbed the end of her dress as he looked at her with pleading eyes. Begging her to help him, to try and save him. So she did the only thing that came to mind, she screamed.


Sweeney Todd looked at his "friend" as he held it up in the moonlight. He watched with growing satisfaction as it glinted in the light, covered with the blood of Judge Turpin. Finally, he thought it's done. "Rest now my friend, rest now forever. Sleep now the untroubled sleep of the angels."

There was suddenly a creaking sound coming from behind him, so he whipped his head around to see a boy, or so he thought, poking his head out of the chest where he had stashed David Collins' body but months ago.

He stood up, walked briskly toward it, and yanked it open. He looked down at the boy and said "come for a shave, have you lad?"

Johanna shook her head and muttered a small "no..I-"

She was cut off as he pulled her harshly from the chest by her arm and flung her into the barber chair. "Everyone needs a good shave."

He raised his arm in the air and was about to slit her throat when there was an extremely loud scream from below. Mrs. Lovett. He lowered his arm, bent down to Johanna's level, and pointed the razor at her "forget my face," he said quickly and sharply before he hurried down to the bake house.


"DIE, GOD IN HEAVEN DIE!" Nellie screamed as she frantically tried to get her skirts out of the dying judges grasp. Finally, Judge Turpin fell quiet as his whole body went limp and Mrs. Lovett retrieved her dress from him.

She heard heavy footsteps coming down the stairs of the bake house, then the door slammed open and she looked to see an extremely bloody Sweeney Todd in the doorway.

"Why'd you scream?" He asked feeling rather irritated that he let that boy go when there didn't appear to be any danger.

"Oh, 'e was clutchin' onto me dress, but 'e's finished now." Nellie said while placing her hands on her hips. Sweeney grunted in response and she rolled her eyes "typical" she muttered under her breath.

Sweeney rolled up his sleeves, bent over, and grabbed onto the judge's arms. Once he had a firm hold on them he looked up at Mrs. Lovett. "Open the door" he said quietly.

She obliged and swiftly walked over and opened it, satisfied to see that Lucy Barker's body was nothing more than ashes. Sweeney hoisted the Judge's body and watched with pure satisfaction as he burned.

He then walked over to Beadle Bamford's body and pulled him to the oven and with a considerable amount more force managed to lift him into the fire as well.

"Ugh, all tha' blood" Nellie sighed looking over the messy floor of the bake house, not wanting the think about all the work she had to do in the morning.

"Mrs. Lovett" she heard Sweeney say, so she turned around and noticed a dark, contemplating look on his face.

"Yes Mr. Todd?" she asked extremely worried about the look on the barber's face.

"Where's the boy?" that one question made her heart skip a beat.


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