Life is for the Alive My Dear

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Chapter 4: Good Evening Mrs. Lovett

Nellie woke up feeling like she hadn't slept at all. She sighed as she turned her head and looked out the window. She groaned when she noticed the sun was already up. Bloody 'ell, I'm late in getting me day started. I'll just keep the shop closed today. I've go' a lot of cleanin' to do anyway.

Mrs. Lovett slowly got out of bed and changed. When she got out of her room she noticed that it was extremely quiet. She walked down the hall to Toby's room and knocked on his door. "Toby dear, it's time to get up." She heard some shuffling and what seemed to be the rustling of clothes.

Nellie was about to walk away when Toby flung the open with a panicked look on his face, "I'm so sorry mum! I overslept, we've go' to open the shop soon!" Toby went running past Mrs. Lovett and into the shop.

Nellie laughed at the antics of Toby and walked after him so she could explain that she wasn't opining today. "Toby, calm down love. I'm not openin' today. Far too much work to be done. How 'bout, since it's such a nice day today, I give you a penny and you go and buy some toffees." Mrs. Lovett said as she pulled out her purse and handed him a penny.

Toby took it excitedly, "Thank you mum! Are you sure you don' need any 'help around here?"

"No, I'm sure dearie. You go and 'ave a day for yourself. Go the park and play with the other kids. Just be back before dark."

"Thank you!" Toby hugger her quickly, then he was out the door like a bullet. Nellie smiled as she watched him run away. Toby is such a good 'elp, he deserves a day off.

Her thoughts drifted over toward the barber upstairs. She walked into the kitchen and made him some breakfast. She walked up the stairs to his shop and knocked lightly on the door. As expected he didn't give her an answer, so she went in and shut the door behind her.

Sweeney Todd was sleeping soundly in his bed with his back facing her. He must e tired, after all he 'ad an awfully rough night. She placed the tray on his dresser and rather loudly said, "Brought you some breakfast, dear."

He jolted upright and instantly reached for one of his razors. Nellie watched in mild amusement as the wild look in eyes died down when he realized it was her, "Good morning, love."

Sweeney mumbled something that resembled a 'good morning' as he got off his bed he walked over to the food, grabbed it, then sat in his barber chair and started eating.

"There's somethin' I've been meanin' to ask you Mr. T."

"What is it?"

Nellie crossed her arms over her chest and continued to stare at him, "Are you plannin' to keep slittin' throats or will you actually keep your customers alive?"

He stopped eating and looked at her, "We all deserve to die Mrs. Lovett, but it's like you said, we can pick and choose so we don't look suspicious."

Nellie's heart skipped a beat when she realized that he was listening to her that day at the park. "Alright tha' sounds good, besides now that Toby knows he can help me down in the bake house." She looked around at the room; the floor and chair were still covered in blood. She also noticed that Sweeney hadn't cleaned up. His face was still covered in blood, and he was wearing the same clothes as the night before, "Mr. T you're a mess; go an' clean yourself up in the washroom while I get this place cleaned up. There are some clean clothes in there already."

He nodded, stood up and set the tray on the dresser. When he was halfway out the door he muttered a small "thank you", then he disappeared down the stairs.

Nellie sighed as she picked up the tray and took it downstairs. She proceeded to gather cleaning supplies.

When she got back upstairs she inwardly groaned, realizing that the blood was dried on the floor, only making it that much harder to clean.

She scrubbed the entire room until it was completely clean. Nellie loved cleaning because it gave her a chance to scrub the shit out of everything, in turn relieving some of her stress.

She walked over to the dresser and lightly traced her hand over the razors. Mrs. Lovett noticed something that she had never seen before. Sweeney's picture of Lucy and Johanna was sitting face down on his dresser. She brushed it off and proceeded to go down into the bake house.

Hours Later

Mrs. Lovett wasn't sure how long she had been down in the bake house. She had cleaned up all of the blood and put all of the extra body parts that didn't go in the pies into the oven to burn. She looked around and noticed all of the bones and clothing from the victims. What in the world are we goin' to do abou' all of these bones? No matta I'll ask Mista T abou' it later.

Nellie looked at her hands and noticed that she had some blood on them, and that she was sweating. She pulled a tub next to the oven and poured water into it so it could heat up.

After the tub was heated she stripped down and gave a loud sigh as she sank into the hot water. It was then that the full extent of her fatigue showed itself. She had been cleaning for hours on end, never stopping, and now her bones were ready to drop.

Her mind started to wander over to her business and Sweeney's business. I wonder how long we're goin' to be doin' this. It's 'ard work choppin' those bodies up. I guess with Toby's help it won't be so bad, but I don' really want to subject him to that.

She then started to think about her "relationship: with Sweeney. I've really go' to tell him about Lucy… but when? She closed her eyes and began to wash her body and hair.

Suddenly her previous words popped into her mind.

'By the sea Mr. Todd that's the life I covet, by the sea Mr. Todd oh I know you'd love it. You and me Mr. T we could be alone, in a house where we'd almost own down by the sea.'

She shook her head and let out a bitter laugh. She told herself to just forget about Mr. Sweeney Todd. He would never love her, and even if he did he would surely leave when he found out about Lucy… or worse.

She stepped out the bath, grabbed a towel and dried herself off. As soon as she got dressed she walked up the stairs of the bake house and stood in her shop.

She noticed that it was already dark outside. Nellie walked to Toby's room and peeked through the door. He was sleeping soundly in his bed.

She closed his door quietly and sat in her chair, next to a roaring fire. It was so nice for her to be able to relax next to a fire... wait she didn't light a fire. She looked around the room and notice that Sweeney was sitting on the couch and staring at her.

"Good evening Mrs. Lovett."

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