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Here is a new Bones fic. Several of you have asked for a multichap....... so Im giving it a go *thinking: "why-oh-why"* I have only managed to see a few eps from season four (I apologise for any mistakes and bad references now). Im the Aussie type that has to sit and wait for the shows *sigh* Anyway. loosely based on rumours for parts of season four finale.

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Hidden Fairy

-For the ones you love-


"Yes." He didn't realise that he had said it. Did not even consider for a moment about what this would mean for them, for their partnership, for their life. He didn't realise at all until he felt her hand pressed against his chest in silent thankfulness. Her eyes were over-bright as she spoke.

"Thank you Booth. You don't know how much this means to me." He nodded stupidly and covered her hand with one of his own as the reality of the moment set in.

"If it's what you really want Temperance, then I'm honoured." His words were soft but she heard them all the same and in the next instant her arms were around his neck, hugging him tighter than she ever had before.

"Thank you." She repeated, his own arms holding her to him as he replayed it in his head. Why had he said yes? He questioned as she squeezed him tighter, his reply going over and over in his head. Why had he said yes? Her voice woke him again and he focused on her once more. "Thank you Seeley." He sighed into her hair and held her tighter for a second before releasing her, noting that her hand slipped into his, showing how much this really meant to her, to be actually maintaining contact, to still be holding his hand.

He smiled; holding back other words as he ran a thumb over the back of her hand. Her small laugh was mixed with a small sob and she dropped her head, but his free hand caught her chin and held her face up as he spoke again.

"Anything for you Bones."

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