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"I want to have a baby Booth." She said strongly, eyes focused on his face as her heart began to beat wildly out of control. "And I want you to be the father." Silence filled the room around them as the partners stood staring at one another. Meeting stare for stare. Booth didn't know what to say. He was speechless to her request. She wanted to have a child; she wanted to have his child…………

Silence had followed her words. He was well known for his opinion on almost anything. But right then, right at that moment. He was speechless.

The Temperance Brennan, world renowned anthropologist, wanted to bring a baby into this world. The woman that had declared time and time again that she was not a woman that would ever bear a child, that her one true love was the science she had dedicated her life to. For a moment there was a sensation of pure rapture that ran through him, and in that second he was so proud of her, more proud than he ever had been before. In that moment he also saw his partner in the future, and saw what her daughter would look like. Auburn curls surrounding a sweet round face, a stubborn chin and an intelligence in her eyes that would outshine any other child. It was the colour of her eyes that wouldn't focus though. They were blue-grey for a second, before changing to the warm brown of his own.

"Bones." He began, more or less floundering for words. "I'm not really sure what to say. You want to have a baby?" he stopped, trying to form better sentences in his head.

"Yes Booth, we just spoke about it." She stated simply but with a frown, but leaving no room for doubts in the certainty of her words. "I have been thinking about it for a while, I have had fertility appointments and have even bought fertility nutrients." She paused for a second, trying her hardest to read his face, but failing miserably, she still was not any better at the non-verbal communication. "I want to start a family. It's not rational or logical, but I want to provide the love that a child deserves-"

"That part of it doesn't have to be rational or logical Bones. It's human nature, its instinct." He said, mind reeling but trying for a second to ignore her question, and failing completely. "You want me to be the father of your child?"

"Sperm donor." She corrected, a statement which her partner ignored. The anthropologist didn't understand his hesitation, and she was tense, her heart rate was increasing with every word. "That's what I'm asking Booth, yes. I have spoken to my doctor and she has given me a list of the best sperm donation clinics in the area-"

"Sperm donation?" he said in one breath, eyes wide, suddenly realising what it is she had actually said. The anthropologist frowned at her partner.

"Of course Booth. There is more than one way to conceive a child; I believe that sperm donation would be best suited. No sexual intercourse, nothing physical, no emotional ties-"

"It would be physical, Bones, and yes, there would be emotional ties. This is the making of a baby we are talking about." His words were sharper than he meant, and he regretted them instantly at the quick flash of hurt that crossed her face. She hid it quickly though, and continued speaking.

"I know the repercussions of what I am asking Booth and I know it's a lot to take in. But please, just for me, please think about it." She was stuttering, his partner was actually jumbling her words, and it was then that he realised she was scared. She was more scared than he had ever seen her. "Booth? I have thought about it, when have I ever done something that didn't involve processing the data, or collecting the facts? I'm not in a relationship, and I'm not getting younger." She paused a moment before continuing. "I want this baby Booth. You seemed like the rational and reasonable choice to father-"

"Bones a child should have two parents in its life-" she sighed at his words, not sure what to say anymore.

"I will make an excellent mother Booth, and if you can't help me in becoming one then I am more than happy to go to the clinic and choose another donor. I simply asked you first as a friend, because I thought that you might want to help me."

"Of course I want to help you Bones. I would give you the world if I could." There was another moment of silence as he realised what he had just said. Bones brushed it off, not understanding the meaning of his words.

"Then why won't you say yes Booth?" she frowned as she watched her partner sigh and rub a hand over his face, falling into the couch.

"Bones it's a little more complicated than that-"

"How? I'm only asking for your sperm-" he jumped up and paced a few steps before coming around to her side and falling down beside her.

"No Bones, it's not just my-" he paused, feeling uncomfortable.

"Sperm?" she filled in. He frowned at her but continued.

"Look, my point is Bones, you can't just ask people, and when I say people I mean me, for sperm. Do you even want me to be apart of this child's life?" the anthropologist leant away from him as his face softened, a far-away looking suddenly crossing his face.

"Do you think I won't be an adequate parent?" she didn't understand the feeling of hurt that flashed as she said the words and she defended herself instantly. "I would make a fantastic parent Booth, I can support a child financially, I can offer security-" she stood up and his eyes followed her, wishing with almost everything in him that she would believe the words she was speaking. He could hear the reservation even though she was defending herself, and her voice was becoming louder as she spoke, more helpless "I would give it the childhood that every child deserves, the childhood that I didn't get Booth, do you think that I can't do that?" He was up in an instant, hands gripping her shoulders, eyes wide in understanding.

"Of course I think you can Bones, I know you can." Her eyes were shining and she was ashamed to realise that they were yet with tears. The anthropologist pulled away from the agent with a smile that didn't reach her eyes and stepped back. "Bones-"


"Yes." He didn't realise that he had said it. Did not even consider for a moment about what this would mean for them, for their partnership, for their life. He didn't realise at all until he felt her hand pressed against his chest in silent thankfulness, she had stepped towards him, not away.

"Yes?" the longing in that one word stuck him. She really did want this. His face softened as he answered her again.

"Yes." He moved to cover her hand, twining his fingers through her own.

"Thank you Booth. You don't know how much this means to me." He nodded stupidly as the reality of the moment set in.

"If it's what you really want Temperance, then I'm honoured." His words were soft but she heard them all the same and there was that small half smile that he only showed her. In the next instant her arms were around his neck, hugging him tighter than she ever had before.

"Thank you." She repeated, his own arms holding her to him as he replayed it in his head. Why had he said it? He questioned as she squeezed him tighter, his reply going over and over in his head. Why had he said yes? Her voice woke him again and he focused on her once more. "Thank you Booth." He sighed into her hair and held her tighter for a second before releasing her, noting that her hand slipped into his, showing how much this really meant to her, to be actually maintaining contact, to still be holding his hand.

He smiled; holding back other words as he ran a thumb over the back of her hand. He had said it to keep them together, because then he knew that this way, they would be somehow connected and brought closer. It was the next best thing to actually having her. Her small laugh was mixed with a small sob and she dropped her head, but his free hand caught her chin and held her face up as he spoke again, the sincerity of his words touching her heart, but missing the underlying meaning.

"Anything for you Bones."

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