Captain Steve Conway, who was shot down by a SAM just as the war began, was rescued by a fishing boat bound for San Francisco. After he got to Miramar, he was informed of the war and, thinking that it was for the best, he left the Navy to spend quality time with his family. Two years after the events of North Korea, Shadow 1, the lead aircraft that Robert and Irma piloted during the war, was sent to the Pensacola Naval Air Museum, where it will remain on display forever, as a tribute to those who bravely flew into battle and won. Over the next two years, the other couples eventually got married. The future looked bright for all of the former pilots.

Shadow Squad Pilot kill scores (by type)

Plane air ground ships Pilot rank/name/callsign

Shadow 1 25 20 8 Capt. Robert Castellanos "Blaze"

Shadow 2 21 12 8 LCDR. Kim Possible "Hero"

Shadow 3 23 13 6 LCDR. Will Vandom "Heart"

Shadow 4 16 8 5 LCDR. Hay Lin "Hurricane"

Shadow 5 18 15 3 LCDR. Crystal Gomez "Lion"

Shadow 6 15 6 4 LCDR. LiZ Gyona "Killer"

Shadow 7 12 17 7 LCDR. Caleb Hale "Rebel"

Shadow 8 15 2 4 LCDR. Brick Flagg "Archer"

Shadow 9 05 -- -- Lt. Martin Tubbs "Lightning" (KIA)

Squad totals: 150 (air) 101 (ground) 48 (ships)

Number of Shadow squad planes lost: 6

Number of Shadow squad pilots killed: 1

Kill Ratio among all U.S. forces: 20:1